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Survivor Series Predictions

By Badseed

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 Hey yo!  This is that Badseed back at you again.  I bet after the triple dose of Badseed action I gave you last week, you thought I was going to take off this Thanksgiving weekend, but you thought wrong.  I hope everyone had a healthy and happy holiday.  This weekend is Survivor Series and therefore, it only makes sense that I hit you with some predictions for the big show.  Let’s get right into it:

    Well, it sucks that Smackdown seems to be getting the short end of the stick on matches for the show, but with a Sunday Night Heat webcast beforehand, it is quite possible that we will see another big Smackdown match occur right before the actual PPV.  My vote is for Matt Hardy vs. Ken Kennedy.  They put together a really good match before the show and I would like to see them go at it again.  Only this time, I would like to see the match have some sort of meaning.  I mean, I know they had to protect Matt Hardy, because the fans love him and he seems to be getting some sort of push on Smackdown and at the same time, they have a lot invested in Kennedy, who is sort of undefeated since joining the WWE, but there can be a winner and loser in this match, without the loser having to be buried.  I hated the way their last match ended and I want to see a good match between the two with a decisive winner.  Matt Hardy can rebound.  Believe me.  He has already shown us that he can.  So, one loss in a match not many may see, will not hurt his chances in the WWE

    Onto the actual PPV:  I think the first match of the show will be Trish Stratus vs. Melina.  Here’s the deal.  I think the WWE needs to switch the titles at this show.  I think Smackdown should have a run with the women’s title.  Keep the inter-promotional feud going for a little while and allow the ladies of both brands to get a shot at the belts.  My reasoning for this is quite simple.  On Raw, you have Trish, Mickie James, Victoria and Ashley (can we count her and what about Lita – does she even count as a women’s wrestler anymore?) as possible wrestlers with Torrie, Candace and Maria just really serving as eye candy.  Over on Smackdown, you have Melina, Christy and Jillian who can wrestle with Stacey serving as eye candy.  It is rather even on both brands, so either move the women that can wrestle on to one brand or just have the belts exchange hands and give Smackdown a shot to show what the women can do.  I enjoyed the match I just saw between Melina and Christy Hemme.  I wouldn’t mind seeing that match again.  Then, at Royal Rumble, Trish can get her rematch and all will be right with the world, but why not send shockwaves through the PPV by having Smackdown get a quick victory to start things off.  That’s my hope. 

    Chris Benoit vs. Booker T will start the first match of their convenient seven-match series.  Oooh, I hate how this match was set up.  It just felt so contrived.  How many times can the U.S. title be held up in favor of a best-of series?  I mean, we already had Booker T vs. John Cena happen along the same lines and now we are getting it again from the originators of the best-of series (not counting Magnum T.A. and Nikita Koloff – also for the U.S. title).  I think they should have done it differently.  I think Benoit should have won the title back and then Booker T won it back this weekend and then said, let’s just do what we did in WCW.  Why go through hoops to set something no one will complain about seeing?  Anyways, the match itself will go to Booker T.  The heel always gets the advantage in these types of matches.  Booker T will definitely come out on top in this match and the following one on Smackdown next week.  That’s a guarantee. 

    HHH vs. Ric Flair better not end up in a draw.  I really hope this is not for the IC title, because I think HHH needs to win this match.  I mean, we all give HHH a hard time on the Internet, but it is time he won a PPV match against an opponent he should be able to beat at this stage of the game.  Flair is the greatest wrestler of all time, but HHH is younger and more adept at this type of match.  I expect a classic, especially if Joey Styles is calling the action.  This guy knows his history and he really showed how good an announcer he was at Taboo Tuesday during HHH and Flair’s first encounter.  I expect lots of blood in this battle, but I think the only way to go is to have HHH come out on top of this one.  Just don’t involve the title.  He doesn’t need the IC title.  Then again, if he were IC champion, he wouldn’t have to go after Cena next.  Okay, give him the IC title.  Let Cena remain a champion. 

    Teddy Long vs. Eric Bischoff:  I have to say that Bischoff will win this match due to some sort of interference or maybe even a possible defection from Smackdown.  Who knows what they have planned with this angle, but I just see Raw tying the series up in a lackluster match marred by interference.  Everything will be determined with the elimination match. 

    Kurt Angle vs. John Cena:  I want to say that Angle will win just because of his special referee and how they can play that angle up for some time with Angle holding the title just because of who he has refereeing his matches every show, but I think that the fans have seen enough of this angle.  It got tired really quickly and I think the WWE should have paid attention to the type of match Shelton Benjamin had with Kurt Angle and work that into this feud.  Shelton was screwed in their last battle and he gets his revenge on Davari, allowing another referee to come into the ring and count the pin by Cena, thus allowing Cena to hold on to the title.  Angle can have another chance at Cena, along with others at January’s Elimination Chamber match.  Cena should definitely go into that as champion.  

    The big elimination match is going to be hot, but who will win?  Well, I have Lashley crushing Carlito to open things off.  I have both Masters and Lashley getting themselves disqualified while battling one another.  I have HBK pinning Rey Mysterio and JBL leaving HBK, Kane and Big Show vs. Randy Orton and…The Undertaker, who will take the place of Batista.  I think Randy Orton takes out the Big Show (with help from an interfering Rey Mysterio before he leaves) while Undertaker takes out Kane.  I say Undertaker actually ends up helping HBK take out Orton, as a measure of revenge for their previous encounter and I say Undertaker takes it all with a win over HBKSmackdown seems to get the better end of the inter-promotional matches at Wrestlemania and I think that will continue, because they may view Raw as the better brand, they know more people will tune into Raw anyways, so it is better to build the “weaker” brand in the fan’s mind. 

    And there you have it.  Those are my Survivor Series predictions.  I went out of my way with this one to actually give you elimination predictions.  Yes, I know I am great.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Anyways, time to enjoy the rest of my weekend.  Always a pleasure; you keep on reading, I will keep on writing.  Until next time…peace. 

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