Happy Birthday,!

By Melissa Minners

   began as a figment of the Minners family’s large imagination.  We wanted to create an e-zine that no one else had ever done before - an entertainment website that would feature more than the mainstream stuff, but would also focus on the independent artists.  But that was not enough!  We wanted to bring our reader every form of entertainment imaginable - things no one else reviews. 

            But we didn’t just want our content to be different - we wanted our site to have a new look as well.  While other e-zines had regular backgrounds, we wanted something that would pop - neon green lettering on a black background.  We wanted to catch readers attentions with some color and then keep them there with our content.  The task was daunting and we took our time with it - we had started discussing the idea in November of 2004.

            On June 18, 2005, a new e-zine was born - an entertainment site with attitude known as  Our first issue was true to our mission statement and featured articles about the 24th Annual I-CON convention, independent artist Corey Red & Precise’s new album, a manga called Case Closed, an in depth look at the stories of Orson Scott Card’s Enderverse, the independent play called Pasta & Pigskin, Star Wars: Enemy Lines, a wrestling column and a commentary column.  Our style was different and everyone wanted to be a part of the action, offering us items to review or articles to post.

            As time passed we began adding more new content, reviewing the usual fare - music, movies, books, comics, entertainment events, video games, television shows, etc - but adding things you would never find on your average entertainment website.  We began reviewing websites, magazines, sporting events and more.  There were articles about hobbies and games of our youth.  There were rants about every aspect of entertainment.  We wrote about fan films and fan fiction.  Independent artists received special attention in Rising Star Feature articles.  We discussed whole seasons of television, not just individual shows.  We discussed vacation spots and places to see.  More and more features were added to the site such as Turn Back the Clock in which we discuss older entertainment media that had a profound affect on us and Class Act, a feature devoted to media that some of our writers were forced to partake in thanks to educational endeavors.  An original writing section was added and writers are encouraged to send in poetry, original stories, essays, etc. so others can share in their originality.

            But we still weren’t satisfied - in 2007, received a facelift, retaining the black background and the neon green colors while adding a fresher, cleaner look.  You can still see the old school style on some of our older articles, but the new style is so much more mature looking that we’ve decided to stick with it.

            Four volumes later and lots of hard work and has evolved into something we are immensely proud of.  We owe our success to our writers for having the ability to look outside the box to bring our readers all things entertainment; to our supporters who continue to offer us new article opportunities by sending us more media and more contacts; and to our fans who check in to the site daily, tell their friends and thus direct even more traffic to the site.  We are grateful for the gift of a dream come true and the four volumes of we have achieved thus far.  The future is bright and we look forward to entertaining our fans for years to come.


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