90 Minutes

Composed By: Henrik Skram

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                The Norwegian dramatic film, 90 Minutes, is a study of the last 90 minutes of a man’s life before committing the irreversible act of murder.  The movie focuses on three men in particular, all three with murder on their mind.  One man sets up an extravagant final meal for himself and his wife, another coke-addicted man goes into a violent rage against his “beloved” with their recently born child present.  A final man, a policeman, keeps his rage toward his former wife inside while visiting his children in the house he used to own.

                The music of 90 Minutes was composed by Norwegian composer Henrik Skram who studied composition at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and the Norwegian Academy of Music.  Relatively new to the movie score scene, he composed musical scores for a number of short films before being approached to score 90 Minutes.

                Listening to this musical score without having any clue what the movie was about, you could never have convinced me that this movie was such a psychological portrait of male violence towards women.  Hearing the beauty of the classical compositions found in this score, I would never have realized what this movie was about.  Sure, there were some dark moments in the soundtrack – moments when the music sounded a tad ominous as in the track Beaten and Johan’s Theme and Variations II, but nothing in the music prepared me for what I would see in the 90 Minutes trailer.

                In fact, listening to this beautiful example of classical composition, I can honestly say that I believed I was listening to score that would accompany a period piece film.  The music composed by Henrik Skram and performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra provides a clever contrast to the ugliness present in the film.  I loved the variations in Johan’s Theme, featuring piano solos in one variation, string solos in another, plucked strings in another and more.  And the ending track – opera seemed to be the perfect way to end this soundtrack.

                Fans of classical music will love the 90 Minutes Soundtrack and I, myself, would love to see how this film presents with this music in the background.  Quite an interesting choice of music genre to accompany this film.  Henrik Skram is a talented composer and I can’t wait to hear more from him in the future.


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