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Badseed's Bottomline #331

Summerslam Predictions

By Badseed

Hey yo!  This is Badseed coming at you in time for Summerslam.  Yes, the final day of my vacation may end up being a dreaded one as I watch what could either be the worst or best PPV since Wrestlemania 21.  So, this column is a quick look at the PPV including my predictions.  First, I must point out that only one person has emailed me about my quest to create a fan edition of the column that addresses the women and cruiserweight division of the WWE.  So, keep sending in your thoughts about how to fix both divisions and I will publish them next week complete with my thoughts.  Now, on to the column:

Ah Summerslam!!!  Memories abound of this great PPV, the summer equivalent of Wrestlemania, but to a lesser degree.  In the past, we were treated to such matches as The Megapowers vs. Ted Dibiase and Andre the Giant, Hogan and Brutus Beefcake vs. Zeus and Randy Savage, Rock vs. Brock Lesnar, Undertaker vs. Bret Hart, Steve Austin vs. Owen Hart, Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle, Demolition vs. The Hart Foundation, HBK vs. Razor Ramon, Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart, The Brainbusters vs. Hart Foundation,  HHH vs. HBK, Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect, Bret Hart vs. Davey Boy Smith, Mankind vs. HHH and the Marriage between Randy Savage and ElizabethSummerslam was such a hot PPV that the WWE used the big event to make you actually care about such matches as The British Bulldogs vs. The Rougeau Brothers, Big Bossman vs. The Mountie and even Hulk Hogan vs. Earthquake.  This year, despite some great matches, Summerslam doesnít hold that same excitement.  Maybe because there are just too many Pay-Per-Views on television or maybe because the showís drama hasnít been built up well enough to get fans excited.  Either way, this PPV should be very interesting indeed, because it ends some feuds and gives way to a new era that will really put the brand draft picks to the test. 

Matt Hardy vs. Edge:  This feud will not end here.  It would be stupid to end it here.  This match has to be violent.  There has to be a lot of stiff shots and disregard for the rules.  This match has to end in a disqualification that will give Edge the win or a double disqualification to present the hatred both men have for each other.  If the WWE is smart, they should take a look at the Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven feud and build off that here.  Matt Hardy should be the every day hero.  He loved his girlfriend and some guy took her away from him.  He loved his job and that same guy almost took it away from him.  Hardy is alone.  He is like everyone else who has been hurt by a girl.  He should win this feud, but he should not win one match until their final encounter.  Hopefully, if this is a work, he gets the girl in the end, but if not, donít just give him the win, allow everyone who knows what Matt Hardy is going through get a bit of a victory as well. 

Kurt Angle vs. Eugene:  This is going to be a great match and I think the WWE should really give these guys some time.  Allow them to start off a little with the comedy at the beginning, because both men are really capable of making that work.  Then, let the match get serious and let these guys tear the roof off.  We arenít going to get any mat classics from the rest of the show, so this has to be that match.  Like Angle did for Mysterio, Angle needs to make Eugene look good, but with a title shot looming, he needs to win this match to go into the next show strong. 

John Cena vs. Chris Jericho:  I know everyone thinks that the WWE is trying to swerve us with all the talk that Jericho is leaving the WWE, but we all know that the WWE does not have a face lined up to take on Jericho and it would be pointless to have Cena win the belt back a month later.  Why?  Well, this is Cenaís first big PPV defense in his feud with Bischoff, so he needs to overcome the GMís dastardly plan.  He needs to overcome the next plan, too, because Bischoff is supposed to get desperate and do something huge to stop CenaCena then must work his way back up the ladder against insurmountable odds and win the Royal Rumble (or loss that leads to the February PPV victory) leading to a big match between Cena and HHH or HBK at Wrestlemania.  So, therefore, I believe Cena wins despite all the odds against him. 

