42nd Street Original Broadway Cast Recording

Music by: Harry Warren

Lyrics by: Al Dubin

Distributed by: Masterworks Broadway

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            When I was a kid, Broadway musicals were big.  Watching television, I would see ads for such famous musicals as Cats, A Chorus Line, The King and I, Dream Girls, Little Shop of Horrors and more.  The musicals were plentiful and advertised often.  Throughout my teenage years and into my twenties, it seemed like the Broadway musical thing had somewhat fizzled out.  But there has recently been a resurgence with dozens of musicals to chose from on any given night.  Celebrating the great Broadway musicals of our time, Masterworks Broadway has released 10 classic musical cast recordings available in eco-friendly packaging.  I was happily able to get my hands on all of them.  The first one I listened to: 42nd Street.

            The 42nd Street Original Broadway Cast Recording features Jerry Orbach as famed director Julian Marsh who is about to make his return to Broadway.  Launching a new stage production at the height of the Great Depression, Marsh is not at a loss for auditioning actors.  Everyone is broke and looking to launch…or relaunch…their careers with a spot in Julian Marsh’s latest production.  Former theater star Dorothy Brock (Tammy Grimes) is a certain for the lead role, but newcomer Peggy Sawyer (Wanda Richert) may just have found a way to bumble right into the sights of Julian Marsh and eventually win the lead.

            42nd Street boasts one of the most memorable musical numbers on Broadway with songs like We’re in the Money, Lullaby of Broadway, About a Quarter to Nine and the title song 42nd Street.  The songs are catchy and fun and while you can’t see the musical numbers that accompany them, you can almost imagine every step of the tap dancing routines. 

            Believe it or not, I have never seen a rendition of 42nd Street performed and I only knew about half of the songs before listening to the 42nd Street Original Broadway Cast Recording.  Despite that, after one listen, I knew most of the songs well and by the second listen, I knew them by heart.  I started dancing around the house singing to my cat…who alternated between extreme interest and aggravation as I danced around singing “Come and meet / Those dancing feet / On the avenue I‘m taking you to / 42nd Street” or “Come on along and listen to / The lullaby of Broadway / The hip-hooray and bally-hoo / The lullaby of Broadway.

            I had incredible fun listening to this soundtrack and know that anyone who enjoys the theater will love owning this presentation of 42nd Street.  So dance your way on over to your favorite record store and purchase an eco-friendly copy of the 42nd Street Original Broadway Cast Recording.  You won’t be disappointed.


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