Badseed's Bottomline #349

A Gift For You

By Badseed


Hey yo! This be that Badseed, but Christmas is here and even I turn into a happy person every now and then. This column is dedicated to several wrestlers and the gifts I hope they receive this holiday season.

Shelton Benjamin: A renewed push as a heel reuniting with Kurt Angle and turning into a major force to be reckoned with. He has no charisma to be a face. A heel turn makes more sense and a feud with HBK should be enough to put him back on the map. Unlike what he did for Chris Masters, I hope HBK is willing to do a job or two for a future star.

Carlito: A real push with actual victories. Every time we think he’s going to do something, the WWE halts his progression losing to Ric Flair, HBK and Mick Foley; wrestlers who should be giving him a rub, not taking away his heat. Carlito needs to lose the Cool gimmick and take a page from Kurt Angle when it comes to intensity. They need to bring out a more ruthless side in Carlito or just turn him face since at times I think the fans would rather cheer him than boo him. Maybe do a double turn involving Shelton.

Chavo Guerrero: His gift would be the push he deserves. No more stupid gimmicks. Chavo is a Guerrero and he can wrestle with Eddie’s intensity. It is time he carries on that tradition and get a run with the IC title and at least some meaningful storylines that give him a chance to show us what he can do when given the ball to run with.

Cade and Murdoch: To be reunited, because neither is going to do well in singles competition.

Gregory Helms: A move back to Smackdown where he could at least be taken somewhat seriously in feuds that actually mean more than a squash matches against Kurt Angle.

Simon Dean: To be taken seriously and just allowed to wrestle.

The Boogeyman: A lightning in the bottle gimmick that actually works. His whole gimmick is weird, but something about it is compelling enough to continue watching. It’s funny how no Tough Enough winner except Johnny and Matt are still in the WWE, but the guy who wasn’t even allowed in the competition has at least a shot at a feud with The Undertaker down the line. Good luck.

Rey Mysterio: A high profile main event match against HBK at Wrestlemania next year. Their Raw match was great, but I just can’t help but think of what they could do on a grander scale. 2006 is Mysterio’s year to shine.

Ken Kennedy and Batista: Speedy recoveries.

Matt Hardy: A much bigger push now that there are not enough big name players on Smackdown. The departure of Christian and the injury of Kennedy may mean big things for Hardy. He deserves this gift. He had a rough year.

Paul Heyman, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit: Long and prosperous careers in TNA. That’s where these guys should go. Wouldn’t it be great if the mastermind that is Paul Heyman found a loophole in his contract and shows up at TNA this weekend to “change the face of wrestling,” as the promotion has promised will happen. Either way, all three would be smart to jump ship and renew their careers while building up a company to new heights. One day, I swear I want to see Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman walk out together in TNA as the Trinity of Terror and really stick it to the WWE.

The Fans: A tag-team, women’s and cruiserweight division that makes wrestling an all-around fun sport to watch.

Raven: A cardio machine, better promises and another run with the title.

Monty Brown: To have a company built around him and to achieve Rock-like status in TNA.

TNA: A Monday night primetime slot, a fundamental understanding of what makes them such a great alternative to the WWE and the willpower to only make minor changes to keep staying the course and not dilute their product.

HHH and Stephanie: A room so I never have to see them have eye contact sex again on my television screen. Yuck! Oh, and a blade to shave that mess of a beard.

Ric Flair: To come back better than ever, more focused and more determined to erase the latest images in our mind and continue to dominate as only the Nature Boy can.

Arn Anderson: A chance to push Michael Hayes aside and cut the promo that should have been cut last Monday on Raw.

And there you have it; my gifts for wrestlers this year. Ho! Ho! Ho! May all your seasons be bright and I will see you next week with my first ever year-end awards. Peace.


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