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Badseed's Bottomline #333

Badseedís Brethren Get a Voice

By Badseed

Hey yo!  This is a monumental column for me.  Something about 333 brings a smile to my face.  I am enjoying my new run at the top of the mountain.  As if I was Ric Flair, I have brought about a resurgence in this column and now, for the first time in a long time, Badseedís Sack is back.  In this edition several of my fans answered my call and discussed what they would do to bring about a strong womenís and cruiserweight division.  They went above and beyond the call of duty and wrote full length columns.  I present them in full.  My comments will be in bold.  Enjoy the read. 


In response to our need to revamp the womenís division and cruiserweight division, Patrick McCormick writes:

Alright first off the Cruiserweights:

I would make Rey Mysterio a heel after the feud with Eddie, why? Because I would have him team up with the Mexicools, he would become their leader for a little while, almost like the Rock and the Nation of Domination. Eventually, the Juice will be too jealous to take Rey and the others will split as well. But before that, have Rey Mysterio win the Cruiserweight Championship and hold it until Wrestlemania. At Wrestlemania have the first ever TLC Cruiserweight Championship match. The match would be unbelievable. The winner would be The Juice. Afterward, Smackdown would nearly become a cruiserweight show. Lots of storylines could be created but mainly keeping it action packed is how they can obtain success.

-Like the idea of a TLC cruiserweight match at Wrestlemania.  Talk about a make or break match for the cruiserweight division.  If given the proper time, this battle would be one to steal the show.  I donít see Mysterio ever turning heel or teaming with the Mexicools; at least not right now.  Too close to the battle with Eddie Guerrero.  You canít have both be heels at this point.  When Guerrero makes another face turn, maybe Mysterio will be ready for the heel turn.  I would like to see the Mexicools battle Mysterio in a TLC match, though.  That would be really cool.  Throw in Spanky and Paul London and you will have a match no one would forget. 

Second, the women's championship:

When Trish Stratus returns, have her turn face and team up with Matt Hardy. I have a feeling the Matt Hardy and Edge feud will be going on for a long time, or at least until Wrestlemania. But Matt Hardy and Trish Stratus will "fall in love" during this time. Lita will win the belt from Trish Stratus in a Woman's Ladder Match. A hot feud between Ashley (the 2005 wiinner) and Christy Hemme (the 2004 winner) But Christy Hemme as a heel fueled with jealousy over Ashley's new found popularity. Have Jillian Hall come to RAW and have "Surgery to remove the mole" Jillian Hall won't be face or heel. She will mainly be involved with a feud with Victoria. But later becomes the girlfriend of Kane. This starts a feud with Lita and Edge vs Trish Stratus and Matt Hardy vs. Victoria and Robert Conway vs. Hall and Kane. Jillian Hall will beat Lita at Survivor Series in the first ever inter-gender Survivor Series Match. The sole surviving inter-gender team will be crowned the winner and the women's championship. Then Lita will win the belt back the next night on RAW when Victoria interferes. Finally, at Wrestlemania after months of intenseness Lita w/ Edge in her corner vs. Trish Status w/ Matt Hardy in her corner. The match will go maybe fifteen minutes or so when suddenly, Edge gets into the ring and kisses both Lita and Trish Stratus. Matt Hardy dooped again. This would obviously enrage Matt Hardy, sending him into a dark Sting like phase for about six months where he transforms into Angelic Diablo.

-Wow.  You went all out.  The WWE screwed up the whole Ashley vs. Hemme feud, so that wonít happen for now.  OoohÖmaybe a Wrestlemania dream match.  A dream match.  I like Jillian going to Raw and hooking up with Kane, because that would make sense from a storyline standpoint.  Why do you want to hurt Matt Hardyís feelings.  Poor guy.  But I always wanted to see what his Angelic Diablo character was all about so letís go with it.  Maybe Lita and Trish could kiss, too.  What is it with you and ladder matches?  You sure like those and for some reason, I would like it, too.  I think Lita and Trish could put together an entertaining ladder match.  Good idea.  A change for once. 


Gerald Bocook writes:

The Women's Division and Cruiserweight Division? Save 'em? Pfft. Only if they, yanno, got some wrestlers to fill up the division. And TV time. And with the Cruiserweights, let 'em be cruiserweights in the way that made them famous in WCW, not this toned down, boring style that basically has them being small American Strong-style wrestlers.

