Badseed's Bottomline #327

Just Let Me Write

By Badseed

Hey yo!  Wrestling was sort of lacking this week, so there is really not much to discuss.  I will try to keep you all glued to the screen, though, to keep my promise of a weekly column. 


  Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin should be a better match than it has been in the last few outings.  I know they are trying to drag out the feud a bit until RVD returns to fight Carlito, and they have nothing for Shelton, but fans can enjoy several good matches.  We donít need throwaway matches until we get a big payoff.  Each match should be good.  No one should feel screwed at the end. 

As for Shelton, what can they do for this guy?  He canít really talk that well, but he puts on a hell of a match, so the WWE wastes an opportunity to bring in Charlie Haas and have a classic feud fans want to see.  Maybe they didnít.  Maybe they released Haas as a way of bringing him on to Raw in the future without a trade or draft to explain the move and are just waiting for Sheltonís program with Carlito to end.  Maybe.  I mean you never can tell with the WWE.  However, doubt that very much.  As of late, the WWE doesnít know a good thing when it is staring them in the face. 

As for Shelton, in my honest opinion, I think it is time to move him up the ladder.  Despite the lack of really good mic skills, he strikes me as someone who learns well and will develop them over time.  His matches are incredible and with HBK, Jericho, Edge and Angle all on the heel side now, Shelton can really let it all hang out with the big boys.  This guy is a future star that they are misusing and have been misusing since he won the Intercontinental title, but he has gotten over on his own and should keep moving up the charts.  Angle was his former mentor, Jericho has had heat with Benjamin, HBK and Benjamin had the best Raw match ever on Raw in recent memory and Edge can develop heat with just about anyone right now.  A team with RVD and John Cena against these heels can elevate everyone and create an intriguing fall storyline that will treat the fans to some of the greatest matches Raw has had in some time.  This is something that can finally bring Benjamin into the main event scene, because right now, they have only scratched the surface with this guy. 

HBK vs. Hulk Hogan looks to be a hot feud on paper, but the match itself may or may not live up to its expectations.  Hogan has a bad wheel and I am worried that he may not be able to keep up with HBK, but HBK has wrestled well with Batista and HHH, two men that seem cut from the same cloth as Hogan and has also wrestled well with Ric Flair at his advanced age, so there is a strong possibility that HBK could carry the Icon to a great match.  I just hope they got Pat Patterson back to lay this one out.  Either way, with HBK and Hoganís way of controlling the fans, from an emotional standpoint, this match cannot fail.  In addition, while most dream matches end up falling short, such as Hogan vs. Flair, HBK has been very successful with dream matches against Flair and Kurt Angle.  Something about this match reminds me of Rock vs. Hogan at Wrestlemania years ago.  I am skeptical, but so very hopeful for what could be a classic. 

By the way, Hogan Knows Best is probably the most worked reality show in history.  Even if the stuff is real, Hogan himself is steering the direction of the show.  He knows how to work the camera better than anyone.  Nothing he does is real.  Everything he does has a purpose to attract fans.  This doesnít feel authentic.  Itís not even that great a watch.  I prefer Surreal Life and Celebrity Fit Club more than this, but I will still watch in hopes to see some real drama without Hogan figuratively putting his hand to his ear every time he appears on the screen. 

John Cena vs. Jericho is an interesting feud.  I am not sure where they are going with this.  I liked that Cena called Jericho a cheap version of his former self, but fans donít get it and neither do Internet writers.  I believe both think Cena is calling Jericho cheap, as in; he wants to fight Jericho because Y2J doesnít pay a lot of money for his car insurance.  It is sad, but I really think some fans and Internet writers feel that way.  They donít get what Cena means and it makes for an odd reason to fight.  However, I like Jericho as a heel.  Heíll make it work.  The battle of the bands is unique and should be entertaining.  I also like how Jericho, along with Eric Bischoff, is stacking the deck against Cena in a way that hasnít been done since the old days of Stone Cold Steve Austin.  This is totally building up Cenaís reign as champion. 

I even enjoyed Cenaís match with Snitsky.  Internet writers hate Snitsky because he still has a job and their favorite wrestlers do not, but he has a good look and he makes me laugh, so I enjoy having him around.  The match was not that bad.  Cena had a hard time fighting so many foes, but the match was booked properly to show Cenaís heart and that helps his character.  Snitsky played the role of the overwhelming monster well.  I thought the match was probably Snitskyís best match in a long time.  The only thing missing was Cenaís flannel.  Oh and why was Angle with Jericho as a lumberjack?  None of the other big heels like Edge and HBK were used.  It was interesting, because Angle played a prominent role in the match and seemed as into destroying Cena as Jericho, which suggests a feud between the two is imminent. 

But first, Angle has to get through Matt Striker.  I hope this kid keeps coming back.  Heís good on the mic, funny and he can get the job done in the ring.  I enjoyed both outings with Angle and I canít wait until he finally gets the last laugh.  This has got to be building up to something.  Matt Striker could be the next big star all because he lied at the right time and made a mockery of teachers who moonlight as wrestlers everywhere.  You know who I am talking about, Mr. OíShea.  Donít think I donít know that beneath that Chemistry lab coat and 90-year-old exterior was the great indy star, the Dublin Destroyer.  I will have my revenge for that C.  Oh, you better believe it. 

