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Badseed's Back Again

By Badseed

Hey yo!!  Oh my God!!! Has it been that long since I wrote a column?  I am truly sorry, but you can be sure that there will be many more coming and on a weekly basis, too.  During my time away, I have been working hard and creating a brand new website.  You remember when I was doing  Well, I left the publication and now have created the G-POP Network.  It is going to be anchored by the Minners Commentary Corner and Badseed's Bottomline, which obviously means, I must get on the ball and start cranking these columns out again. 

Let's start with what has got to be the greatest PPV I have seen in the last 4 years.  Wrestling has been so upsetting lately.  When ECW died and, to a degree, when WCW died, wrestling died for me.  The Invasion Angle had me interested right up until they ruined it with Stephanie McMahon buying ECW and uniting them with WCW to form the Alliance.  All hope was lost and with the exception of some interesting moments, such as Chris Jericho's heel turn and interactions with the Rock and the final Survivor Series match, the only thing to keep fans interested in wrestling was Brock Lesnar and his matches with Kurt Angle, Undertaker, The Rock and the Big Show and the rise of Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero.  Wrestling has been dull, but then ECW made its return. 

I was careful not to get too excited about the ppv, fearing a letdown, but what I saw had to be the most well booked, kick ass pay per view I have ever witnessed.  This PPV was better than the old ECW PPVs.  There were matches from the old ECW pay per views that would blow any of these matches away, but in terms of a complete show, One Night Stand stands above the rest. 

Joey Styles coming out to announce the show with Mick Foley was what kicked this show off properly.  Chris Jericho coming out in his old gear was a very nice touch.  His match with Lance Storm was great.  Lance Storm did not miss a beat and he looks like he can go for some time if he wanted to.  The angle where Justin Credible came down to save Storm was awesome.  If memory serves us well, Lance Storm and Justin Credible split up in ECW and Lance Storm lost his match with Credible Justin Credible was also the top star between the two and so, he would have had the PPV match and not Storm if a choice between the two was made, but we can forgive all that, because this was like a merging of timelines and therefore, it all made perfect sense.  Great match.  Jericho is the man for putting over Storm in what could very well be his last performance. 

The International Three-Way Dance was great.  I love the FBI gimmick and this is where it was done right.  I like the merging of the FBI groups.  Wish Sal E. was there.  The WWE needs to watch this and they would see what they did wrong with NunzioLittle Guido is the right name for the FBI gimmick.  Being carried into the ring by the bigger Italian guy is right for the gimmick.  Having guys who do not belong in the FBI is right for the gimmick.  There is still a chance they can do this right, but will they?  Anyways, Tajiri came down with Mikey Whipwreck and the Sinister Minister, which was a great surprise.  Maybe they can reunite this team.  It was a great team.  Super Crazy looked great and what a great performance.  He has command of the audience and that balcony moonsault had to be one of the best I have seen in some time.  The WWE would never try this stuff.  Thankfully, they let ECW carry the ball.  Smart move.  Super Crazy demonstrated why the WWE was very smart in signing him.  I can't wait to see him in regular action again.  Just let him do what he does best. 

Rey Mysterio vs. Psychosis was not that great at the beginning, but that was ok.  They got the fans chanting, "You F'ed Up," and they were dying to do it, and so it was almost as if they did it on purpose.  Anyways, I felt that the two picked up the pieces toward the end and put together a fairly entertaining match that while not perfectly suited for ECW, was still better than most of the crap we see on the WWE.  Give Psychosis some time.  He will be back to his old self and Rey Mysterio is ready for some big things once his injuries heal up.  They still deserve a hand for giving it a good try and leaving me still feeling entertained. 

RVD's shoot interview was great.  It was perfect for the whole Smackdown invasion.  It made their presence necessary so he had someone to direct his comments to.  He made sense.  Bill Alphonso is the man.  He should be with RVD in the WWE.  They need to get them back together.  RVD showed he can talk in the ring.  He made creative look stupid and he probably will be in the dog house for some time, but RVD doesn't care and that makes for the best television.  Of course, it made little sense for Rhino to attack, because he is from ECW and should be in agreement.  What should have happened was Rhino coming down and telling RVD to stop whining since at least he still collects a check from the WWE.  Then he could have shot on the WWE for a bit and then out of nowhere attacked RVD, screaming, you don't deserve your job or something like that.  Sabu making the save was great, but again, Sabu turned on RVD before leaving the promotion, so from a storyline standpoint, that didn't work, but still, this was a reunion, so why not.  Great match.  Sabu worked two nights before and he showed agility and gave the fans what they wanted.  RVD worked injured and really showed his heard.  Rhino looked better in his loss than in any WWE win he has had.  Keep Rhino.  He's a friggin beast. 