In order for the Women's Division to really work again, there needs to be at least 10 *ACTUAL* wrestlers for it. And, maybe, ones that aren't horribly injury-prone. Losing Molly Holly was a big blow. Firing Gail Kim was a stupid move. They need to bring up Beth Phoenix from OVW, and hell, bring back Nidia and Jazz. A Women's Division consisting of Trish, Lita, (crazy) Victoria, Molly, Gail, Jazz, Nidia, Phoenix, Alexis [Laree], and either Melissa Coates or Synn from OVW (the latter of which could see a reuniting of Synn's Diciples - of sorts Ė with Synn and Tomko (who REALLY needs to go back to his OVW name, which was I think wasTyler Bane) would be a GOOD THING. And hell, toss Stacy in there occassionally as a mid/low-carder until she earns her stripes. A full division with a variety of styles and personalities that you could build around.

With the Cruisers?  Pretty much the same as the Women's Division. Beef it up, give it TV time, and let them go crazy.

-Agree on Gail Kim and Molly and Jazz.  Leave Nidia at home.  I heard about Beth Phoenix and I am intrigued.  I know all about Alexis Laree and the WWE is missing the boat with this girl.  She is Hot!!  Hell, bring in both Melissa Coates and Synn.  You donít have to have the women focused on all at once, but you can use them for cool tag matches or even a Survivor Series elimination match.  Isnít Synn chunky?  I think that is needed.  Women need to see a couple fat girls on television to make them feel better about themselves.  HAHA. 


Patrick Etheridge writes

Hey Yo!

I meant to e-mail you on this last week, but school beckoned.  Anyways, firstly, the WWE has flat out bastardized the Women's division.  I don't Care how great of a champion or how many Babe Of the Years she has won, Trish Stratus SHOULD have had to be stripped of the title due to the 30 day no compete rule (This doesnít really exist in the WWEís eyes).  Victoria then should have won it then helped the young divas come along and make a stronger Women's division when Trish returned.  This would have also made a nice feud for the Title as well as Trish who would have claimed that she never actually lost the Women's Title.  Also, why is Michelle McCool, Melina, and Miss Jackie not on Raw?  (Miss Jackie is gone.  She was just T&A.  She was not a good wrestler.  Melina can wrestle and she is hot.  The jury is still out on Michelle McCool).  Realize moving Jackie was a mistake as she wanted to compete in the women's division on Raw.  I won't even comment on Charlie Haas.  Melina and Michelle, even Jillian have potential as wrestlers.  And considering how badly the WWE needs womenís wrestlers, why not? 

As for the cruiserweights, #1- let them wrestle how they want to wrestle (Totally agree here).  The reason the cruiserweight division worked in WCW is because they didn't try to restrict the style of the wrestlers and didn't freak out when a move went wrong, so you could see the true Lucha' Libre action.  Also WCW didn't mind if the Cruiserweight matches stole the show, which should be Vince's mentality (Are you listening Vince.  Let the fans decide who they like.).  Why not add to the Cruiserweights as well.  Hurricane (Definitely) would have been a nice addition as he is floundering on Raw.  Put Mysterio back as a cruiserweight.  Nobody is buying that Mysterio can seriously beat the bigger athletes.  (Donít agree.  Mysterio rules.  Letís see what he can do).

Anyways, that's my 2 cents.  If you want some more Iíll tell you about how bringing back the Television Title would really help the WWE (Send it along.  Should be interesting).

Later.  (Like the use of Hey yo and LaterÖYou know your Badseedís Bottomline.  Keep reading). 


LMD Writes:

I figured I'd send in my thoughts on how to fix the Cruiserweight Division in the WWE for you. I don't know about much about the women's, so I won't mention that.

First the Hurricane needs to move to Smackdown. Then have Simon Dean become Super Nova, the evil villain. Thus setting up the perfect feud. And after that feud ends, if you want to be really daring, bring back Shannon, and have him insult Shane on what he became. And have a feud over The Hurricane being better then The Prince Of Evil. (I like this idea a lot for some reason.  I have always been a proponent for a Hurricane vs. Super Nova feud) 

Then break up the Mexicools by having them kick out Super Crazy and turning him face setting up an underdog situation. Have weekly battles between the 3 and stuff. (I like Super Crazy and Psychosis as a tag-team.  Los Locos.  I made that up myself).

