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Genesis: TNA's New Beginning

By Badseed

  Forget football this Thanksgiving Week.  Let wrestling be the sport you enjoy.  Badseed's Bottomline explodes with three installments and in keeping with the books bonanza on the rest of, there is even a section allowing fans who want to get between the ropes, to do it all by putting their nose between a book.  After reading this story discussing TNA and their latest PPV, click on the links (more will be added as I put them up) for your enjoyment.  Until next time, keep it in the ring. 

Remembering Eddie Guerrero

Batista's Loss is Our Gain

Wrestling Books for you to Enjoy

 Hey yo!  How can TNA just keep topping themselves?  Bound for Glory was hot.  Genesis was even better.  Now, I have to save enough money for Turning Point.  Let me just get into my thoughts on the show:

Shark Boy vs. Nigel McGuiness:  Boring match.  Shark Boy should be enhancement talent and nothing more.  He brings nothing to the table.  He doesnít belong.  Heís a joke.

Diamonds in the Rough vs. Lance Hoyt and The Naturals:  I donít like the makeup of the Diamonds in the Rough, but it is a new team and I am glad that means something to TNA.  I like how they played off the injury to the Naturals.  It keeps storylines interesting to remember the past and work injuries into matches.  I like the Naturals.  Hopefully, they will rise up once again. 

Raven vs. PJ Polaco:  This should have been on the pre-show.  It does a good job of furthering Ravenís quest for another world title shot, but the match was awkward.  These guys have had much better matches together in the past.  This did not bode too well for Polacoís career.  I donít see him being in TNA for long.  Raven vs. Sandman could be a future PPV match and a better one at that.  I like the angle of Raven fighting his demons from the past.  Raven is TNAís Austin.  It works.  I canít wait until he wins the title back.  He deserves it. 

3 Live Kru vs. Team Canada: Good match, but bad use of a gimmick. There was barely any violence in a match promising loads of it.  No blood.  The hockey sticks were barely used.  Why discuss them and barely use them.  The angle with 3 Live Kru and Kip James was furthered with the pound between he and Konnan.  Will there be a turn at all?  When?  I like that they are drawing it out a bit.  I loved BG Jamesí comments towards Vince McMahon.  That will learn him. 

Christian Cage comes to TNA:  I havenít popped so much in so long.  Christian smacked the WWE with some true shoot comments.  He looked excited.  He looked happy.  He looked like a true wrestling star.  Eight years ago, I was attacking WCW and pushing the little engine that could.  Today, Iím attacking the WWE and pushing for the little engine that could.  How long before TNA solidifies itself as a true #2 and challenges WWE for the top spot?  Christianís jump is as big as X-Pacís and the Big Showís back in the day.  Shannon Mooreís jump could be even bigger if TNA treats him right.  Cruiserweights take note.  All WWE wrestlers take note.  Whoís next?

Monty Brown vs. Jeff Hardy:  I enjoyed this match.  Hardy seems to be a jobber these days.  He doesnít win too many big matches, but still remains a top draw.  Brown is big.  He will not be ignored.  His pounce is a hot move.  He has learned so much in a short amount of time.  Sometimes I forget he is not a veteran.  I look forward to seeing future matches for both men. 

Elimination X:  This is where the show truly began for me.  The match was hot better than any Survivor Series battle ever in the past.  Wow.  But the end was awesome.  The fans want to cheer Samoa Joe, but he plays such a good heel and what he did to Christopher Daniels was hardcore.  They played it up so well with AJ Styles coming out.  This felt like when Terry Funk destroyed Ric Flair and Sting defended him in the feud afterwards out of respect for his rival.  AJ Styles will be a hot feud and they didnít even have to hot shot it, because everything just fits perfectly.  In fact, there was a twist, because I thought for sure Daniels would turn on Joe so Joe could be a face, but it didnít work out that way.  Very smart booking.  Now, after Styles vs. Joe, I canít wait to see Daniels come back and get his revenge. 

Abyss vs. Sabu:  This had a weird feel to it.  There were some awkward moments, but I enjoyed the match a lot.  I am looking forward to what will be an even more violent altercation between the two in the future.  Sabu has really come back strong as of late and I hope TNA continues to use him in high profile matches.  I forget he is there sometimes, but he belongs in title contention just like everyone else.  TNAís a hotbed for title opportunities.  Everyone gets a turn. 

AJ Styles vs. Petey Williams: They always wow us with a hot X Division match and then hit us with one with so much ring psychology it amazes you.  How they fought to break out of holds?  How AJ fought back from that brutal German suplex into the railing.  This match showed that you could do crazy moves and still tell a story in the ring.  I have to say this demonstrated the best ring work on the entire show.  I also liked the ending.  They could have had Joe cost Styles the title, but they didnít.  They furthered their angle and kept the belt around Stylesí waist to give their match more meaning when it happens.  I am excited. 

Rhino & Team 3D vs. AMW & Jeff Jarrett: Whoa!  I felt like I was watching an ECW match; although a bit watered down.  Still, it was not what I expected.  It was brutal.  It was exciting.  It was hardcore.  Cheese graters, beer bottles, tables.  TNA sure blew the spot with the camera behind the table in the entranceway.  How hot a shot would it have been to see Rhino put someone through a table or go through it on a miss?  Not even sure why we didnít get it.  Maybe next time.  Still, the match was awesome.  It was great.  It also reminded me of some old UWF style matches.  World Class even.  And the face victory sets up a number of possibilities for Turning PointChristian is now in the main event picture.  We have AMW vs. Team 3D in a violent Tables Match, Christian vs. Monty Brown and Jarrett vs. Rhino in a rematch.  Turning Point sounds so hot.  I canít wait.  TNA gets it. 

It has been a long time since I watched a PPV and couldnít wait to see what happened on the next show.  TNA needs to move to Mondays and go live.  Only then will they truly be able to make an Impact

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