Anyways, Matt Striker goodÖMatt Hardy bad.  What happened?  Everyone screwed up, but Ring of Honor.  Hardy did his thing there, but TNA did nothing to help wrestling.  Hate the WWE, but love yourselves.  Let the WWE trick fans into buying your PPV.  Why tell fans anything?  It is not your fault if fans are tricked by the WWE.  Stupid move and they should have let Matt Hardy on.  It would have been beneficial to them, too. 

On the WWE side of things, Creative rushes everything.  Edge should not have discussed the incident at all.  He shouldnít have touched it.  It should have been as if the previous week had not happened.  Keep it separate.  Make it look like a shoot.  Make it look real.  Matt Hardy shouldnít have even shown up at the show this week.  They should have had him come back the following week.  Make it look like security was ready and that Matt couldnít get in, but without having to show it.  Have Vince McMahon be a guest on Byte This and discuss wrestling. Someone calls in and asks about Matt Hardy and Vince brushes past it, but when he is asked again, he gets serious and questions Hardyís situation and discusses how they are considering pressing charges, but have increased security and Hardy has not be able to get in the way of the WWEís programming since.  Then, the following week, have some ďfanĒ attack Edge and scream out Matt Hardyís name.  Make it look like others are taking Hardyís side since he canít get in.  Maybe even have Shannon Moore show up out of nowhere.  Do this right.  Donít rush it. 

And while the match between Edge and Kane was actually very, very good, why did Lawler have to mention anything about what had happened between Hardy and Edge?  Shut up.  After an inning, does Tim McCarver bring up the fan that ran out on the diamond?  No.  You donít give it any attention.  Itís supposed to not be a part of the show.  Be smart about it.  Create an illusion.  Give me the pen.  Iíll write it all for you.


The Great American Bash is not looking very good.  I will not be seeing it.  There are some good matches, but there is just no heat for this show.  It is like the WWE makes this their worst PPV, because it was a WCW creation.  Despite me not seeing this match, I will give you some quick predictions. 

Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan Benoit should win the match, but the WWE did not put any heat on this match at all.  Why didnít Benoit attack Jordan at any time?  Why didnít Jordan bash Benoit on the mic?  Why didnít the WWE have Benoit team with Batista against Jordan and JBL?  It makes too much sense, so of course the WWE didnít do it. 

Undertaker vs. Hassan:  I wonder if the WWE will take the stipulation off this match.  This is supposed to be a #1 contender match for the world title, but why would they give away Taker vs. Batista so fast when they are supposed to have Randy Orton vs. Undertaker at Summerslam?  You canít have Hassan win, though, because how do you promote a world title match between Hassan and Batista when Hassan is not even allowed on Smackdown?  It is going to be interesting how they change Hassanís character.  I hope the WWE does the right thing and lets viewers realize that Arab Americans can be good guys.  Itís time for a change. 

Mexicools vs. BWO Mexicools will win, but this match makes little sense when the Mexicools want to take over the cruiserweight division.  Losing this match doesnít help either team.  It was not a smart move to put the two together until both teams had built enough steam to make the feud meaningful. 

Heidenreich and Animal vs. MNM:  I hope MNM wins.  Heidenreich does not deserve a title and Animal cannot put the belt around his waist.  MNM is a hot team.  Let them stay that way.  Build a division around these guys and make the tag-team scene something worth watching again. 

Melina vs. Torrie:  Everything gets naked and makes out with one another.  Yeah!!  Melina wins.  The WWE fires Torrie Candace Michelle poses for Playboy.  Thatís my dream. 

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio:  Will be the match of the show.  Eddie Guerrero will win and reveal that Rey Mysterioís sonís real father is Kerwin White.  NOOOOOOO!!!!!

Christian vs. Booker T:  Another great match.  Loved it on Raw and I will love it here.  Christian will win and elevate himself in the company once more.  Booker T will end up in a feud with Eddie Guerrero when Guerrero reveals that Sharmell is really Stevie Ray in drag.  I am just joking.  Sharmell is too hot.  Call me!!

Batista vs. JBL:  I would have JBL win, have him feud with a changed Hassan, making JBL the bigot Hassan has been talking about.  Have Batista win the belt back at Survivor Series and then bring Lesnar back for the Wrestlemania buildup.  Thatís just me.  The WWE will do the predictable thing and have Batista win.


I want to see Lance Hoyt either team with or feud with Test

I like Jimmy Hart with the Naturals.  Thatís a good fit, but I want TNA to sign Jim Cornette and put him with a new team.  Cornette is a great tag-team manager and still has a lot to offer the wrestling scene. 

Kip James?  WTF?!!!  This guy is going to change his name again.  Guaranteed.  Did anyone learn from Brutus Beefcakeís career suicide?

I really want to see Samoa Joe in action.  What an asset to TNA from what I hear.  However, I donít have time to sit behind my computer screen watching streaming video, so I will wait until TNA goes to Spike.  Oh yeah!!  Great move.  I canít wait to see a new Wrestling War begin. 

If you canít have Matt Hardy back, dye Jeffís hair black, have him wear clothing similar to Matt Hardy and have him come back by attacking wrestlers at random.  Have the announcers go, is that who I think it is.  That would be a lot of fun. 

Keep the belt off Jeff Jarrett.  Thatís all I got left to say.

Be sure to check out the message board at where there is a spirited conversation going on about the fall of the WWE.  Have a voice of your own.  Get popped.  Sign up and give us your thoughts.  Well, that is all for today.  That was a great column.  It always is.  Come on.  Iím Jon Minners.  Remember me.  Peace. 

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