First Impressions


Aired on: FOX

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                Watching promos for the new dramatic series 9-1-1, scheduled to premiere on January 3, 2018, I couldnít wait to check it out.  It seemed to cover everything from police to fire to paramedics, looked incredibly interesting and sported a great cast, which included Angela Bassett, Peter Krause and Connie Britton.  Despite the fact that television seems to be saturated with procedural dramas these days, I was still convinced that this would be a hit for FOX if the promotional material was any indication. 

                The first episode of 9-1-1 showed me something I had missed in the promos.  Taking place in Los Angeles, California, the series doesnít just cover fire, paramedics and police, but also 911 operator/dispatch.  Narrator and 911 operator Abby Clark (Connie Britton) reminds us that there are two sorts of emergencies in life Ė those that take place in our home lives and those that take place at work.  Right away, we learn that we will be exposed to the charactersí dramas at work as well as the dramas in their home lives.

                For Abby, that home life drama includes taking care of her Alzheimer-suffering mother (Mariette Hartley).  As Abby notes, it is easier to face the emergencies she tackles every day at her job than those she comes in contact with at home.  For Fire Captain Bobby Nash (Peter Krause), the drama at home means dealing with his demons as a recovering alcoholic.  For LAPD Sergeant Athena Grant, it means dealing with the fact that her husband has just come out about being gay.

                Out in the field, our heroes have to deal with other sorts of emergencies.  In the premiere episode, the firemen/paramedics must save the life of a baby found inside apartment plumbing, try to stop a jumper and deal with a rookie who canít seem to follow rules and regulations.  But all three disciplines find themselves working together when a home invasion takes place while a nine-year-old girl is home alone.

                After watching only one episode, Iím certain that, if they continue the series in this format, 9-1-1 is definitely going to be a new hit for FOX.  The show has action, drama, suspense and a terrific cast who perform beautifully in their respective roles.  Each actor is entirely believable in their role and each department covered by the series receives just the right balance, so one doesnít receive more attention than another.  There is just enough light-hearted humor to balance the drama in the series, and I like that we get the opportunity to see the main characters home lives as well as their lives on the job.  9-1-1 is definitely a show Iíll be watching this season!


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