Assassin's Creed III: Tyranny of King Washington

Composed By: Lorne Balfe

Distributed by: Ubisoft

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Assassinís Creed III: Tyranny of King Washington is a single-player downloadable content add on for the original game.  In this alternate universe edition, the main character, Connor, awakes from a dream to learn that, despite all that he has done to prevent it from happening, a new king has been crowned in his land.  The new king of the United States of America is none other than George Washington!  In this alternate universe, Connor has never become an assassin and must undergo a series of trials to acquire the skills he will need to take down the tyrannical king and bring freedom to the people of the United States.

                Having created the musical score for the original Assassinís Creed III video game, it only makes sense that the soundtrack of Assassinís Creed: Tyranny of George Washington would be created by Scottish composer Lorne Balfe.  Beginning his career by providing additional music for such well-known films as Pirates of the Caribbean, Angels and Demons and Iron Man, Lorne Balfe has gone on to create entire musical scores for a multitude of media genre including movies like Megamind and The Dilmena, television series such as The Sweeney and Ironclad, and video games like the Skylanders series and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

                Assassinís Creed III: Tyranny of King Washington is actually a three-tiered game.  The more elaborate the game, the more elaborate and lengthy the soundtrack.  The Assassinís Creed III: Tyranny of King Washington Soundtrack is actually forty tracks in length, featuring over one and a half hours of music for the game.  The music is orchestral, but includes woodwinds and vocals to provide a traditional Native American feel as Connorís theme, best observed in the track Ratonhnhakť:ton.  There are a couple of early tracks (The Tyrant, Frozen) featuring something of a military flare mixed with some sadness, perhaps delineating Connorís shock at discovering Washington has become a tyrannical king.

                Action scenes in the video game are fast-paced and loud with a lot of percussion, while scenes in which stealth is required features a quieter, slower paced sound.  There is a sad string theme throughout the soundtrack as Connor goes through the trials he must perform to become the man who will dethrone Washington.  The last track of the album, King Washington (Revisited Version), features a heavy electronic sound, nothing like the rest of the album and a track that I found quite interesting in contrast with the rest of the music on the soundtrack.

                I loved listening to the musical score of Assassinís Creed III: Tyranny of King Washington.  Lorne Balfe has perfectly captured the themes of this game and created a soundtrack that sounds like something meant for an epic film rather than a video game.  Simply amazing and well-worth the download price of $9.00US.  Definitely a must have for any Assassinís Creed III fan.

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