The Eddie and Rey feud needs to be spiced up, so have Dominick transform into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle one day, randomly. Then turn Rey heel, and have Rey and Eddie feud over who has to keep Dominick. Have a big blowout cage match, where the loser has to keep and train Dominick. (HAHAHAHA.  Oh, you were serious?)

Then keep London feuding with Nunzio for the title, with London on a quest to win the title back, and Nunzio continuing to refuse a title shot. Have London complain over his screwings via promos over and over, like they've been doing, until London beats Vito in a match like last week. If he wins, he gets a title shot. (They messed up with London.  He could have stolen many a show.  Someoneís ego got in the way here.)

Bring Tajiri over to Smackdown to, and have him feud with Scotty 2 Hotty, about how pathetic he is for being a dancer. This also incorporates the Regal/Hotty feud that's going on right now, seeing as Tajiri, and Regal were partners on Raw.  (Bring Tajiri back, but not for the reason you said.  Thatís a strange reason to feud).

Then get Kerwin off of Raw, and have him feud with the returning Noble. Keep the Kerwin White gimmick though, it works for this one scenario. Kerwin disses on Noble for being trailer trash. This could also lead up to a Stone Cold Steve Austin cameo, seeing as he was a drunk redneck, and actually bring some prestige back to the division.  (This will never happen.  Vince is loving this Kerwin White gimmick.)

And I have no idea what in the bloody hell to do with Spanky, despite being a huge Spanky mark. Maybe bring in Bryan Danielson, and have them feud over who got to WWE first, and had more success. Danielson claiming he wrestled dark matches before Spanky, and Spanky saying he was employed first. (The reason for the feud wouldnít work with the fans, but a feud between these two would be hot.  Both can go in the ring.  Sign Danielson.)

So yeah... that's my amazing way to make the division better. It's kinda hard when you try and work with what the WWE has, without trying to bring in anyone new, Moore doesn't count cause his no-compete clause hasn't run up yet. Danielson is the only one who is brought in, but he could wrestle in the main event scene, with the Worlds Fastest Coffee drinker, Chris Beniot, since he's cool like that.


Tiger Groge wrote his own column with:

The Women's Division

At one time, the women's division was a huge part of RAW.'s been changed to a diva search and occasional matches. It was once a division with storied feuds and good matches. From Chyna to Trish to Lita; The WWE had an amazing Women's Division only one year ago. Then, they killed it.

I could list all the divas they cut, that could have been used so much better. Valets or Wrestlers, and divas they could even sign. I was stunned when WWE started cutting everyone.

Jazz: Jazz was used perfectly as the tough diva that everyone feared. She was the strongest of all the divas, kind of like Chyna only better. She was a good wrestler too and was dropped for no reason. Bring her back, I think they will one day if they ever want credibility in this division again. (Jazz was really coming into her own.  She could have certainly beat Chyna in a match). 

Gail Kim: One of my personal favorite divas of all time. Why they cut Gail is beyond me. She's one of the greatest female wrestlers in the world. She had submission moves that no one did, she did aerial moves and she had a cool entrance too. They put the belt on her in her debut which was cool and when she turned heel it fit. Could have been used much much more.  (She even brought in a submission move to her mix.  She was starting to come into her own and did you look at her?  Did you?  Damn!)

Miss Jackie: She could have been trained more and trained to wrestle. Sure no one will ever forget the Jackie/Nowniski vs Trish/Bradshaw encounter, but Jackie was good as a manager and she helped Rico, as well as Charlie Haas get over.  (Pass)

Dawn Marie: Another diva that was highly underused. She wanted to become a valet, but they never went anywhere with that. She was only seen occasionally to job to Torrie or lose a bikini contest. She had experience from ECW and was good on the mic. She had a decent feud with Torrie in Ď02 with a good story, minus the Al Wilson wedding and funeral.  (She was hot, but she should have just posed in Playboy, because her time has come and gone)

Joy Giovanni: Another diva that was shortly used. As a diva search contestant she made it to the WWE. She was hot and was used in storylines, bad ones at that. Why they made her Big Show's girlfriend is beyond me. She could have had a good feud with Amy Weber while apart of JBL's cabinet. They seemed to be heading towards a match but Amy quit and Joy was fired. (Joy was the future of WWE divas)

Amy Weber: Another one of my favorite divas of all time. She was my pick to win the Diva Search. I hated that she lost but glad to see her in WWE again, especially aligned with the top wrestler at the time, JBL. I was surprised when she quit the company, especially because of backstage pranks. Hopefully she could come back; she made for a good manager. (I miss Amy.  She got it.  She was hot and smart and good on the mic.  This was a big screwup). 

