American Idol Addendum: The Song Continues

by Jon Minners

Last week, based on auditions at the time, G-Pop made an attempt at sorting through the highlights and coming up with the top talent believed to warrant a shot at American Idol immortality. 

Since then, two more audition shows were aired.  The cream always rises to the top and several talented singers piqued our interest, warranting an addendum to the previous story, as we flex our pop culture know how and aim to pick the next American Idol

In addition to those mentioned before, these singers may have what it takes to be pop icons suitable to have their music illegally downloaded by millions all over the globe. 

I felt bad for Akron Watson, who auditioned in San Antonio. Simon Cowell feared that he did not have the personality to make it in the business, but the judges agreed to give him a shot, allowing him to prove himself by performing two songs.  Watson was allowed through and told to let his personality out, but it was recently reported that Watson’s invitation was revoked.  It was believed that a 2003 marijuana possession conviction did him in.  The decision seems preposterous considering the charge, but Watson probably lied about his record warranting the decision preventing him from recording one. 

Ashlyn Carr also auditioned in San Antonio, which is apparently a problem city.  A beautiful voice matched her stunning appearance and looked like she could be a favorite, but the judges did not like the odd facial expressions she made while singing.  She was actually told no and then after some thought, asked to come back and audition one more time.  It was truly a tender moment and Carr was given a second chance with a berth into Hollywood.  While it has not been said that her invitation was rescinded, it was reported the night after her audition that she had been arrested in August 2006 for putting sugar in the gas tank of her ex-boyfriend's car.  Not for nothing, but it is sugar in a gas tank and while that is a stupid crime, her personality and acceptance of the initial rejection demonstrated that she had her head on straight right now and deserves the opportunity to shine.  I hope she is given the opportunity.  If so, and she can keep the facial expressions to a minimum, she is definitely a contestant to be on the lookout for. 

San Antonio also gave viewers Baylie Brown, who Cowell stated was “born to be a pop star.”  Not my idea of a compliment considering all the untalented people who are pop stars, but American Idol…definitely. 

Paul "P.K." Kim, auditioned in Los Angeles and was the anti-William Hung. Being half-Korean, his motivation for auditioning was to alter the stereotype created by the Ricky Martin wannabe American Idol loser. He definitely proved that with a controlled voice that won praise from the judges and a high compliment from Randy Jackson, who said the contestant had one of the best male vocals he has heard this season.

And there you have it.  Next week, it’s off to Hollywood, as we narrow the field down to 24 and then the viewers get to cut it down to 12.  It’s going to be an exciting season; one we will follow closely.  Check back with us in two weeks when we take the Top 24 and boldly pick the top three and our choice for American Idol.  This is Jon Minners…out!!!

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