HBK vs. Hogan:  This is going to be a hard one.  Hogan should pass the torch to an Icon in the type of match that it would make sense to do so.  He lost to Goldberg and never got his win back.  He did the same for Brock Lesnar.  He did it for the Rock, too.  However, those matches really didnít mean as much considering what happened afterwards.  Goldberg was a fluke, Lesnar quit the company and Hogan seems to make people believe he beat The Rock.  This is a big one and with HBK going to be ready to retire soon, he will have to pass the torch before he goes on.  It is important that Hogan loses cleanly here.  I know he doesnít want to, but it makes sense and HBK can put on a great match with anyone, so Hogan will not look bad in this loss.  I canít see any other match for Hogan to fight other than against Bret Hart (never happen) or Batista (not likely), so Hogan needs to do this the right way.  Afterwards, Hogan should start concentrating on making his show interesting. 

Benoit vs. Jordan:  If Benoit loses this match, the WWE is making a big mistake.  Jordan needs to be repackaged away from JBL.  He may be getting opportunities in the main event scene, but he has been lost in the shuffle even though he has a title around his waist.  Jordanís reign has so seriously devalued the title that only a wrestle of Benoitís caliber can restore any worth back to the belt.  There is no other reason for this rematch.  Benoit has to win. 

Undertaker vs. Randy Orton:  This is the first Wrestlemania rematch on the card and in this one, Orton needs to win.  He should be the next guy to face Batista based on their history.  He came back and is trying to take out the guy he feels destroyed his legacy and once he beats Undertaker, he should go after the guy who truly put him away with an injury and that is Batista.  A loss for the Undertaker will never hurt him, so it is not a bad thing to happen.  He doesnít need a run at the top just yet.  Do not waste Undertaker vs. Batista unless you have Brock Lesnar coming in.  So, Undertaker should either feud with JBL or make things interesting and have Eddie Guerrero try to capitalize against Undertakerís recent loss with some mind games that will propel him back into the spotlight.  Orton has to win.  This is his first feud back.  He needs this to build his credibility and will do so in a great wrestling contest that should tell a wonderful story in the ring.  Not a mat classic, but definitely a classic. 

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio:  This is a high spot match perfectly suited to end this feud.  Please end this feud.  Please.  Another Wrestlemania rematch, but this one should have the same result.  Rey Mysterio needs to win this battle, because with his son on the line, it kind of had to work out that way.  I donít understand how the WWE would have us think otherwise and it would be totally classless of them to do otherwise.  Mysterio should win this feud and move on to either feud with the Mexicools or enter a classic battle with Benoit for the US title.  Either way, they need to end this feud.  Horrible storyline, but at least we got some great wrestling from it.  This should be a classic no one will forget despite the strangest stipulation ever. 

Batista vs. JBL:  This is going to be a bloody battle.  Thatís all that can save it and with the Matt Hardy vs. Edge battle going overboard and ending in a DQ, it will really sell this battleís brutality, because everything is legal.  Of course, this is it for JBLís run at the top.  He will finally lose a match he guarantees victory in.  That is unless the WWE has lost faith in Batista and go with JBL in this one, totally screwing up all my predictions, but I doubt it.  They know Batista is still a fan favorite and that makes him a good champion.  With a battle against Orton looming, Batista is pretty much guaranteed a victory. 

Well, thatís all with Summerslam.  It should be a fun show to watch, but I doubt it will be one of those shows I will not be able to contain myself about.  It will just be another PPV in the long list of many.  They just arenít special anymore.  Less is more.  Just a thought. 

Before I go, I just need to raise an interesting question.  Why are Sabu and Jeff Hardy now on Ravenís side?  Sabu was out of wrestling after being injured severely and he was in the midst of a big feud with RavenHardy was supposed to wrestle Raven when he was suspended for missing a show.  Now, they are on the same side.  Makes no sense at all.  Did the WWE send someone from Creative to foil TNAís plans?  Interesting. 

Well, thatís all for today.  Me tired.  Me go to sleep.  Be sure to check out the message board at where there is a spirited conversation going on about the battle between HBK and Hulk Hogan, the return of Bret Hart and much much more.  Have a voice of your own.  Get popped.  Sign up and give us your thoughts.    Well, thatís all the time I have.   Until the WWE puts together four PPVs in a row that are worth the money, keep on reading.  Peace

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