Badseed's Bottomline #336

And the Youth Shall Inherit the Earth

By Badseed

Hey yo!  The youth should inherit the Earth.  Thatís what has been said.  Thatís what will be and finally, it seems like the WWE is following the same principle. 

I watched Raw the other night and I noticed a trend.  The young people were getting that shot.  They might not be winning the battles, but the WWE is starting to develop the next group of stars.  Itís about time. 

Four years, the WWE has thrown Steve Austin, Mick Foley, HHH, The Rock, HBK, Ric Flair, JBL, Big Show, Kane, Undertaker, Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan down our throats, but now it looks like they are using them to elevate the next crop of stars. 

John Cena is the WWE World Champion.  He is the hottest thing in the WWE right now, but his title reign has not meant much until right now.  Wins over JBL mean nothing, because no one has taken him seriously.  His battles with Jericho and Christian were overshadowed by HHH vs. Batista getting the real main event slot.  His later battle with Jericho meant little when we all knew that Jericho was leaving. 

Kurt Angle is the best opponent.  In fact, this latest feud could do for Cena what the feud with Dude Love did for Steve Austinís title reign.  It was around this time, that a brutal DQ ending involving Austin in his first encounter with Dude Love that turned things around for the WWE and they never looked back with a streak of ratings victories that put WCW out of business.  The ending of that match, where Austin hit McMahon with a chair and you wondered if he would be stripped of the belt made fans turn to Raw the next day.  A similar incident happened.  Cena won by DQ, but he attacked Bischoff as the GM was going to give the belt to Angle anyways.  Could he do it?  What would happen on Raw the next night?  Fans tuned in to find out.  Cena has us and the WWE knows it.  This is the man to build the company around, or at least Raw

Now, the feud continues.  Even Vince McMahon has gotten involved.  Any time a McMahon gets involved, whether it is against or for a wrestler, it means that star means something to the company.  Now, Cena has been given the ball.  He is going to have to carry Eric Bischoff in the main event of the big USA Homecoming show and that is asking a lot, but Cena can do it.  He has to do it.  This is his chance to prove himself.  His next match with Angle is going to be hot.  Cena will have to overcome insurmountable odds to get the job done and when he does, he will have finally earned his spot on top.  

Batista is finally experiencing a similar impact.  He was making it big when everyone thought Randy Orton was the next big star.  His series with HHH pushed him to the top, but his battles with JBL did little for his career.  However, Batista showed a great charismatic side of himself when battling Simon Dean in a match that left my side splitting.  Now, the WWE is putting him with Eddie Guerrero, in what will definitely be a career match for BatistaEddie Guerrero makes stars.  Batista is carrying the youth movement on his back over on Smackdown.  Despite being a little older than most stars, he is a fresh face who could explode again and becomes the next big face of the WWE.  Right now, he has to take a back seat to Cena

While Ric Flair may be the IC champion, Carlito had a real chance to shine in that feud and now Chris Masters, fresh off his career advancing feud with HBK, will have a chance to feud with Ric Flair and possibly HHH upon his return.  In fact, imagine HHH vs. CCC.  That would be funny as all hell just because I said so.  Carlito has gotten a major push from his matches with Flair and his talk show.  The spotlight is truly on him and his alignment with Masters suggests something is up for the future.  His star is on the rise despite the title loss.  Chris Masters looks like a potential main eventer.  Itís ok that heís green right now.  Heís learning and his matches with HBK and Flair have shown me vast potential as long as he improves on his weaknesses.  Thanks to what the legends have taught him, Masters could be the next Batista if given a chance.  Remember Deacon Batista was lame with no future.  All it took was Flair and HHH.  Oh snap, look where his path is already heading.  Go figure.  In fact, I would not put it past the WWE to have HHH come back to save Flair only to have him turn on his mentor and align with Masters and Carlito to form a new Evolution.  Or, like the days of the Four Horsemen, it could be an entire swerve with Flairís quest for the IC title meant to make Cena feel safe for now until the new Evolution, including Flair attacks.  HmmmmÖsounds good to me. 

