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Badseed's Bottomline #342

It's Taboo

By Badseed

   Hey yo!  Wrestling outside of TNA sucks.  I’m just so upset with how things are going these days.  It is enough to make me want to turn my television set off on Monday nights…and Friday nights for that matter. 

1.  The fans are a bunch of sheep.  The WWE mocks you with Taboo Tuesday and you fall for it.  You absolutely fall for it hook, line and sinker.  They want you to vote for Shawn Michaels.  They want you to vote street fight.  They want you to vote steel cage.  Even last Friday when they had Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy shake hands on Smackdown, they told you to vote for them and guess what, you did…on all counts.  The WWE got everything they wanted.  Every match went the way they planned it.  I went the road less traveled.  I voted for Kane.  I voted for Bob Holly and JBL.  I didn’t play the game of follow the leader.  The WWE gave the fans a chance to make a change and you screwed it up.  You could have created a new star, but you didn’t.  You proved McMahon’s point.  Why listen to Internet reporters when the WWE knows exactly what the fans want. 

2.  How can you cheer for HBK against John CenaCena is the new blood.  Cena is the youth movement.  Cena is the one who truly cares about the fans.  He doesn’t lose his smile.  He doesn’t forfeit titles.  He doesn’t have injuries that force him into retirement, suddenly coming back like he was never injured at all.  Cena is like Steve Austin.  He’s the everyman’s hero and you cheer for the guy that should never be a face, because he is so much the heel in real life.  Reactions like that will lead the WWE to put the titles around the waists of aging wrestlers who care more about their own spot and now about what is good for the business. 

3.  Kurt Angle is one wrestler who deserves a top spot.  It is not HHH, but Kurt Angle who is the greatest wrestler alive today.  He has done so much in such a short amount of time.  He has busted his butt and helped make new stars, re-establish old stars and give us classic matches with just about everyone.  Kurt Angle should have Ric Flair at his side talking about how great he is.  Angle should have the multiple title reigns.  He should also be the only one allowed to beat John Cena right now.  No one else is more deserving. 

4.  How the hell can anyone say Kane broke his back after watching him fly off the top ropes like that?  I like that Kane won another title, but can we really do something about the Raw tag-teams.  Cade and Murdoch are a good team.  The way the WWE is treating them is a travesty.  Hopefully, Kane and Big Show actually show real teamwork and prove they deserve the belts.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a feud between them and Snitsky and Masters while they build up Cade and Murdoch and create some new teams.  Bring the Bashams back together.  Neither of them are doing anything.  Change Eugene’s gimmick and put him with Conway, especially with how you could say Eugene conned the fans with his false persona.  Put Val Venis with a more formidable partner.  Don’t make the Heart Throbs such a joke.  Bring in fresh teams.  Do something already. 

5.  Do you seriously think Austin is wrong for not wanting to do the job to the Coach?  From what I heard, Austin promised to wrestle two matches as part of his contact.  Why would you lose a match to Coach because of Mark Henry’s interference?  Would you set up an Austin vs. Henry match afterwards?  What a waste of a contract that would be.  There is no money in that feud.  They messed up and hotshot the angle with JR when they should have just let him remain fired, but if they wanted to go with it, they should have had Hulk Hogan come out and cause Austin the match, because I am sure Austin wouldn’t have minded losing if it led to a real moneymaker match at Wrestlemania; a PPV Austin would have certainly headlined.  Austin has a real sense of how the business works.  He knows that this angle made no sense, especially since they weren’t bringing JR back.  Smart move.  Just don’t leave us like last time. 

6.  I hope Joey Styles stays. 

7.  How did they just come up with Batista to take on the Coach?  It looked bad to put that together in the manner in which they did.  That was the king of hotshot.  McMahon could have said; well, I like you more than JR and Austin, but I enjoyed humiliating you at Taboo Tuesday last year and since I want to make that a tradition, I am going to enjoy watching you get your ass kicked by Batista.  It would have been funnier and less of a hotshot, since from a business standpoint, it would make more sense to replace a legend with a world champion.  Or they could have used Tazz, in a battle of the announcers.  How cool would that have been with Joey Styles there?

8.  Ok, it is good to see Goldust back.  He’s really cool and can be both funny and dramatic.  It seems like Dustin Rhodes really gets his act together when he wears that costume.  I would really like to see him put together some surprising contests with some of the Raw stars, but I think I would enjoy him more on Smackdown.  Imagine him confronting Boogey Man and just saying, “Full facial makeup.  A wacky gimmick.  That’s not going to work.  Oh no, that’s not going to work at all.”  Goldust could be really cool to have back in the WWE

9.  However, what the hell was with Vader.  The whole time he was in the WWE, they made him look weak.  He gains a thousand pounds and they have him maul Batista on Raw when he used to lose matches to Al Snow.  I like Vader.  I would like the WWE to use him better than they did before, but how about working out a little before we do that. 

10.  So, what have Carlito and Shelton Benjamin done to deserve to lose match after match as of late?  Some of the booking in the WWE is questionable at best, which is a problem, because Creative only puts over people they can come up with storylines for and that is what separates the WWE from TNATNA does not really do hokey storylines to put over wrestlers.  They just have them go at it.  Think about it; the only real storyline going on with a soap opera feel involves Kip James and BG James.  Everything else is about respect, about title shots, about being the greatest wrestler in the company, about being overlooked or something else competitive in nature.  It is for this reason alone that wrestlers do not get stale and why AJ Styles could fight Christopher Daniels for a year and fans will not get bored.  It is why Abyss has been wearing a mask for years and fans do not care as long as he wrestles a good match.  It is why Monty Brown can wrestle squash matches for years and still be a big game player.  It is why a faction like Team Canada can remain strong for so long without someone being kicked out of the group or any major changes being made.  It is why 3 Live Kru and AMW can remain a team for so long and not break up yet.  Pay attention. 

11.  The only problem with TNA is their decision to give the belt back to Jarrett.  No one wants to see him with the title.  We understand why Styles didn’t work out, because there are not too many match ups for him, but decisions to take the belt off Raven and Rhino make little sense since they can wrestle just about anyone and have a great match.  One of the best matches at One Night Stand was Sabu vs. Rhino, so do that again.  You could have pushed Rhino hard as champ.  First, you have the six-way match to get fans ready for Rhino vs. Jarrett and AMW vs. Team 3D.  Then you have the rematch, then the Rhino vs. Raven match teased at Bound for Glory, then Rhino vs. Sabu, Rhino vs. Abyss, Rhino vs. Monty Brown…you can have a year’s worth of title matches for Rhino.  He is the kind of guy you can have as champ for a really long time.  Why put the belt around Jarrett again?  There is no need. 

12.  Christian, go to TNA and be a main event star.  Benoit, leave the WWE and create competition for the WWE.  They won’t waste your talents in TNAJericho, you can still rock on and be one of the biggest stars TNA has to offer.  There is a time for a change and that time is now. 

13.  Anyways, that’s all for today.  Grumpy and I got to go, but before I do, check out and click some links.  Show some love.  Peace.

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