Badseed's Bottomline #326

Matt Hardy Can Save Wrestling

By Badseed

Let The Pictures Guide You:


Hey yo!  This is Badseed with a commentary that will mainly focus on just one subject.  That subject will be Matt Hardy.  Who else would it have been?

Besides Muhammed Hassan, what other wrestler is creating a buzz around the wrestling world.  Matt Hardy swerved us all and I loved it.  I was feeling down at a time after a bad breakup and I was one of the people who wrote Matt to wish him good luck after I met the newest love of my life and you would think I would be pissed.  Hell no!!!  I loved it.  Thank you for renewing my faith in wrestling.  Of course, it is going to become harder and harder to swerve the fans after this.  I hope the WWE doesnít try this too often and now that everyone knows it is a work, it seems pointless to continue the charade, or does it?  Yes, Badseed has a great idea.  Matt Hardy can save wrestling. 

What I am about to say is quite absurd.  It will not happen, but I think it should.  If the WWE gives a damn about wrestling and wants to see it thrive over the next few years, they may want to listen to me.  This will help the WWE, Spike TV, USA, ROH, TNA and Matt Hardy.  Let me just get into it. 

 So, Matt Hardy invaded Raw and it looked real.  They screwed up a few things that sort of gave it away, but the unexpectedness of it all; the fact that he was to sign a contract with TNA, the fact that TNA seemed to be setting up for his debut and the fact that Hardy was using the Internet to get his views across and sounding more and more absurd with each post made the moment so surreal.  For a second, I wasnít sure what was going on.  I never popped so loudly for a wrestling segment.  It was totally unexpected.  Then, I watched Byte This and they did a good job to sell it as real.  When Lita attacked Matt for cutting a wrestling promo in a real life situation, it made it seem even more real, because it was probably what everyone was thinking.  When Lita could not answer what was missing in her relationship with Matt, it made it seem more real.  When Matt quickly plugged his appearance at Ring of Honor and his websites, I thought it was a great touch to make it seem that much realer.  I mean, if he had said it all calm-like, it would have smacked of fake.  So, what next?

 Well, Matt Hardy will wrestle at Ring of Honor this weekend.  He will cut a promo against the WWE, but fans are smart and they will probably boo it.  If he is smart, he will cut a quick promo to state that he will not waste his time dealing with the WWE, because Ring of Honor is the real deal.  That will get fans on his side.  He will have cut the WWE down a bit and then he will wrestle a great match that will keep the fans on his side.  Then, what has to be done is this; Matt Hardy has to show up on TNA on Sundayís PPV.  He has to show up and cut the biggest anti-WWE rant ever on TNA.  See, once he is on TNA, suddenly, everything starts to look real.  How can this be a work?  He is on the rival program.  He canít be working us.  This may actually be true.  Oh snap, I have to check out Raw on Monday.  I have to check out Impact on their website.  Ring of Honor is coming to my town next week; letís go see what Matt Hardy has to say.  Let Matt Hardy show up on Smackdown and have him attack Animal as a way of getting back at Johnny Ace, pointing out that he is Aceís brother?  That would add to the realism of it all. 

 The WWE should run this angle for some time.  Keep it going until Raw moves to USA and TNA goes to Spike.  The WWE should be working with everyone and no one should spill the beans, because it is good for wrestling as a whole.  The WWE doesnít burn bridges with Spike by helping them out before they go in exchange for a promise from Spike not to put TNA against them on Mondays.  TNA gets an immediate ratings boost by being part of the hottest angle on wrestling.  ROH becomes the ECW of the three; the alternative federation fans go to for real wrestling excitement and no soap opera drama.  Suddenly, the glory days of competition is reborn as USA benefits the most because the hottest star in wrestling is on their network for the long haul.  Eventually, the WWE will have to explain why Hardy will join them full time, but if they work with TNA, the WWE could have Jeff Hardy show up to continue the angle if a restraining order is placed on Matt.  They could do so much with the angle with the competition of others. 

 Now, add this. interviewed stars they released.  Why would they do that?  Well, why is D-Von Dudley and Bubba Ray so upset that they donít want to be interviewed?  How can creative have nothing for the Dudley Boys, especially with ECW still fresh in peopleís minds and Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney showing up along with the possibility of other ECW stars?  How come Spike Dudley would cut the WWE down so badly?  Why not start having other wrestlers show up on TNA and bad mouth the WWE, starting a big rivalry between the two?  The Dudleys could be on loan to TNA to spark the tension up, to build it up beyond the Matt Hardy vs. Edge, Lita and the WWE angle so they can get more life from it. 

 Does this sound like a dumb idea?  I donít think so.  In fact, this would be the hottest thing to ever hit wrestling and Vince McMahon would be a part of it.  Vince McMahon knows he will not be defeated in the wrestling wars by TNA or ROH.  They are not big enough and will not be big enough.  He will just help them become a legitimate alternative to help get fans back to wrestling.  Plus, a good relationship with TNA and ROH could help with future ECW reunions.  Vince wants to make money on the ECW name and do you really think he would let go of so many ECW stars that would go to TNA and ruin the ECW PPV experience?  I donít think so.  This angle sounds so out there.  It probably will never happen.  However, I needed to bring it out there just in case, because wouldnít it be something if it did?  TNAís PPV is only a few days away and Matt Hardyís Florida vacation comment for Sunday probably already boosted some buys to TNAís PPV just to see, so if the WWE is willing to help TNA and ROH with a few comments, why not go all the way?  If it doesnít happen, oh well, but if it does, I told you so. 