Molly Holly:  If WWE focuses more on the women wrestling, Molly could return, but right now it's unlikely. She's releasing her Shoot Interview DVD which should be interesting. She was one of the best women wrestlers, but was forced to job to the likes of Christy Hemme. (Molly was plain, which made her different.  The WWE needed that.  She could wrestle too and my friend thought she was hot, so there was a market for plain girls out there.  Geeky guys who canít get any better need girls to fawn over, too)

Now the divas that WWE currently have and what they do. They seemingly turn every diva heel, Trish, Lita, Victoria, Candice, Torrie, Melina, Jillian. And the faces are Stacy, Christy and Ashley...And oh yeah, Sharmell, I guess. Whatever happened to Michelle McCool? She lost to Melina and disappeared

Trish Stratus: The Women's champion...for 8 months now. Since winning it back from Lita, a month after losing it. Trish was squashed by Viscera in May and hasn't been seen since. A lot of stories have been brought up about her return. First she was supposed to confront Ashley at RAW, then at Summerslam. Last I heard she's going to come back as a face, probably a good move, and help Ashley against Candice and Torrie. Trish is great as a face or a heel. I can't wait till she finally does return. After her 4 month absence, her return will mean something. (I think they didnít even scratch the surface of what they could do with Trish as a heel.  I really liked her in this role, but she is so hot as a face, too.  She is a rare find.  This is one diva the WWE will keep for some time).

Lita: Once the loved fan favorite, now the heel slut that everyone hates. She's pretty much done with wrestling, now as a manager for Edge. She hasn't wrestled since around the same time Trish was put out; when she was with Kane. She should be used as a wrestler though. She isn't happy in the storyline she's in. She's uncomfortable with the whole Edge/Hardy thing. We need to freshen up the women's division again. I remember in 03 when the crowd went wild when Lita returned to save Trish from Molly & Gail. Do things like that. (Lita will go back to wrestling soon.  I have a feeling)

Victoria: Probably the best female wrestler on the roster. A dangerous finisher as well. Best used the way she is right now, as a heel. She just needs to be used more. She was engaging in a feud with Stacy, then they put Stacy on SD. Victoria's last feud; Christy - also to SD. So now Victoria has no one to feud with, unless they put her with Candice & Torrie against Ashley (This email was sent well before it actually happened.  Go Tiger), Trish, and someone else.. Victoria needs to be used here, she was a great champion in her feuds with Trish. (Amen brother)

Candice: The newest diva, not including Ashley, but was made to look like a veteran with Torrie. She was popular with the crowd, but now she turned heel with Torrie. Torrie and Candice's duo could be used good. The feud with Ashley could be interesting, although it doesn't quite make sense as Candice was in the Diva Search last year. Yet she hates this year's winner. Why they took Candice off of RAW in the first place blows my mind. They put her on Smackdown for one month. And she was part of a "blockbuster trade." And in that trade, Candice is traded BACK to RAW. Jindrak gets released, Kenzo gets canned, Hiroko goes too. That trade hasn't done much impact for anyone. (Do the Go Daddy dance for me Candice)

Torrie: She's been wanting to turn heel for years now. I guess now she has finally been given the opportunity. Many feared her release was coming after Kidman. But I don't see Torrie getting released anytime soon. While she's been pretty pointless for the past 2 years, now she can finally do something aside from wrestling once a year and ring announcing on Velocity. Must say the turn was unexpected though. (Looking forward to what they will do with her)

Melina: Melina is used perfectly as MNM's manager, but she CAN wrestle. She's used as mainly the diva that cheats when she must wrestle. I'm glad they've given her opportunities to wrestle, in singles action and mixed tag.  (Use her more.  She can talk and tangle with the ladies)

