Punk / PowerPop / Alternative

3TL Ė Third Time Luckie

Artist: 3TL - Third Time Luckie

Distributed by: Caravan Music Promotions

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            Just when I had finished complaining to my co-writer that we were not receiving a great deal of independent music, I discover a new demo disc in my mail box from a band called 3TL.  3TL, also known as Third Time Luckie, is a punk / power pop / alternative band from the UK.  Founded by Chris Horner in 2003 for a few laughs, the band has materialized into something more than Chris could ever imagine.  The group consists of Chris Horner (lyrics, vocals and bass), Carl Swietlik (drums and percussion) and Matt Dawe (guitars and vocals).  3TL credits the internet with bringing the three members of the group together for a practice session at Ivy Arch Studios in Worthing, London.  The rest is history.

            When asked to list the bands that have had an influence on their music, 3TL lists several alternative/punk bands of today like Sum 41, Blink 182, Green Day and Alkaline Trio.  The influences definitely do show up on the four songs in their demo disc.  I think the band sounds most like Green Day with a little Blink 182 thrown in for good measure.  The music is extremely exciting Ė you just canít help moving around to the beats.  Carl Swietlik is a master of percussion and Chris Horner and Matt Dawe supply some incredibly rocking guitar riffs.  The music definitely keeps the heart pumping.

            Have you ever listened to a song and thought, ďHey, Iíve heard this bandís music before.Ē  Well, thatís exactly what I thought after listening to the four songs on the 3TL demo.  The sound is very familiar even thought the band is relatively new to the scene.  I would have sworn that I had heard songs like Alys (my favorite song on the demo) and Up to You in one of the American Pie movies.  The songs are fun and energetic and the lyrics discuss things we can all relate to like lost love and fun times.  After listening to 3TLís demo CD, I can definitely see one of the bandís songs being picked up for use in a movie.  This band is definitely going places.  Check them out for yourself at www.myspace.com/thirdtimeluckie or www.3tlrock.co.uk.

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