4 Assassins

Composed By: Andre Matthias

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the thriller 4 Assassins, also known as Far Away Eyes, four professional assassins meet in a Hong Kong hotel room to resolve unfinished business.  An elaborate meal is the backdrop for tales of each assassin's best hit, but as the dinner draws to a close, the clock begins to tick down for one of the esteemed members of the group.

                The music of 4 Assassins is created by German composer Andre Matthias.  An avid fan of music since the age of twelve, Matthias took private lessons in piano and composition before enrolling in the University at Hamburg to study Musicology.  He composed his first works for the Hamburg University Players.  He then made a foray into composing for short films.  He has composed music for the feature films The Drummer and The Light Thief.

                The music of 4 Assassins is quite interesting,  I was expecting an action score with lots of percussion and fast-paced orchestral or electric guitar themes.  However, the score created for this film is anything but.  Sure, there are some obligatory moments when you know that action is taking place, such as in the track Death of a Penguin (what a title, huh?).  The music is quiet and then, suddenly, mid-track it hits you with a blast of electronic sound and percussion.  But the rest of the album is quiet and often times beautiful what with its somber piano solos.  Were it not for its dark and ominous undertones I would never have realized that this was an action thriller.

                And yet, the music of 4 Assassins, while it may work as background music for the visuals of the film, is not all that memorable.  At least, not memorable enough for me to want to spend hard earned cash buying it in album format.  This is one of those soundtracks that might have been better served as an accompaniment to a film that never saw the light of day as a stand alone album.  I predict much dust in this album's future on music store shelves.


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