Badseed's Bottomline #355:

TNA - What Have You Done?!

By Badseed

Hey yo!  This is Badseed and I am very disappointed.  I just donít get it.  TNA is supposed to be the best promotion in the world, only surpassed by the WWE because of its mainstream marketing, but the company took a major step backwards with this past weekís PPV.  I was very upset that I paid $30 for this show and got nothing out of it.  Letís discuss the situation. 

 The show started out ok.  I donít like the idea of throwing matches together that are not PPV quality just to give the stars a payday, but I did like the fact that they gave Jay Lethal a chance to shine.  He did well.  If I were Lance Hoyt, I would be trying harder and harder to become a better wrestler.  There is a message that they are sending you when they always put you on the free programming.  I was also upset that the Latin American Xchange was booked to go over the Naturals.  The Naturals deserve better as former tag-team champions.  I really canít wait to see Homicide show us his stuff in TNA.  He is a great find and when he is healed from his injury, I really want to see him battle Samoa Joe

 The X-Division Six-Man Tag-Team match stole the show in my mind.  These wrestlers pulled out all the stops in order to be noticed.  They did an excellent job in that ring.  All six of them deserve to be showcased more in TNA and I hope the company gets more television time so that they can promote a secondary X-Division title where more wrestlers can get a shot. It took me some time, but I am really into Alex Shelly lately.  His gimmick is interesting and his moves are also kind of different for the division.  He fits in differently.  I donít like Sabinís new look, but looks are not everything.  This guy can flat-out perform in that ring.  When he is in a match, I am excited to watch.  I am surprised to see TNA not use Matt Bentley more effectively.  With his hot girl in tow, you would think they would book him better.  The fans love the Bentley Bounce and I think there is some marketing potential in this guy.  Austin Aries and Roderick Strong were two of the most intelligent choices TNA ever made and Sonjay Dutt always spices up any match he is in.  Give him more air time. 

 The James Gang vs. The Diamonds in the Rough was lame.  I didnít enjoy it at all.  How do you put the team back together and in their first match back, give them the Diamonds in the Rough on PPV.  This is a PPV.  You put them right in there against a big team.  We are talking about the New Age Outlaws here.  I didnít even like the opening promo.  Kip James is whack.  Got it, Get it, Good.  What the hell?  You could do better.  How do you stall The Diamonds in the Rough after putting them in one of the most high profile matches the company had in terms of mainstream exposure?  These guys deserve better.

 AJ Styles vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi was weak.  I was expecting somethingÖwell, phenomenal and I got a match with some nice spots here and there, but major awkwardness.  If you are going to put these guys together, have them work out before the show.  Plan their spots better and put together a match that is a little more solid than what we got.  It is the same reason why Samoa Joe vs. Jushin Liger didnít work.  You just canít import a star over and get a great match, even if it does involve Samoa Joe or AJ Styles.  The interference from Shannon Moore is not called for in a match like this.  Leave that for after the match.  TNA was really sloppy with the booking.  I almost thought Dusty Rhodes put this mess together. 

 Raven vs. Sean Waltman was a decent match.  I didnít get how Waltman played too much a role in Ravenís past, but at least they performed well together in the ring.  I would have liked it more if they made Larry Z. have to count Ravenís pin, as it would be more dramatic a finish, but a screwjob is a screwjob and I am pretty sure that Raven will find a way back thanks in part to Jackie Gayda.  I have a feeling this secret she has affects Jarrett and Larry Z and possibly the screw job in Canada, which will result in TNA management firing the Living Legend and allowing Raven back into the company.  In terms of the match, I just must add that I loved the table spot at the end.  Exciting stuff there. 

 Ron Killings vs. Bobby Roode was ok for a little while, but someone needs to tell Killings that there are new dances out he can try in the ring.  Heís been doing the same stuff for how many years?  The match was good until Konnan interfered.  It looked a little too staged.  You could tell Killings was waiting to be hit from behind.  I did like the aftermath and I am excited about this feud that Killings is in the middle of.  I want to see where they go from here.  I like slow and steady buildups in feuds.  It makes for more entertaining television. 

Abyss vs. Rhino was a fun match.  I enjoyed it.  Rhino and Abyss really bust their asses in that ring.  They always deliver and it is almost never a question if their match will be good or not.  I would like to see this feud continue for a little while and then I would like to see Monty Brown vs. RhinoGore vs. Pounce.  Thatís my match. 

The worst Dusty Finish in history and it was on TNA when Rhodes is no longer involved.  This is the worst screwjobs I have ever seen and in the end, it was the fans that get screwed.  I mean, we have a decent tag-team title match and then we get an ending so obvious, it is almost laughable.  I mean, they pull powder out and use it right in front of the ref.  So, thatís a DQ right there, although TNA has employed an ECW type strategy these days, but then, once the ref got blinded and counted the pin, you knew it was coming.  The fans were cheering too loud.  Team 3D was celebrating too much.  Team Canada had no reason to attack.  I turned to my friend and said, Ďoh my God, they are going to give the titles to AMW.  I canít believe they actually went with it.  With everyone around seeing what happened, TNA pulled a WWE move and made the ref the stupidest person in the building.  Plus, they had a Hebner watching the match.  They should have used him to overturn the stupid refís decision.  I just donít get the idea behind this angle.  OK, I get that you want to keep fans tuning in to see when Team 3D wins the titles, but they could have thought of a better way.  There were so many better ways to go.  How does this strengthen AMW?  How does this help Team 3D?  It doesnít.  This was just plain stupid. 

Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe was the match of the show.  While our Six-Man stole the show, this match had the best elements of the X Division and storytelling I have seen since AJ Styles vs. Samoa JoeDaniels rightfully lost and I even get the idea behind AJ Styles throwing in the towel.  I mean, Daniels was obviously not going to win the match, so while it didnít make much sense, it sort of did in a weird way, considering the history behind the match.  Now, I donít like the fact that they are going to go with dissension between Styles and Daniels, because they shouldnít rush that right now, but I think maybe, they could go with that for now and lead to another three-way X-Division match with Daniels winning and shaking hands with Styles in the end to really cement the X Division code aspect of the whole ordeal.  That would be cool. 

Our main event was actually pretty decent.  Sting looked good in the ring.  Christian did well.  Monty Brown stepped up.  Jarrett was impressive.  I felt that the match worked.  I didnít like the fact that they went with a tag-team match, but I wasnít disappointed when I saw the match.  I liked the psychology behind the mistrust between Christian and Sting.  One thing I noticed that I didnít like; the ring is mad small.  I didnít realize it until Sting went for his splash.  He took one step and he was at the other end.  That made me laugh.  Anyways, I like the match opportunities for next month.  I love the idea of Sting vs. Monty Brown and Christian vs. Jeff Jarrett.  So, at least, to me, the PPV didnít end badly, but it was by far the weakest PPV I have seen in some time. 

Now, I must say one thing; TNA had a lot of former WCW fans watching, looking forward to see Sting in the ring and maybe TNA is smarter than everyone, because this reminded me of a WCW PPV all the way with elements of TNA included.  So, WCW fans, because if you are a WCW fan, you liked their crap, liked this PPV and TNA fans will always give them another chance, so maybe February will be a better year for buyrates.  Who knows?  Stranger things have happened.  Thatís all for me this week.  Until next time, smile like you mean it.  Peace

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