Mystery / Suspense

The 6th Target

Written by: James Patterson with Maxine Paetro

Published By: Little, Brown and Company

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

               I was looking through my bookshelves for a book I hadnít read yet and, lo and behold, I came upon a book that was given to me a long time ago that never was opened.  Guess what?  It was time to head back to The Womenís Murder Club with The 6th Target.

               Things start off with a bang with the Chief Medical Examiner Claire Washburn shot by a homicidal killer along with five others on the ferry.  And wouldnít you know it, but her best friend and Murder Club member Lindsay Boxer catches the case.  Itís not a great week for the SFPD Homicide Detective: the demotion she asked for has finally come through and she isnít quite sure how she feels about it and her best friend was nearly killed by a psychopath who winds up turning himself in at Lindsayís door.  Not to mention that someone is kidnapping gifted children and another psychopath is targeting people in journalist and third Women's Murder Club member Cindy Thomasí new apartment complex. 

               One would think that Lindsay could find solace in the arms of her FBI Agent boyfriend Joe, but she just sent him packing, tired of the long distance relationship thing.  Oh, and did I mention that the fourth Murder Club member, Assistant District Attorney Yuki Castellano is now the lead council on the ferry shooter case since her boss had a heart attack right after opening statements.  The 6th Target is one busy Womenís Murder Club book indeed!

               As usual, this edition of The Womenís Murder Club is a fast and adrenaline-pumping read.  This time around, there are three cases and quite a bit of personal drama going on, but the suspense is a constant and the various cases are intriguing.  Unfortunately, I found the probability of the court case happening the way it did to be rather unbelievable.  I find it hard to believe that the ADA would not recuse herself from a case in which one of the people shot by the defendant is her friend.  I found it strange that they would allow Boxer to be the lead on that case as well, but a little less so than the ADA being the lead in the courtroom

That being said, I did like the missing children case and how that played out.  Then again, there was something a bit off about the motive.  Why choose highly intelligent children for this type of thing (I canít say more or I will give too much away)?  The attacks in Cindyís building began in a rather shocking tone.  At first, I thought the perp was going to kill the loudly crying baby, but who he chooses to kill and how is actually cringe-worthy.  One will note that this character only attacks when the victim is defenseless, as do most cowardly monsters. 

Though I donít think The 6th Target is the best edition of The Womenís Murder Club I have read, I do think it was a rather fast and suspenseful read with a few shocks in there that will leave fans of the series slack-jawed.


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