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TNA Wish List

By Badseed

  Hey yo!  First, I got a lot of emails this week.  People either hated what I had to say or loved it.  I loved that I elicited such a healthy response from my readers and I thank you all for taking the time to respond to me.  Keep on supporting me as I try to create the best wrestling column on the Internet today.  Pass it on.  With enough buzz, maybe I can get the WWE to even notice. 

This week, I am not even going to talk about WWE.  Instead, I am going to talk about TNA and what it needs to do to go the next step in its evolution.  It has a lot to do before it can compete with the WWE, but they have all the tools to succeed.  Watch out.  Ready or not, here they come. 

First, letís look at the world title picture.  Jeff Jarrett needs to remain a focus in the title hunt, but I think they need to build a major face to chase the title.  Rhino, Raven and Monty Brown are so huge right now, but only Monty Brown hasnít held the title yet.  Heís the man they need to start pushing.  Heís one of the most marketable, charismatic talents they have and heís actually one of the only ones they can say was home grown.  Monty Brown is a big key to TNAís future success. 

In the X-Division, they need to start pushing other talent.  AJ Styles is the champ.  Heís the best wrestler on the roster along with Christopher Daniels.  The two are poster children for the X Division, but now, they have Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Sonjay Dutt, a reinvigorated Alex Shelley, a future superstar in Matt Bentley, former champs like Chris Sabin and Pete Williams and of course, Samoa Joe.  Start pumping up these guys.  Fans will not forget about Styles or Daniels, but they need a healthy and strong X Division to make us believe that anything is possible and anyone can take the belt.  Samoa Joe is your next big breakout star.  He should be in the world title scene, but winning the X Division title is the perfect way to elevate him.  Push him slow.  Samoa Joe is going to be huge one day and TNA will have him. 

Create new titles.  I may get flack for this, but I feel TNA has too many potential stars not to have other belts for them to chase.  There are so many potential world champions who get pushed in the background.  I say, create a TV Title and have it defended every week on Impact.  It creates a belt that rewards good wrestlers for their hard work, loyalty and showmanship.  Wrestlers like Abyss, Jeff Hardy, Ron Killings, Christopher Daniels, Sabu and others could win this belt while Rhino, Jarrett, Raven and Monty Brown fight for the world title.  TNA does a good job of building up the X Division belt, so I think they would do just as good a job here.  Plus, with the TV Title defended every week, having a World title or X Division title defended makes those belts look extra special. 

At the same time, TNA has so many tag-teams and while another tag-team title is not the answer, I was thinking TNA, with its six-sided ring would revolutionize the business by bringing back the NWA six-man tag-team titles.  It makes perfect sense.  You have 3 Live Kru, Team Canada, Diamonds in the Rough, Team 3D with the debut of their little brother and others you could put together.  You have all these cluster f--- X Division matches with no purpose and so many wrestlers like Apollo and Sonny Siaki with nothing to do; so create a title that elevates six-men and mixes up X Division and heavyweight talent.  I think this is an interesting idea; one worth taking note of. 

Now, who does TNA sign to add to their roster?  Forget about Kevin Nash.  Heís washed up.  In fact, he did more for TNA not being there at Bound for Glory then if he showed up.  TNA has to pick and choose wisely.  They canít sign everyone from the WWE that they drop, because it would dilute the product.  They need to pick wrestlers that compliment their style.  Team 3D was a no-brainer.  Rhino was the smartest decision they ever made.  Gail Kim and Jackie Gayda add to the knockouts, so they fit in well.  Billy Gunn works well with the whole 3 Live Kru Ė New Age Outlaws angle.  There are so many wrestlers that they shouldnít sign.  I donít like Shannon Moore.  I donít think he will fit.  Here are the wrestlers I think that do:

Christian:  They may have already signed him.  He is one of the best wrestlers on the mic.  They even teased a face turn because of how popular he was becoming.  He is a great in-ring performer.  He makes his opponents look good.  He makes the fans care about his character.  Christian is one of the most under-rated wrestlers in the business.  He is a team player that the WWE screwed over because of his size.  He could have been a big money player if given the chance.  TNA will not drop the ball here. 

Chris Jericho:  The name value alone.  When WWE signed him from WCW, it started to spell the end for Turnerís wrestling company.  No matter what feud he became embroiled in, he never got stale.  The Jericho-Trish angle could have been hotter if the WWE actually went with it the right way.  Jericho is one of the best talkers in the business.  He should have been in the world title picture a lot more often than they had him.  Jericho is a man you could build a company around, a man who can have a good match with anyone, someone who doesnít mind losing for the good of the company. 

Chris Benoit:  The WWE screwed up here.  This guy helped bring about the downfall of WCW.  Afterwards, the WWE worked with him on the mic.  They made him a big time player.  They gave him one title after another.  Now, they may have to let him go, because they cannot afford to offer him the contract he deserves.  Benoit actually made Jarrett look like gold in WCW.  A feud in TNA would be hot.  TNA gets instant credibility with him.  Heís the perfect fit for a company looking to make a big name for itself and a company that already tries to capture a world image.  Benoit in Japan and TNA Ė that is the most likely step. 

Matt Morgan: A big man who can wrestle.  He can talk, too.  He is someone who needs work, but can be brought up slowly.

Test: I always liked him.  With Lance Hoyt, those two are a perfect duo in a team or a feud. 

Charlie Haas:  He would bring the X Division to a different level.  Haas is a boat the WWE missed.  He could be a big time superstar.  TNA and a feud with AJ Styles can help bring him there. 

Billy Kidman:  A good face for TNA.  Sure he gets inured, but TNA always bounces back from situations like that.  Sign him to a short term contract.  Use him as needed.  Kidman can still make an impact. 

Impact Players: I saw Lance Storm and Justin Credible work the Hardcore Homecoming show together.  Stormís loyalties arenít with the WWE anymore.  The Impact Players in TNA, with Team 3D, New Age Outlaws, Team Canada and AMW, can be a very interesting mix. 

Paul Heyman:  Need I really explain why?

Some angles they could play include splitting up 3 Live Kru and putting Konnan with Homicide, BG James with Kip James and Ron Killings with either Jeff Hardy or have him go back to his Truth roots and bring back D Lo Brown (I miss him).  Have all three teams feud for tag-team dominance while AMW and Team 3D go at it.  Really establish what is missing in the WWE.  Push those tag-teams and the X Division superstars.  Be different.  If anything, TNA will force the WWE to change its game plan and that will only benefit all of us. 

Well, thatís all for this week.  Until WWE gets interesting again, make mine TNA.  Peace. 

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