Random Thoughts:

Was that not the coolest thing to see Roddy Piper come out and confront both Chris Jericho and Carlito Cool and put them in their place about who hosts the best wrestling talk show in history?  I mean, it was as if this was the plan from the get go and why they put the two shows on Raw in the first place, which is kind of weird, but it works for the moment.  Eventually, they are going to have to rethink things a bit, but I find this enjoyable for the time being.  Canít wait until next week when Jake the Snake Roberts comes out and interviews Hogan in the Snake Pit.  Or how about when Brother Love comes out; the possibilities are endless. 

 John Cena has created a new Raw.  He is bringing a new edge to the program.  I enjoy how he just says whatever, but I like how he punctuates it with bitch.  This is a new Raw bitch.  I loved it.  I understand what he is saying against Jericho and how Jericho is cheap.  Jericho has cheapened everything that once made him a star; at least in terms of the gimmick.  He has to point out all his successes, because he is not a success anymore.  Heís kind of playing that aging rocker still clinging to that #1 hit.  I like it.  Itís a change of pace for him.  I just donít think the gimmick has staying power, but it is a start.  Jericho knows how to talk in the ring and he knows how to get people into an angle.  This feud has until Summerslam to heat up and I expect things to get really interesting soon.  They are just biding their time. 

 So, HHH is out of the picture right now.  This is great.  Jericho vs. Cena headlines Summerslam for the Raw brand and this is great.  It is going to help build a new star and when HHH comes back, fans will be excited about him again, and a Cena vs. HHH program will have some meat to it.  First, they need HHH to come back as a face and feud with Kurt Angle and Edge.  Build up his popularity and then have him turn on Cena in worse fashion than Jericho ever could have done.  Jericho was not on any kind of hot streak when he turned on Cena, so their initial feud did not have too much heat to it.  Lead this match into Wrestlemania and the two will make the WWE some serious cash.  Speaking of HHH, have you read my review about his book?  Have you?  What are you waiting for? 

Where are they going with Shelton Benjamin?  I am kind of scared. 

 Matt Striker is on Raw.  Remember the Daily News article where they discussed his ordeal.  Well, they mentioned Strikerís first match at USA Pro Wrestling as Hydro.  Well, guess what; I announced his first match.  Cool.  Anyways, this guy knows how to wrestle.  He knows how to talk and he knows how to entertain.  His match with Kurt Angle was awesome.  For three minutes, he got the fans involved and excited.  I hope this is not the last we see of Striker.  I would like to see a feud between the two.  Kurt Angle could build a brand new star and it would warrant some of the releases the WWE made.  Striker for Maven.  Good deal.   

 Is Big Show still on Raw?

 What the hell can this secret be?  Is Eddie Guerrero really the father?  Please let it be something a little more unique than that.  Wouldnít that suck if they never let us know now that they have gotten us involved?  And, since when was the payoff to a feud angle, a victory for the heel, because that seems to be where this one is heading. 

 Oh know.  Animal let himself go in such a small amount of time.  I remember when he showed up on Raw vs. RVD and Kane.  That was not that long ago and he gained so much fat in such a short amount of time.  Damn.  When I have free time, the first thing I do is workout.  This guy eats.  Damn.  I felt embarrassed for him. Do a situp.  Please!!!  You are tainting my memories of one of the greatest teams in wrestling history.  By the way, did I mention I have a review of the LOD DVD on my website?  No, I didnít.  Well, now that you know, why donít you head over there and check it out. 

 Since when did Orlando Jordan deserve a run as U.S. champion?  Has he won a match since he won the title?  It was a good match, but I never knew you could give a glorified jobber a prestigious title.  And since when did the #1 contender to the second most prestigious belt on your brand have to wrestle on your B show.  A lot more people should have been able to see Benoit vs. Regal on Smackdown where it counts more.  Maybe once Benoit takes the title, he can enter a program with Regal that will get the fans to enjoy wrestling on Smackdown once more. 

 Why are they still using Funaki and Scotty Too Hotty?  Get rid of them and bring back Akio.  I like the Mexicools.  They are Mexicool.  HAHA.  I kill me.  Hey, why didnít they debut on Carlitoís show before the draft?  The King of Cool should have christened them. 

 I like the Hassan angle.  I think it has potential if they do it right.  This could be the angle that puts Hassan on the map.  They need to turn him face in the future and this could be the angle to do it.  I mean, to appease the critics, they need to turn him face and then show the media that they can take the angle to a new level.  They need to show Hassan repent and truly depict the racist angle the way it was meant to be depicted.  The WWE needs to show that what Hassan says is true.  People are racist against people of Arab descent.  It is amazing to see how many people stopped going to the local bodega because an Arab owned it after 9-11.  Not cool.  But the WWE made Hassan look like he was lying.  Now it is time to show the truth and make him a sympathetic character.  Who do you get to help push that angle?  Christian.  He is the man for the job. 

 Anyways, Batista looks like he will be mowing them down on Smackdown for some time, but it is all leading up to the ultimate payoff.  I canít wait to see Lesnar vs. Batista at Wrestlemania 22 Cena vs. HHH and Lesnar vs. Batista.  That is going to be one hot show.  How many months until the big day?  I am counting it down.  Enjoy the show. 

 Be sure to check out the message board at where there is a spirited conversation going on about the releases, the draft, the Matt Hardy situation and who is the better tag-team; The Legion of Doom or the Dudley Boys.  Have a voice of your own.  Get popped.  Sign up and give us your thoughts.  Well, that is all for today.  Remember, in order to change the world, you must first change yourself.  Peace!


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