Badseed's Bottomline #348

They Dropped the Ball

By Badseed

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Hey yo!  This is a very sleepy Badseed hoping everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.  Mine sucked.  I was alone.  So sad Ė There was no family, no friends and no girlfriend.  It sucks not to have a relationship; a woman to nag you to death, one who canít understand why she has to be quiet every Monday and Friday night.  But I am enjoying being alone right now, going out on meaningless dates until I meet the perfect girl.  If only life were as pre-determined as a wrestling match.  I know who I would win over and all would be right with the world, because I know what I want.  However, the WWE and TNA also know what they want and they donít really want the same things us fans want, thus causing some problems in our wrestling relationship.  Yes, even TNA has dropped the ball.  See the cool transition from male-female relationships to fan-promotion relationship.  I am a writingÖ.god. 

Anyways, watching wrestling really made me think this week.  In Survivor Series, the WWE really dropped the ball.  They could have created a very interesting scenario where the womanís title switched over to Smackdown, thus keeping the inter-promotion feud alive and providing the division with something fresh.  Sure, Trish could have won it back.  Hell, even Mickie James could have won it back leading to a feud between her and Trish, where they swerve us and have Trish turn on her biggest fan.  Great storylines could have been expanded with Melina winning the title.  Think of the hot poses she could have done on  MmmmmÖMelina.  What were they thinking?

Why the hell did Lashley get eliminated by pinfall?  Does that make any sense at all?  I mean, they thought highly enough of him to put him into the main event picture and they allow him to lose the match by being pinned by HBK after a weak chokeslam from Kane.  Stupid.  Now, he looks weak in my book.  He and Masters should have fought on the outside and gotten counted out.  Do you remember how many times the WWE would do that in a Survivor Series match and they canít do that here to protect two of their younger stars and their ring reputations.  Dumb move. 

The WWE dropped the ball when they didnít allow JBL to turn face.  I am telling you; I think a JBL face turn would have gone over very well with the fans.  Over the last few weeks, he has shown that he is a fighter and not a coward.  JBL really was a fan favorite in this feud with Raw.  He has done all he could do as a heel, because he has feuded with everyone worth feuding with.  Now, think of how he could receive new life as a face.  He saves Rey Mysterio from a beating and helps him against Kane and the Big ShowBatista loses the world title to Randy Orton who somehow beats Undertaker at Hell in the CellBradshaw could now fight Orton for the title.  He could win it; he could lose the match, but either way, the WWE gets more mileage out of him.  Hell, have him lose the match and then feud with Booker T over the U.S. title.  He wins the belt and then loses it in a feud with Ken Kennedy, giving a rub to a younger star in the process.  The WWE really could have done something with a face turn.  Oh well. 

The WWE is dropping the ball with the Raw tag-team titles.  They split up Cade and Murdoch.  I thought it was because Cade was injured from the chokeslam, but it looks like they just split them up.  That was a stupid move.  Now, you have Big Show and Kane running over everyone.  The only bright side is that they are really a monster team and what would be really cool is if they lose the titles to a Eddie Guerrero-inspired team of Batista and Rey Mysterio, because that could set up for a unification titles match on SmackdownCade and Murdoch could reunite over there and be joined by Snitsky and Tomko (why didnít I ever think of that team?), Venis and Viscera and the Heart Throbs and have a real tag-team division on Smackdown.  Now, you do know where this is going.  Just in case UPN doesnít sign Smackdown and they canít find a place for the brand, the WWE can just reunite the brands under one umbrella.  That is why they are dragging out this inter-promotion feud just a little longer than anticipated to get Raw and Smackdown fans acquainted with all the talent.  Pay attention. 

TNA dropped the ball with their program the other night.  What the hell did they do with that spot concerning Christopher Danielsí injury?  I could barely hear the doctor when they ran the graphic for Genesis and the replay of Samoa Joeís attack.  The noise the graphic made drowned the doctor out.  They should have just played the replay quietly and had a picture within a picture of the doctor explaining the injury.  You canít do shoddy work when you are trying to get the fans interested in various storylines and angles. 

TNA is dropping the ball with Christian and Monty Brown.  I donít care about the backstage interview, but how do you put Christian against Monty Brown in his first big match back.  You are building Monty Brown up so he should be beating everyone and you have Christian who is new and should be beating everyone.  They should not be fighting each other right now.  TNA should have just gone with a feud involving Jeff Hardy, because of their history.  It could have spanned a little time with Hardy turning heel and siding with Jarrett because Hardy was the WWE wrestler who was supposed to make an Impact in TNA.  He was the coveted free agent and so on.  The feud could have involved several big matches until Brownís quest for the belt was satisfied or not satisfied and then have them two feud before Christian made a run at the belt.  The way things are going now, they have storylines for Monty Brown, Rhino, Christian and Raven that all seem like they should end with a title victory.  Sometimes too many potential champions can be a problem if you canít satisfy everyoneís ego and the fanís choices all at the same time. 

The fans are dropping the ball with Kurt Angle and John Cena.  How can the fans cheer for Angle against John Cena?  You people think Angle is the greatest wrestler alive, but he is the greatest copycat alive.  He stole the German Suplex trifecta from Chris Benoit.  He took the ankle lock from Ken Shamrock.  He has even taken the woooooooooo from Ric Flair.  He even tired to have a faction like HHH on Smackdown.  Always copying.  There is nothing original about him.  I love pissing my readers off.  I know they hate when I side with Cena over better wrestlers.  To be honest, if the fans keep cheering Angle, they should just do a double turn by having Davari turn on Angle in their next match and counting a fast count for CenaShane McMahon could end up being a heel GM siding with Cena and Bischoff could turn face in his attempts to get a job and continue his feud with Cena by helping Angle.  I am a genius. 

Anyways, that is all I have for you today.  I have been out all day and I am so tired from working so hard.  Even writing gods need their sleep.  Until next time...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

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