Badseed's Bottomline Supplemental #8

Kurt Angle: It's True, It's True!

Published By: Regan Books

Written By: Kurt Angle with John Harper

Genre: Autobiography/Wrestling

By Badseed

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    The day Kurt Angle gave us his three I's and said It's True, It's True, were the days when I started having fun with wrestling again. Kurt Angle brought humor back to a promotion that was just so predictable. Yes, I laughed at the Rock's comments, but Angle had a different kind of humor behind him. He was not afraid to laugh at himself and when you are putting the good of the company ahead of your own good, you are going to make it big. I knew Kurt Angle was going to be a star, and with just over two years experience in the business, he already has his own book.

     Kurt Angle: It's True, It's True! is an awesome read. I did not think I would like it, because it was about 300-pages long and Angle did not have enough history in the WWF to fill all those pages with interesting information about his days in the WWF. However, Angle has a long rich history in the sport of amateur wrestling, having won the Nationals and the 1996 Olympic Gold. Angle was a hero to America long before he became our Olympic Hero in the WWF. However, the road to success is paved with pain and sacrifice and this book tells the tale of how Angle made it to where he is today.

     If anything, Kurt Angle's book is inspirational. Angle has had to live with the death of his father, his friend and trainer David Schultz being killed by eccentric billionaire John du Pont, and his neck being broken before the Olympic trials that would change his life. Still, Angle persevered and made it despite every obstacle that was thrown in his way. The guy won the Olympic trials with a broken neck, he won competitions with a severely injured knees and he still can't hear out of his left ear-yet Angle keeps giving it 110% and pulling through every time.

     Kurt Angle's history is something he should be proud of and you can sense that pride through reading this story. Despite the fact that this book was written with a ghostwriter, Angle's slight ego shines through these pages and that's not a bad thing. The character he plays on television is in these pages and you can almost hear Angle speaking the words as you read his story. His workout sessions alone made me want to go out and workout until I could not do anymore.

     The only problem I did have with this book is that it took me almost 200 pages to get to his WWF career. I would have liked to hear more about his WWF experience; how he felt competing in Memphis, what his thoughts were when he became the number three heel behind Triple H and Austin, what he thought when they made fun of him crying after winning the Olympic Gold and more.

     I didn't know he had such a cool relationship with The Rock and I didn't know Vince McMahon could be that playful, so that was cool. It was also really cool to discover how he broke Scotty Too Hotty's ankle. Angle was also the butt of many jokes, but he is a good natured person, accepted the ribbings to become accepted by his peers and the fans.

     I particularly enjoyed the backstage stories and the determination Angle has shown throughout the years. I also enjoyed the shocking announcement that Angle is thinking of competing at the 2004 Summer Olympics. I know he can do it again, and bring more attention to the WWF. Angle is an inspirational hero and this is an excellent book to add to your WWF book collection. You can be sure that Angle will be writing another in the years ahead. With so many years left for Angle I am sure we have not heard the last of this Olympic Hero who is TRULY the epitome of Intelligence, Integrity and Intensity.


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