Badseed's Bottomline #345

Batista's Loss is Our Gain

By Badseed

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Remembering Eddie Guerrero

Genesis - TNA's New Beginning

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Hey yo!  So, I wrote this before the untimely passing of Eddie Guerrero (Click Here for Another Great Story About Eddie Guerrero from the Past That is New to the G-Pop Network), but I decided to print it anyways, because it serves as my last tribute to the great wrestler who still had so much to give his fans.  Here it is, in its entirety:  So, the first real casualty of the WWE wars is Batista.  Looks like his injury is going to take him out of the title picture for a little while and while that may seem like a setback to most people; it is actually the best thing to happen to the WWE, Smackdown, the fans and Batista himself. 

First, I loved the angle on Smackdown.  I love that Edge is still being used despite his injury and has become a mastermind behind the Raw vs. Smackdown war.  Even though HBK is the ring general for Raw, Edge really is the leader. 

Another thing I noticed is that Raw comes off as the cocky heel in this angle.  When Big Show and Kane came out to destroy Batista, they were not playing faces at all.  JBL allowing Mysterio and the others into his limo and even checking on Teddy Long made him look sympathetic as a character.  When Rey Mysterio invaded Raw and attacked Edge and Lita, he was still cheered.  Smackdown is being treated as the face group even if that is not Vince McMahon’s intention. 

I also like Chris Masters’ role in this angle.  He has really elevated into a monster.  The destruction of Teddy Long is the kind of thing they should be doing with him more often.  It was strangely cool seeing him attacking Long – I popped for it, and I am looking forward to seeing Masters and Lashley lock horns at Survivor Series

Now, let’s move onto the subject of Batista.  He is injured and will either have to drop the belt or give it up.  Smackdown needs a champion, but who should it be?

Randy Orton: Not likely.  He is a favorite, but he shouldn’t win the title just yet.  Remember the mistakes of the past.  Slowly build him up and make him a threat.  It’s just not his time yet. 

Matt Hardy: He has been getting a monster pop from Smackdown fans, but so has Heidenreich as of late.  Hardy needs to build up that fan base.  He needs to build his character.  A potential feud with Randy Orton will help him, but it is his first Smackdown feud, so that means no title for Hardy

JBL: If anything, this incident will put him right back into the main event picture and I must say, he has more than proven his worth as of late, but a title win doesn’t work in future storylines, so I don’t think he is the right pick. 

Rey Mysterio:  Let him win the U.S. title first.  He hasn’t really had any major titles outside of the cruiserweight title.  A jump to world title status is rushing things a little fast.  Mysterio is not world title material. 

Chris Benoit: Another reign at top would be great.  It would help the WWE in negotiations if they showed faith in Benoit by allowing him to be top dog again, but I think they will need to do more because the next champ is only a temporary one and Benoit is not stupid.  I doubt he will be in the WWE for a long time and therefore it would be a mistake to give him the title. 

Mr. Kennedy: No!  Please.  Not yet.  In the future, I would say definitely.  He’s just not ready yet and a push too soon could destroy his career before it truly gets off the ground. 

Lashley: Ditto. 

Booker T: Keep defending that U.S. title, but it would make sense from a character point to have his wife push him into at least lobbying for a title opportunity. 

Edge: Here is one of my two top picks.  Edge is a Raw wrestler, but maybe in some sort of trickery, Bischoff signed some sort of contract with Palmer Cannon to get him on Smackdown as a Raw outsider.  The storyline of a Raw wrestler winning Smackdown’s top prize is a very dramatic and attention getting angle and should definitely be considered.  He does have money in the bank, so maybe it is time for a withdrawal to be made.  This could be a very big angle if done right.

Undertaker: He is great and all and should get one more run with the belt, but I want to see him wait, because a title win doesn’t serve a purpose at the time. 

Eddie Guerrero: Here is my top pick.  He may benefit the most from this.  As Batista’s friend, he should have helped him during the attack, but he didn’t.  Did he go with JBL and the others?  Was he still injured from Mr. Kennedy’s attack?  Who knows, but in respect to Batista, he makes it a crusade to win the title for his friend and does.  However, when Batista comes back and asks for his friend to give him a title shot, Guerrero makes a Ric Flair heel turn and attacks Batista, seemingly shelving the giant once again until Batista makes a triumphant return at Wrestlemania to take his belt back.  In this angle, Batista never lost his belt, so he remains a dominant threat and the fans get a new champion, a cool title chase and a big comeback victory.  At the same time, because of Smackdown’s title change, there does not have to be any rush to have John Cena drop his title on Raw.  This makes the most sense from a storyline perspective. 

In this big Raw vs. Smackdown angle, smart booking is a must.  Raw just took out Smackdown’s champion.  It makes for an exciting title scenario, it builds up Survivor Series better and it even makes the Royal Rumble and inter-promotional Wrestlemania matches have that much more heat behind them.  Mr. McMahon – I implore you: Don’t screw this up. 

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