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By Badseed

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Hey yo!  So, I finally ordered a WWE PPV this weekend and yes, the only reason was to see the Elimination Chamber, I but I got a lot more from it than I ever thought possible.  It wasnít the best PPV, but it was, for the first time, a WWE PPV that made sense. 

Edge vs. Ric FlairFlair bleeds with the best of them, but even this seemed pointless for my tastes.  Still, it made sense for Edge not to care about the IC title when he had a plan all along to win the world title.  I like the fact that Flair is continuing his feud with Edge even after their PPV match, because there is still enough hatred there to keep it going despite Cenaís chase for the title.  It could be the reason why Cena wins the belt back, but if they continue the feud between Edge and Flair, please take the IC title off the Nature Boy.  It is losing the luster it got when Ric Flair said he was as happy winning the IC title as he was winning all his world titles.  Make the IC title mean something again.  There has to be something for RVD to win.  I canít wait to see his return. 

Mickie James vs. Trish Straus: I really enjoyed this match.  It was hard hitting, must more so then I expected.  I was pleasantly surprised b the WWE-style-match they put on in the ring.  I was disappointed that James didnít wrestle to the best of her capabilities.  As Alexis Laree, I remember her being so much better than how she was portrayed in the ring this Sunday.  If done right, this feud could replace Trish vs. Lita, but they need to let them go in the ring; not hold back.  That said, I must say I was not disappointed that the WWE did not jump the gun with a heel turn.  Let it happen slowly.  We saw major signs of it on Raw, but I am looking forward to seeing this feud continue.  There is no need to rush things.  Damn, both women are hot.  Trish Ė Call Me!!

Big Show vs. HHH: I thought this match was very good.  I felt it told an excellent story in the ring.  There was some psychology on both ends.  The injury was made to look as real as you can get and I thought they did a good job with that.  I didnít like that Big Show hurt himself when he missing hitting HHH with a cast and slammed the ring post.  He used the cast to smash a chair and break a monitor and to slam the ring steps, but suddenly, he hits a ring post and he is in pain.  It makes no sense.  Still, it was a fun match to watch.  It didnít hurt the Big Show at all and it allowed HHH to look strong going into the Royal Rumble.  Oh, and I loved the sledgehammer break. Nice touch. 

Shelton Benjamin vs. Viscera:  No, no, no!!!  I am all for Shelton winning matches, but his career is over.  No offense, but he has his mom overacting, saying the same three phrases over and over again.  Kill him Benjamin.  Destroy him.  Whatever.  And to have Viscera rape Benjamin from behind like he did does nothing to further either manís career.  I think it is a travesty to come up with such ridiculous angles such as this.  Still, I am happy for now to see Benjamin win, but I have good insight into the future.  Angles like this never work in the long run. 

Bra and Panties Gauntlet Match:  This was better than I thought.  Maria showed a little something in there.  Maybe they should train her.  She could be like the female Eugene.  And it would be good to get another female wrestler in the ring who knows at least a little something about what she is doing.  Now, as for the rest of the match, there was no need to see Mae Young in that ring.  I threw up a little in and around the mouth area.  Someone s**t on the coats.  Sorry.  I had to throw in some Dane Cook humor.  If you donít understand, you need to check him out.  Hilarious.  Anyways, Victoria and Candace looked hot, but Torrie is so played out.  Sheís used goods.  Send her packing so she can spend some time with the husband.  As for Ashley, she didnít really do much in the ring, but I have high hopes for her.  I like her look and I think she has the ability to be the next Trish Stratus in the ring.  Trish is the biggest success story in womenís wrestling history and she showed any woman can learn to wrestle if they put their heart and soul into it.  Ashley is one of those women who has what it takes, but then again, I thought the same way about Christy Hemme.  Oh well.  When they fire you next year Ashley, at least you can look back at this column and smile.  Call me. 