Chris Benoit fought Eddie Guerrero in what was a good match, but nowhere near where these two wrestlers are capable of.  I fear that the WWE did not want to waste a future feud on an ECW PPV, but what could have been a main event at Wrestlemania turned into a major disappointment in my eyes.  Still, it was a good match, but ECW demands better.  Too bad the fans were more concerned about ripping on the WWE guys in attendance rather than watching the match before them.  Maybe it the fans were more intense, the wrestlers would have been, too. 

The greatest moment of the ppv was when Paul Heyman came out for a shoot promo and cut on Edge with what was the greatest moment for New York fans.  There just seemed to be some closure for those who were fighting for Matt Hardy.  To hear it finally said, and on a ppv, just made me feel a little better, even if it was planned ahead of time.  I just didnít like the fact that the WWE would not acknowledge it.  Now, since then, I started thinking this has all been a work.  Matt Hardy may have worked us all with this one.  I mean, there was nothing for him to come back to with Kane as a face, so why not change things up with an intriguing storyline that was kept under wraps in the guise of reality.  And could you fault him?  I mean, with everything being leaked out, isnít it refreshing that some stories take us by surprise.  Why else would Edge play Matt Hardyís promo video when it doesnít fit into storylines?  Why is Snitsky coming back into the angle?  Could we see Matt Hardy saving Kane from Edge and Snitsky and setting up a tag-team feud and eventually a singles feud between Matt Hardy and Edge?  I think so.  It almost seems obvious for some reason. 

I liked the shot Heyman made at JBL and HHH.  It just needed to be said, but Heyman said it in a polite way without being too over the top to mock HHH.  It was a classy way to give New York fans something to cheer about, get across Heymanís feelings and to make HHH not feel too bad, since Heymanís comments could easily be seen in a storyline sense that HHH is the better wrestler.  I canít see Vince McMahon getting rid of Heyman over those comments.  If McMahon was smart, he would see just how intelligent Heyman is and keep him happy. Having Heyman as an enemy would not be a smart move.  Competition is good in this business and Heyman would be more than able to provide it with the right backers. 

Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome was the best match on the show.  I popped for everything in the match and it showed that there is still a huge place for hardcore wrestling.  I am in awe of these guys and I really wish I could see them both in the WWE.  Awesome would have a hard time adjusting to WWEís style, but he could have some great matches with Kane, Undertaker, Big Show, Matt Morgan and some of the other big men.  Tanaka would make an excellent addition to a Japanese stable with Tajiri.  The contrasting styles would make for a great team.  That style of tag-team work has been missing as of late.  Tanaka could mix it up in any style and his look is just very cool with the scars.  I could see the fans getting behind him.  With the right mouthpiece, he could be a perfect fit. 

The Dudley Boys vs. Dreamer and Sandman was without a doubt a match for true ECW fans.  The violence and blood alone truly exemplified a lot of what ECW is known for.  The flaming tables was like nothing I have ever seen in wrestling in quite some time.  I miss the real Dudley Boys and this was the closest we got.  Dreamer always shows true heart and if given the right push could have had a very big following in the WWE.  The fans respect hard work and heart.  Dreamer was a true everyday man, more so than Steve AustinSandman is the man.  This guy elicited a reaction only John Cena seems to get these days.  The fans want to chant along with the wrestlers and when every fan in the building sang Enter the Sandman, I wonder what Vince McMahon was thinking.  He had to be impressed and inspired to do something with Sandman.  Even for a little while, a team between Dreamer and Sandman would make for some interesting television.  The appearance by the BWO was nice, but I would have liked more from them.  The run-in by Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten was cool, especially with more fan interaction as they love chanting Balls out when Mahoney throws those punches.  And they said the fans that came out to One Night Stand would not be true ECW fans.  Bullshit.  Kid Kash made an impact in this match and the Impact Playersí appearance made me think Lance Storm is not truly done with wrestling.  The Impact Players would be a great addition to the WWEís weak tag-team roster.  Letís see, The Bashams, Shane Twins, MNM, Dudley Boys, Sandman and Dreamer, RVD and Sabu, The Impact Players, Haas and Holly, La Resistance, Heart Throbs, Hurricane and Rosey and Axl and Balls; thatís not bad.  Anyways, it was also great to see Francine.  Sign her up.  She is hot as hell and she was pretty physical.  Beulah was just an awesome addition.  Beautiful.  The catfight fit.  The main event just had it all.  It should have ended there, but Steve Austin coming out was kind of cool.  I liked that he interacted with Sandman and while it sucked that he sort of ended the ppv, I liked that Taz came out after Austin and choked Angle out.  I miss Taz as a wrestler.  It was great to see him one last time. 

