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Badseed's Bottomline #335

On the Road to Forgiveness

By Badseed

Hey yo!  The Badseed is back at you with a quick and efficient column about this week’s Unforgiven PPV.  Yep, just the way girls like it; quick and efficient.  Oh, you mean they don’t.  Damn.  That’s what has been wrong all this time.  Well, at least I have a chance to be right with my Unforgiven predictions.  Here we go with the show:

Shelton Benjamin vs. Kerwin White:  This is your one lock of the night.  If you know anyone who bets that Shelton Benjamin will win, make a bet and win some cash, because for some reason, Benjamin is on his way down the ladder in the WWE.  He is the guy that is making everyone else look good and Kerwin White seems something cultivated from the mind of Vincent K. McMahon and with that said, you can bet your bottom dollar that White will get the win and move up the ladder with a character meant to create controversy.  It is a real shame, because Benjamin still has a great look, still performs in every match and still has the fans behind him.  He should be doing more.  White is a total joke.  His look is just embarrassing and he has nowhere to go in the WWE once he fights John Cena and loses.  The only smart thing the WWE could do is bring back Hassan and Davari and have them come in as faces, because of the prejudices expressed by WhiteCreative doesn’t have anything for Hassan.  Well, there you go.  Be smart.  A storyline is right there for you and it brings back one of your most promising stars in the process.  Time to get to work. 

Trish Stratus and Ashley vs. Victoria and Torrie:  This is actually a pretty cool storyline.  I like where they are going with this.  Trish’s return was perfect and maybe we will discover that Ashley is actually family or a past friend, sparking Stratus’ return and face turn.  Maybe we will learn more about the connection between Trish and Victoria because of it.  Maybe Creative will get complex with their storylines.  Maybe we will see some good women’s wrestling from Trish and Victoria and even some sparks of something from Torrie.  Maybe Ashley won’t make a fool of herself.  Wouldn’t it be great if Trish turned on Ashley, too and all four of them just beat her down?  Why does a smile appear on my face when I think of that?  Oh well.  If the WWE is smart, they will find a way for Victoria to get the victory and pin Trish in the process, setting up a feud for the two that will result in an actual title match.  Hmmm.  It would make sense, but will it happen?

Big Show vs. Gene Snitsky:  Oh, what a bad match.  I am going to go to the bathroom here, but hopefully these two will surprise me.  Big Show sort of needs a win here.  He has done nothing since joining Raw.  He has shown no promise.  He doesn’t even appear to be anywhere near the mix for a world or Intercontinental title shot.  No one takes Snitsky seriously at all, but Big Show still has name recognition, so he is going to need this win.  I can’t see them going anywhere else with this. 

Hurricane and Rosey vs. Cade and Murdoch:  I am really excited about this match.  I think it was the wrong thing for the WWE to do, because Cade and Murdoch really should not lose this match and they shouldn’t win the titles right away, so they need to do something with this match to make Cade and Murdoch ruthless and deserving.  I think they will win the straps, but if it were me, I would have Hurricane and Rosey win by disqualification.  Make it a bloodbath.  Let Cade and Murdoch lay them out and walk out like victors without winning the match.  Keep the feud going.  Have Cade and Murdoch win some squash matches over some jobbers and then lead it into the next Raw-brand PPV where they can take the straps in a more convincing matter.  Do it right.  Don’t rush it. 

Matt Hardy vs. EdgeMatt Hardy better win this match.  He needs to win this match.  And he needs to do it by pinfall.  There better never be a shot of Matt Hardy leaving the cage to win the match.  This had better have blood all over it.  This match better appear stiff.  This match better show Matt Hardy overcome all that he couldn’t overcome at Summerslam and come off victorious.  Then, the two should continue to battle at Survivor Series and beyond.  Shit, if I was booking this feud, I would have Edge and Hardy battle in a ladder match with the briefcase on the line and have Edge win.  Then, when Edge has his battle with Cena, Hardy helps him win the title just so he can get his hands on Edge and the belt.  His hatred would run so deep that he would want Edge to be on the top of the world, just so he could take it all away from him.  That’s the smart way to do it.  Go Creative

HBK vs. Chris Masters:  Well, you kind of know that after HBK lost to Hogan, he was not going to lose this battle and I have a sneaking suspicion that he will also break the Masterlock.  However, Masters should not win this match.  He is till too green.  So, an HBK win makes sense.  What needs to happen, though, is HBK has to carry Chris Masters to a great match like Ric Flair did on Monday night.  Masters needs to come out looking like a formidable opponent for his future matches against the likes of a Big Show or a Kane; whoever he battles next.  Maybe he will continue a feud with Flair that will lead to HHH’s return.  This is a great opportunity for both Masters and HBK Michaels has to make this match look like a main event quality match.  He can help create a star here.  I am looking forward to this match a lot. 

Carlito vs. Ric Flair:  I love this match, too.  Flair looked like gold on Monday.  He made MastersFlair looked like the old Flair throughout the match.  I was very happy with his performance.  I can’t wait to see what he does with Carlito, an opponent who seems to match up well with Flair.  This is going to be a great battle and unlike HBK vs. Masters, Carlito needs the victory to build himself up and make the IC title seem important again. Flair wanting the belt makes the belt that much more important.  I can’t wait to see this battle.  Something about this PPV feels like a passing of the torch and I think that this match totally exemplifies that.  On this night, Carlito truly becomes a star. 

Kurt Angle vs. John Cena:  Well, this is the match that makes or breaks Cena’s title reign.  Angle is worthy of another title reign.  He has destroyed everyone put in his way since coming on to Raw.  He had the greatest match in the WWE this year with HBK.  He seems destined to win this match.  Cena has done well beating JBL.  He came in and beat Jericho when Jericho was on his way out of the company.  He has won two very good handicapped matches that have made him look like a dominating champion.  Cena needs to win against Angle to make his reign credible.  Angle is his first real tough challenge where the fans can not know for sure that he will win.  The WWE likes to throw us a curve.  They also like to have their popular wrestlers lose the titles so they can chase after them.  I think that may be the case here.  With Taboo Tuesday on its way, the only one who can bring the title back to Cena are the members of the Chain Gang; the fans, the people who vote on Taboo TuesdayBischoff can try all he wants and Angle could win the title on Sunday, but lose it right back to Cena in October when the fans vote Cena into a rematch.  That’s my prediction.  What do you think?

Well, that’s all for this week.  I am looking forward to the big PPV.  This could be a big change for the WWE’s future.  As they head into the big move in October, it is time they shook things up.  Unforgiven could be the place they do it.  Until next time, that's the Bottomline, cause Badseed said so.  Peace. 

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