Elimination Chamber:  I was very upset by the fanís reaction to John Cena.  He works his ass off in the ring and deserves some respect.  If you donít like him, donít cheer him, but to just be sheep and boo him because it seems like the cool thing to do is kind of pathetic.  I know no one out there likes Chris Masters, so cheering him when he beats up Cena smacks of sheep-like mentality.  Half the people that boo Cena probably likes him, just everyone who chants you suck for Kurt Angle, loves the guy. 

Cena and HBK did a great job selling their weariness as the match went on.  Carlito finally showed his true abilities in the ring and should be commended for working his ass off to make the match a success.  Kurt Angle was as fierce as ever and it truly one wrestler who does deserve to be cheered no matter what.  Get Davari away from him.  Chris Masters and Kane did their thing.  It was nice to have them in the match; whatever that means. 

I was shocked to see Kurt Angle eliminated first.  I didnít get the logic behind it.  Everyone seemed to be working against Angle.  Yes, it made sense for Masters to save Carlito, but why did Cena save Masters and why did HBK save Cena with the superkick?  Why not wait until Cena tapped out before hitting the move?  It screams out, ďwell, I read the script and he doesnít tap out, so I have to do something.Ē  There just isnít logic behind it.  I felt Angle deserved more, but from a storyline standpoint, it made complete sense. 

Kaneís elimination worked for me as it went to strengthen the plot of Carlito and Masters working together.  I like that team and maybe a tag-team title run shouldnít be out of the question since Kane never helps Big Show anyways and the two seem destined for a split. 

I was very surprised by HBKís elimination.  There was a thought in my head that Cena was turning heel and that McMahon was going to be the catalyst.  I believed the beginning would be the end and both Cena and HBK would battle it out.  How wrong I was.  Again, the team of Carlito and Masters took another out. 

Then logic was thrown out the window.  Figuring Cena would be easy pickings, Carlito turned on Masters instead of Cena giving up first before the low blow.  Carlito pins Masters, making him the most dominant competitor in the match.  Cena then rolled up Carlito and got the victory in what turns out to be a letdown for a match based in sheer brutality.  I still feel let down despite the fact that Vince McMahon saved the day and announced the next match.

Wow, did that make total sense.  I mean, it felt like that was the plan all along.  Could Creative think that far ahead from Wrestlemania?  Nah!!!!  But still, what a stroke of genius.  What a major surprise.  Finally, a PPV ends and gives me a reason to watch Raw the next night.  Exciting.  But in a weird note; Edge worked so hard for his title win, and when he won it, weren't you like happy for one second for him and surprised and then when it was over, werenít you a little let down.  I don't know; it was the smartest move ever on the WWE's part, but there was a part of me going; this is how he wins the world title?  What a weak; yet smart way to win?  Edge has not proven to be a credible champion yet and we know Cena wins the belt back at the Royal Rumble or...

How about this scenario?  Have Edge keep the belt at the Rumble.  Have HHH win the Rumble.  Have Edge obliterate Flair and then have HHH make the save in a shocking face turn to set up the Wrestlemania match of HHH vs. Edge.  It's a new match and the one I think will spark some interest if they also add a couple other key matches to the card. 

The aftermath to Raw was pretty good in that it finally got Cena over with the fans, kept true to the Rated R Superstar gimmick Edge uses and set up Michaels vs. Angle for next week, but...


What happens next week between Michaels and Angle now that Angle is the new WWE champion?  Yes, Angle showed up on Smackdown and took the title, but is he a Smackdown wrestler?  Is he a Raw wrestler?  What just happened here?  Angle eliminated Mark Henry to win the title, so will we see Angle vs. Henry at the Royal Rumble?  Is Angle a face on Smackdown?  Did the WWE finally give in and just make Angle a tweener vs. everyone?  Is this is the start of the end of the brand split?  Could it be that we will see Angle vs. Benoit or Angle vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania?  Could it be possible that in one week, the WWE put on a PPV that made us want to watch Raw the next night and a Smackdown that made us want to watch both shows the next week?  What happened?  Did Heyman book the show?  So many questions, but I am sure the answers will come next week and disappoint us all.  LOL.  Might as well enjoy the moment for now. 

Until next time, I am the river from which all others flow and when I am gone, none shall take my place. 

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