Jillian: A weird gimmick, but is great use for comedy. Cole and Tazz make Jillian's face thing work every week by making me laugh. Tazz has always got something new to say about it. Where they'll eventually go with that, who knows? (She shows signs that she can wrestle)

Christy: A diva that, undeservingly, has been used way more than half the roster. She was on RAW almost every week. She finally seem to find her place as Eugene's manager. They had their little cheerleader entrance and Christy gets sent to Smackdown. What she's gonna do on Smackdown I do not know. Have pillow fights? But "The Network" banned that. So I guess she'll be wrestling.  But Melina and Jillian are the only divas she can wrestle. Why they put her on Smackdown after being the big RAW Diva Search winner, I'm not sure. Now she's the Smackdown Diva.  (Christy proved that the Raw Diva Talent Search was not a bad idea.  She gets it.  She works well with others.  She makes things fun and she is an eager learner.  I want to see more of her.  On Smackdown, she can learn the wrestling trade and make it more believable when she wins)

Stacy Keibler: Horrible move to Smackdown. She was, in a way, like Torrie. She was used in random things, but she did have that 3 week feud with Trish where she won some matches. Then, like Christy, she found her place as the manager for Hurricane & Rosey, the tag team champions. SuperStacy was her new gimmick as a superhero like valet. Then they throw her on Smackdown and split that up. How will Hurricane/Rosey go on without SuperStacy? How will they explain this? I think they'll drop the belts soon....just hopefully not to the Heart Throbs. (Holy Stacey-less heroes.  Yeah, that was a dumb move.  She was at least in the midst of a gimmick.  The WWE screwed up again)

Ashley Massaro: She wants to learn how to wrestle, she was the best pick to win the Diva Search and she's going straight into a feud already. I am anxious to see more from her. (Me too and if she goes the route of Christy Hemme, we will.  Whoohoo!!!)

Sharmell: I don't think anyone wants her around. She was good in WCW as Paisley and that's about it. Some may remember her short 2001 WWE stint as Sharmell Sullivan the backstage interviewer. She was fired soon after and now brought back because she married Booker. It was cool, at first, I guess. But now Sharmell has become annoying. She's always overdramatic when something happens to her. Like when she screams after being grabbed. I think the Booker/Christian thing is going to lead to Booker telling Sharmell that she's holding him back and lead to her leaving.  (This is going to get me in trouble, but I have gone out with a lot of black girls and while the majority of them are really cool and down to Earth, several of them remind me of Sharmell and frankly, I like it.  Sharmell is so, so hot.  More please)

Looking back at the past years of Women's Wrestling in the WWE. Wrestlemania 21 featured Christy Hemme vs Trish Stratus. This is horrible compared to the years past. Victoria/Molly, Trish/Jazz/Lita. Only months before Christy/Trish, we were treated to classics with Lita and Trish and they even got to headline RAW. Gail and Molly headlined RAW. Now, we never see that anymore. I miss the old Women's Wrestling. I strongly suggest WWE revive this division.  (And so say we all)

Cruiserweight Division

A division that hasnít' been used right since Mysterio/Hardy were feuding at XIX. They use to come up with unique storylines, like Hardy dropping weight to win the Cruiser Title from Kidman. It was still going strong with the Mysterio/Chavo classic at No Way Out 04. But it mainly went downhill from there. Chavo, who was booked to drop the belt to Matt Cappotelli, ended up dropping it to Jacqueline because Cappotelli was again injured by Hardcore Holly. That dropped the credibility of this title and made Chavo look weak. Granted he won the title right back but then dropped it to his father, Chavo Sr. or Chavo Classic. Chavo Classic's title reign could have been done in an actual good way. If they made him seem like the old school legend that he is. Instead they wanted him to parade around in womenís' underwear. He refused and was let go. The belt was dropped back to Mysterio and back to Chavo, if Iím not mistaken. Nowadays, the title has become the World Championship...of Velocity.

