Mystery / Suspense

1st to Die

Written by: James Patterson

Published By: Warner Vision Books

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            When Lindsey Boxer joined the San Francisco Police Department, she threw everything into her career.  Hundreds of cases and one failed marriage later, Lindsey is now a successful Inspector with enough skill and determination to climb even higher in the ranks, until one visit to the doctor threatens to tear her world apart.  As if bad news at the doctorís office wasnít enough, Inspector Lindsey Boxer is faced with one of the most challenging cases of her career Ė a serial killer who targets newlyweds.

            Never one to ask for help, Lindsey finds herself treading water on this case and in her life.  She finally turns to her best friend, Claire, a medical examiner and a new acquaintance, ambitious young journalist Cindy.  Together, they hunt down clues and hypothesize over mixed drinks and chick talk.  When Lindsey invites Jill, an assistant District Attorney to join them, the become The Womenís Murder Club, four career-oriented women with common goals and a knack for solving crimes.

            When I saw the first episode of Womenís Murder Club, a television series based on the novel series by James Patterson, I became intrigued.  I loved the show and now I was interested in reading the novels that started it all.  I had read James Patterson novels in the past Ė Kiss the Girls and Along Came A Spider Ė so I knew that 1st to Die, the first novel in the Womenís Murder Club series, was bound to be an enjoyable read.  Patterson has a penchant for short chapters.  This writing style creates the illusion of a much faster read and helps to build the intensity throughout the novel.  Patterson also loves to add twists and turns in his plot to keep the reader guessing.  1st to Die is no exception to this rule.  Just when you think you know who the killer is, youíre completely thrown for a loop as the club unravels another clue.

            I found Lindsey, Claire, Cindy and Jill to be likeable characters.  As a career-oriented woman, I can completely relate to these women and understand the dedication as well as the challenges of being a woman in a seemingly male-oriented field.  The plot of this murder mystery is captivating.  You find yourself ensnared by the mystery and unwilling to put the book down until you have unraveled every last clue.  The side story about Lindseyís illness as well as her dabble with romance is equally enjoyable.  I only hope that the other novels in the series reveal more about the other characters in the Womenís Murder Club.

            Thatís right, I plan on reading the other novels as well.  I canít wait to see what sort of murder mysteries James Patterson can throw at his characters next.  As of now, there are seven novels in the Womenís Murder Club series.  I have a lot of reading to do!  But with James Pattersonís writing style coupled with his ability to capture the readerís interest and completely invest them in the novelís outcome, Iím sure Iíll have finished the series in no time!


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