Badseed's Bottomline #341

Armchair Wrestling

By Badseed

Hey yo!  A lot to discuss.  Letís just get right into itÖ

1) Iím saving money by not ordering Taboo Tuesday on November 1.  Why?  Well, how else can I save up for the next TNA PPV?

2) TNAís free 30-minute show offered up more action than any WWE PPV match outside of Angle vs. Michaels, Edge vs. Matt Hardy, and Benoit or Eddie Guerrero vs. just about anyone.  And then there was a great pay per view to follow. 

3) I think the only two matches I didnít care for were Samoa Joe vs. Jushin Liger and the six-man tag-team match that just didnít deliver pay-per-view quality matches. 

4) Even the Ultimate X match was entertaining until the little snafu, but even the screw up was cool, because it was just real and they went with it.  They didnít sugarcoat things.  They even made mention to how these things could happen on live television and you have to respect that. 

5) Jeff Hardy is frigginí absolutely out of his mind.  What a move?  Welcome back to the water cooler talk, because Jeff Hardy replaced Matt Hardy in the discussion of the week.  He made the Monsterís Ball match memorable and the match was solid without the move.  Hardy is the man.  Everyone in TNA busted their butts in this battle.  You got to love it. 

6) Monty Brown is the man.  Build the company around him.  I never enjoyed squash matches so much. 

7) AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels was nothing like the free X-Division match and it didnít have wild spots like the Ultimate X match, but the Iron Man battle was still a classic, because it was solid, fast paced and it kept the crowdís interest for the entire 30 minutes.  These two could go for an hour.  I propose a two-out-of-three-falls match between the two to keep the feud alive since it took 30 minutes for them to score one fall.  This one has mileage.  Go with it. 

8) Rhino was built up like a monster on TNA.  He even brought back the top rope piledriver.  Vicious.  Great booking on this won.  He won three high profile battles and took home the gold to a massive face pop.  I donít think he will hold on to the belt for long, which is ridiculous booking considering the interaction with Raven earlier on in the show, but as long as he keeps getting high profile matches and delivers, Rhino will make the WWE eat their words. 

9)  Love the Kip James Ė 3 Live Kru story, because Iím totally not sure where they are going with it.  There are so many ways they could go, but I think the heel turn is the obvious and more probably. 

10) Someone get Sonjay Dutt something for that condition heís got going on with his arm. 

11) Raw sucked.  Didnít that skit with Vince McMahon totally remind you of those Saturday Night Live skits that go wrong and go on forever?  Maybe it would have been funnier if it was shorter or if the Hurricane had not done something similar with HHH several years back during the tasteless Katie Vick storyline. 

12) What was so important about having Mick Foley ref an Angle vs. Cena match and have Bischoff screw Cena if it was only a non-title match? 

13)  I did love Litaís comment about Rey Mysterio being the inspiration for the new Junior Division.  Thatís funny.  Sorry little people. 

14)  Didnít love the segment on who would fight Edge and Masters.  Letís see; the WWE couldnít have possibly thought the fans would choose JBL even though it is their first choice.  I mean, I am actually starting to like JBL in this feud, but he is still a heel.  And how the hell did Bob Holly make the list, but not Chris Benoit, Booker T or Eddie Guerrero.  Let the fans have real choices.  Make it really interactive. 

15)  What the hell happened on Smackdown?  You have a great tag-team division where you can build up programs over the titles and you have MNM lose and lose and lose one opportunity after the next only to have them win the tag-team titles in an meaningless four-way with no serious build-up.  Just dumb booking. 

16) On the other hand, having the Tolands feud with LOD because they cost LOD the titles does show me that they care enough about the division to have feuds outside the belts. 

17)  Hate the midgets.  I thought maybe the WWE would try to be serious and give us something new worth watching, but they always screw it up.  Always. 

18) Fulfill my fantasy match!! If thatís the case, nudity and my involvement would be on the list. 

19) I should start a hot wrestling fan contest and have girls who read my column send me their pics.  The winner gets to wrestle me; two-out-of-three-falls.  Yea kid!!  Oh, by the way, that was just a hint. 

20)  I had a dream.  WWE had quality wrestling.  Then I woke up and watched Raw.  Oh well.  Not all dreams can come true.  Time to go back to bed.  Until next time, Iím going to keep my head up my ass and watch the shit fly.  Peace. 

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