Nunzio is the cruiserweight champion. Most wrestling fans won't even know that. He won the belt in a short opener of Velocity over Paul London, who was the fighting champion. Big Vito debuted and helped Nunzio win. Why they did this on Velocity? I'm guessing to make the show seem more important. But they could have made this match longer for a title change. (If they wanted to make the show seem more important, they could have hyped it on Smackdown)

WWE has screwed the cruiserweight division. WWE has blown many opportunities with amazing wrestlers. Exhibit A: Frankie Kazarian

Kazarian is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. I loved seeing him in WWE. Granted he never made it past Velocity, but we will always remember he went through WWE and never lost once. He got wins over 3 cruiserweight champions and also debuted defeating the CURRENT cruiserweight champion. And what's even more odd is Nunzio was a face, 3 weeks later he's a heel winning the belt. Kazarian wrestled for 4 straight weeks on Velocity, one whole month.  Kazarian seemed to be making it in the WWE. He even got a kick-ass theme to go along. (The best generic theme since Cade.) Kazarian was approached by WWE about 1. Changing his gimmick. WHY!? Kazarian's gimmick was perfect. He was "The Coolest," "The Future" He had good quotes to go with it and he played the gimmick perfectly. Then the WWE want him to 2. Cut his hair. WHY?!!?!? Kazarian's hair was his look. Without the hair, he wouldnít' be the same. Why WWE wanted him to do that, I'll never know. But in my opinion. WWE, not Kazarian, blew that one. (Agreed.  Kazarian had that look, like Antonio Banderas with the ponytail.  His Future gimmick ruled.  TNA knew how to use him and a lot of cruiserweights are going to realize that.  Spike TV has TNA, doesnít it? HmmmÖ)

Aside from Kazarian, WWE let go Akio, Shannon Moore, Spike Dudley and Billy Kidman. They left Tajiri on RAW. They completely remade Chavo. That's releasing 2 former champions, putting two on RAW. The cruiserweight action on Velocity is actually enjoyable, but Velocity is being cancelled. Does that mean they'll cancel the cruiser division too?

On Velocity, guys like Kazarian, Nunzio, and London get good mic time. Even Scotty TYoo Hotty was in a small feud with William Regal. But with WWE banning moves such as the 450 Splash and Shooting Star, only makes it more that WWE is killing the division. And from what I hear WWE is punishing London for complaining about it. London was last seen jobbing to Kazarian and hasn't been seen since. The London/Nunzio feud could be something big if they let ithappen. London had a great promo about being screwed out of the title and how he'd get it back for the fans.

What the WWE needs to do is bring back the guys they dropped, Moore, Akio, Spike, Kidman. They were all great. Spike was a former champion, Akio had some of the best matches in WWE history with London, Kidman had a good reign as champion, he was over as both face and heel and had a good theme. And Moore never got a chance to shine. Put together the cruisers they have and make it work. London, Mysterio, Juventud, Psicosis, Super Crazy, Nunzio, Scotty, Funaki. All of them could go well together. Bring Chavo back, Put Tajiri back on SD, he is doing NOTHING on RAW. He was last used jobbing to Masters. With the division that WWE COULD have. The ones I listed that are signed and bringing back Moore, Akio, Spike, and Kidman. And they could sign guys from indys as well.

Bring back Ultimo Dragon. The WWE misused him so bad. Sure he slipped at Wrestlemania, but hey he was excited! Dragon is an amazing talent. He was used great in WCW. But he never did anything in WWE. He did get a rarely remembered countout victory over Mysterio. They let him go take a break for a "tour" of Japan, although he never came back. Bring him back and use him right. It would help a hell of a lot.

WWE needs to bring in juniors from Japan like Ultimo. They brought in TAKA and Sasuke in 97. Why can't they do things like that anymore? ROH does it right. WWE needs a so much better cruiser division. I hope they don't drop the London/Nunzio feud, it could be really good.

Well that's all for my rant written to be approved by BADSEED, I enjoyed the chance to write. (Very very good.  I agree with it all)


So, that does it for this week.  Thanks for the doing the work for me this week.  I enjoyed the reads.  I know I canít reply to all your emails, but I do read them all and this was my thanks to you for all the support.  Keep coming back.  Next week, I will talk about all the good stuff in wrestling, like the cool angle with Flair this week.  Until then Be sure to check out the message board at where there is a spirited conversation going on about the battle between HBK and Hulk Hogan, the return of Bret Hart and much much more.  Have a voice of your own.  Get popped.  Sign up and give us your thoughts.    Well, thatís all the time I have.    Peace

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