Shelton Benjamin should have lost to Kerwin White considering how they were pushing him.  I thought for sure he was going to lose to the wily veteran with his new McMahon endorsed gimmick.  Imagine my surprise when Benjamin won.  It showed that the WWE still has some faith in him.  Benjaminís high profile career is not over just yet.  Fans still eat up every match and canít wait for more.  His IC run may just be the start.  It looks like heíll be given another chance to shine in the future. 

Matt Hardy and Edge:  These two are veterans of the WWE, but they are still young and have opportunities ahead for them.  They are still fresh in the eyes of the fans.  They were allowed to steal the show at Unforgiven.  They will be allowed to steal the show on the USA Homecoming.  One will go, but both their careers will prosper.  Hardy or Edge have more to gain on Smackdown then on a packed Raw.  The loser of the match will be a big fish in the small pond that is Smackdown.  The winner will have a title shot on Raw.  We will be hearing a lot from these two in the future. 

Rob Conway:  I may hate his gimmick, but I love his wrestling ability.  The WWE didnít even come up with the gimmick, but they are allowing him to win his matches, showing some faith in the wrestlers.  He has an awesome look.  Weíll see where they will go from here with Conway, but a perfect record so far is a good start. 

Cade and Murdoch are liked well enough by the WWE that they have put the tag-team belts around their waists just moments after their debut.  They also like them enough to give them some time to put together some entertaining matches.  Murdoch looks great in that ring.  Cade shows flashes of brilliance in the ring.  The duo will probably never make it as solo stars, but they do make an awesome tag-team.  And with the belts, they are getting the right kind of exposure.  And I love the new focus on the DDT.  Murdoch performs it as effectively as Arn Anderson did. 

Ken Kennedy is probably the greatest fin made by the WWE.  He can flat out wrestle, he is strong, he can talk, he can make me laugh and he definitely entertains.  The sky is the limit for this kid and the WWE is letting him shine.  They are pushing him the right way without anyone really looking bad in the process.  Kennedy will be in the main event scene in the future.  Thatís a guarantee. 

MNM:  They are losing matches right now, but they are still being given high profile matches and good spots on Smackdown.  These guys will definitely win the belts back.  It is only a question of when.  Right now, they are working the nostalgia angle, but as soon as they get real teams on Smackdown, expect the best team to hold on to the gold in the near future.  They are one of the reasons why I love Smackdown.  Donít give up on these guys. 

Heidenreichís career got a boost because of Animal.  This gimmick suits him just fine.  I know people hate the LOD concept right now, but what is the point of being a star if you canít make future stars.  Heidenreich can carry on the LOD name and keeps Hawk and Animalís memory alive.  If I am the WWE, I am scouting Heidenreichís next LOD partner for when Animal steps down or becomes their manager.  This gimmick had made Heidenreich more enjoyable.  Now, if he would just stop doing that Bushwhacker-like thing with his arm. 

Lashley:  This guy debuts on Friday Night Smackdown from what I heard.  He is going to be awesome from what I hear.  I canít wait to see what they do with him.  They said he puts Monty Brown to shame.  I got to see that.  I most definitely will be taking notice.  The next big star could be right here. 

Randy Orton:  His high profile feud with The Undertaker has put Orton back on peopleís radar after his horrible face turn last year.  This is where he is most comfortable.  Let him be a heel and I guarantee we will see some great feuds between himself and The Undertaker and of course Batista in the near future.  With his father at his side, Orton is in the perfect place right now.  Another solid win over the Undertaker will cement his status in the WWE

Rey Mysterio:  Yes, heís a big-time veteran, but heís still young in the fanís minds and he is finally getting his chance to shine in a feud against the former World Champion.  What more could you say about that.  His stock in the WWE is on the rise and I expect him to have a title belt around his waist outside of the cruiserweight and tag-team straps.  Just give him some time. 

Orlando Jordan:  Itís weird, but in a strange way, I think this horrible streak of quick losses to Chris Benoit will actually help his career.  I donít know why, but I feel he will be rewarded for his efforts to look bad. 

    The Boogeyman:  This guy is awesome.  HeÖIím just kidding.  Iíve run out of names to discuss.  What young star do you think the WWE will utilize in the future.  Drop me an email.  Until next time.  Peace.

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