Badseed's Bottomline #339

Random Rumblings

By Badseed

Hey yo!  I watched a lot of wrestling this week.  Like what I saw.  Like what may happen.  Iím looking forward to the future.  Letís get ready to rumbleÖrandom rumblings, that is:

I loved what they did on Raw.  They put five credible challengers there for John Cena to face at Taboo Tuesday.  I feel Taboo Tuesday is just a fun pay-per-view, so they shouldnít have to throw us Cena vs. Angle Part II right away unless thatís what the fans want.  Viewers will probably be allowed to vote between HBK, Carlito, Big Show, Edge and Angle for the PPV that will probably be headlined by HHH vs. Ric Flair anyways.  Anyone of those matches will be entertaining and it will most likely come down to HBK and Angle in this one.  Either way, Angle will probably interfere somehow leading to a Survivor Series match between Angle and Cena and a continuation of the Angle vs. HBK feud somewhere down the line. 

I also liked Cena going back to the rapping.  He should do that every once in awhile.  The fans ate it up.  It was what built Cenaís career up to this point, so they shouldnít forget it.  Cena is still one of the wrestlers I most look forward to seeing each week.  He may not be the best wrestler, but he always delivers.

I kind of knew HHH was going to attack Flair for cheering over hitting the top rope move and winning the IC title while comparing it to his 16-time World title reign.  Now, I canít wait to hear the emotional reply from Ric Flair.  Thatís got to be good.  OoohÖI wish they allowed Arn Anderson a chance to say something. 

There were no comments about Raw vs. Smackdown, but I think it would be great to pick a wrestler like Shelton Benjamin and have fans vote on a Smackdown wrestler to face him at Taboo Tuesday.  I so want to see Shelton Benjamin vs. Rey Mysterio

JR was fired.  That was slightly disappointing, but change can be good, especially if they bring in Joey Styles or something.  They should do that.  Heís the man.  Or how about punishing Coach and The King anyways and trading them to Smackdown for Tazz and Michael Cole.  Anyways, JR is in the hospital for colon surgery, so he would need the time off anyway and can always be brought back when the WWE realizes their mistake. 

I like Linda McMahonís heel turn.  It was never done and it was kind of funny.  She is so bad, you have to laugh at her.  Stephanie McMahon also did an amazing promo and made me happy to have her back.  Plus, with Shane not showing, it makes you wonder what side he is really on.  I would love to hear Shane say, ďAustin stuns everyone.  If he didnít stun me, I would be insulted.Ē

What happened to Cade and Murdoch?  They are so good as a team.  I want to see more.  It is time the WWE built up Rawís division.  They are actually doing an awesome job on Smackdown

LOD got more mileage out of their gimmick than I thought they would.  Still champions and I am enjoying them as a team.  Christy is showing some real promise as a wrestler, too.  Makes me wonder why they brought her to Smackdown

MNM still keeps the heat and the Mexicools are great.  The Shane Twins made their debut and we are seeing some promise in Burchall and Regal, Nunzio and Vito and London and SpankySmackdown is a hotbed for possible tag-teams. 

Lashley is the man.  This guy is going to be huge.  The fans are so pumped about him, too.  They so want him to be the next Lesnar

Speaking of Brock Lesnar, his whole deal in Japan is better for him.  It will make him a better wrestler and will mature him.  He may find his way back to the WWE by proving himself in Japan.  This is probably his last shot at gaining some respectability. 

Juvie won the cruiserweight title and thatís great.  To counter the X-Division, the WWE really needs to push the cruiserweight title.  Kid Kash vs. Juvie would be a great match.  They should definitely consider doing it, but please start using Super Crazy.  Heís awesome. 

Mr. Kennedy is the hottest new wrestler on the market and I donít mean that in the funny way.  A feud with Booker T is great, but I really donít want to see another relationship split.  Sharmell could turn Booker T heel and she could be so hot as a bad guy.  I just donít want Kennedy to get the U.S. title shot just yet.  Push him slowly.  Get it right.  It took forever before Cena won a singles title and look at him now.  Booker T vs. Chris Benoit is an awesome feud.  Go with it. 

This whole thing with Batista and Eddie Guerrero got slightly interesting, especially the way things seem to be playing out on Smackdown.  I think I know where they are going, but it would be nice to be swerved in the positive way.  I know the fans want to cheer Eddie so badly and Eddie is a great heel against the right opponents, but can be so such a good face against Christian, Randy Orton, Booker T, Kennedy and others.  Plus a storyline about the redemption of Eddie Guerrero would be awesome. 

Finally!  Alexis Laree got on Raw and damn she did an awesome job in the ring.  Itís weird, but I donít like her real name at all or her outfit.  I love the Goth Laree better.  Still, canít wait to her in action. 

TNA was hot this week.  I love Team 3D vs. AMW.  What a frigginí feud.  And with the New Age Outlaws about to reform, the Natural still showing promise, Team Canada always a threat and the possibility of Konnan teaming with Homicide in the future, it looks like the Dudleys made the smartest decision of their lives.  I cannot wait for Bound for Glory.  I am definitely buying this PPV.  It will be worth it.  Oh, I didnít buy No Mercy.  What does that say WWE?

I canít wait to see more of Samoa Joe in action.  Heís a throwback wrestler who has all the tools to succeed. 

Do me a favor and check out UXW.  They are the federation formerly known as USA Pro Wrestling.  Their next show features The New Age Outlaws vs. Balls and Axl and Homicide vs. Masato Tanaka.  Wow.  These two matches alone make this show one to enjoy. 

Well, thatís all for today.  There will be more to come in the future.  That is, unless I am the new announcer on Raw.  HmmmÖyou will have to tune in to find out.  LOL.  Peace. 

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