Overall, this PPV brought me back in time.  I felt like ECW never left.  However, I was sad when the show ended.  I hope this isnít the end of ECW.  It shouldnít be.  If McMahon is smart, ECW will return.  However, if ECW does return, we cannot rely on the old stars to make it succeed.  Of course, for a little while, they can, but the WWE would have to sign new talent to make the federation a continued success.  CM Punk would fit.  Deranged would be awesome.  What about Lowlife Louie?  Heís sick.  Use guys like Snitsky, Heidenreich and Tyson Tomko to put over giant killers.  Why not have the Basham Brothers join Tony Devito as the New Baldies?  Why not use the Shane TwinsPaul London fits the ECW do-or-die style.  And when you get the federation underway, have ECW take over Smackdown.  Friday nights is a death nail for the WWE, but it is a perfect slot for ECW.  Fans will follow it there and the WWE will pick up more fans on Monday nights when all the stars move over to Raw.  With more stars, they will have to create more tag-teams and use their stars better on Raw.  New matches, new stories and new ideas while ECW does their thing on UPN for a year before moving over to USA if the WWE can shop it as a two-hour program.  If not, have them use that one hour slot on Saturdays where ECW fans will most certainly watch.  It is almost too perfect a situation for the WWE that they will probably ignore it in their infinite wisdom.  Oh well. 

The WWE cannot be credited with being too smart.  The draft has made for some interesting television, but the long-term projections are not looking good.  The WWE title and World Heavyweight title are on the same program and will most likely be absorbed now that I hear a Smackdown heavyweight title match has been set for next weekís Smackdown show.  That makes little sense.  I donít know where they are going.  Hopefully, either Jericho will win the title at Vengeance and move over to Smackdown with the belt so there isnít a need for such a match, resulting in everyone gunning for Jericho or John Cena will infuriate Bischoff so much that he trades him for several Smackdown B-stars just so he doesnít have to deal with the headaches.  Cena does fit more on Raw, but he made Smackdown a show worth watching in a way Randy Orton as a heel and Chris Benoit just canít.  Hussan is Smackdownís third pick and he actually fits on this show along with Daviari, who would be an awesome cruiserweight, but Raw got Kurt Angle and John Cena.  How obvious is it that Smackdown is just getting the shaft?  Carlito doesnít even fit on Raw.  He should be on Smackdown.  He was too new to draft.  Dumb decisions are going to ruin the brand split, so why not just end it now and go with my ECW idea.  It is sad, because I think the brand split is a great idea and I think those who complain about it are stupid, because they are the same people who fiend for inter-promotional matches, the Royal Rumble and the draft.  You canít hate the split and love the draft at the same time.  But you can hate the split when you have one show obviously weighted better than the other.  Remember when Smackdown was the better show?

TNA is not any better.  They screwed up with Raven.  He won the title, but the television shows leading up to the PPV were cancelled and without a television deal, the title change came without any real warning.  The buildup for Raven has been so perfect.  He has called the NWA World Title his destiny and his addition to the match is not even announced until the PPV.  This should have been done smarter.  TNA screwed up.  They could have had something interesting happen such as Raven attacking every wrestler in the King of the Mountain match and taking the title resulting in a no decision that would have pissed off some fans, but would have set up something hot.  Raven would get his way, holding the title hostage, but agreeing to fight everyone involved in the match in one on one battles and if he were to win each match, he would get a title shot at the next PPV.  Vignettes about his destiny and so on would play out each week and then, when Raven won the belt, it would mean something.  The way they did it here just cheapens a much deserved win. 

Well, thatís all for today.  Look for this column every week once more.  Badseedís Bottomline will remain current once more.  Until then, check out G-Pop.  This is not some ghetto porn site.  Itís the real deal.  Iím taking over.  Peace

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