Badseed's Bottomline #356:

Royal Rumble Predictions

By Badseed

Itís my favorite time of the year; it is time for the Royal Rumble and I am excited as ever for what I expect to be a very enjoyable main event.  I am just going to get right into my predictions:

Edge vs. John Cena: I think Edge keeps the title here.  The WWE changes things up when they see there are problems around WrestlemaniaBatista owes his title run to the fanís apathetic view of Randy Orton, so I have to believe Cena lost the title to Edge because fans just donít like him in the role he is in right now.  The WWE decided to give the title to Edge and that title run should mean something.  I think it would be a major mistake if the WWE wasted Edgeís first title run with a placeholder reign.  This match is needed to elevate his career and prove that he deserves the title.  I mean, he is the most talked about wrestler right now with his Rated R Superstar gimmick.  Heís the man creating the most waves, getting the most attention.  He needs to main event Wrestlemania.  (Oh, by the way - Matt Hardy and Lita did break up.  Thatís true.  The situation with Edge; it never happened.  Just take my word for it.)

Anyways, John Cena needs to build himself back up for Summerslam.  He can definitely run with the belt once more; just not now.  The only way Edge loses is if Ric Flair gets involved and the WWE believes Cena vs. HHH is the bigger moneymaker.  I think thatís a match that needs a real buildup.  I say the WWE should have Cena vs. HHH at Summerslam.  Build that feud up slowly.  I will have more on that later. 

Boogeyman vs. JBL:  Noooooo!!!!  What the hell is this?  They have got to be kidding me.  I like the Boogeyman.  I really enjoy his theatrics.  I love watching his performances.  He has taken such a goofy gimmick and brought a cult following to it.  He has done a great job, but I want him to start slow; not beat the former world champion so soon after his debut.  You know that is exactly what they are going to do.  They push new wrestlers like this all the time and you donít put so much energy into the Boogeyman character to have him lose his first truly big match.  Wouldnít it be great if Jillian Hall turns on JBL and joins the Boogeyman to thank him for removing her hideous mole?  She could become the Boogeywoman

Now, after this match, I hope they reward JBL by pushing him in a feud with Kurt Angle afterwards.  These two have had such great matches in the past.  I would like to see them go at it again in a much higher profile feud. 

Ashley vs. Mickie James with Trish Stratus as the special guest referee:  Wow.  I love this feud.  I know there are some critics, but I like that they are stretching it out a bit and keeping from running with James vs. Stratus again so soon.  Now, I am a little nervous about Trish being the referee in this battle, because that usually suggests that she will make the heel turn, but maybe, when she counts Jamesí shoulders down, James will freak out and finally attack Trish.  I would love to see James lay out Trish for about a month, leading to a higher profile match between the two at Wrestlemania.  Donít give us that match too quickly. Make the womenís feud just as important. 

Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry:  Unless the WWE does what they did with the Big Show and give him a run with the title, because he played the role of vicious heel so well, I canít see Angle losing this battle.  It just would make absolutely no sense.  Henry is just not good enough to deserve any run with any belt.  Kurt Angle has to take the victory and give his run more meaning in battles with JBL, The Undertaker, Chris Benoit and fresh matches with Randy Orton and Batista Kurt Angle vs. Batista at Summerslam would be a great battle. 

The Royal Rumble Match:  This is the only match that really matters.  It is an hour of action.  Dare I say; a 60-minute Adrenaline Rush?  There are so many great possibilities in matches like this one.  I am so excited; itís not even funny.  I would love to see HBK and Rey Mysterio mix it up.  I canít wait until RVD gets his revenge against Carlito or see how RVD and Mysterio interact now that they are on different rosters.  What will happen when HHH goes face to face with Randy Orton?  What will it be like when Chris Masters and Lashley collide?  Maybe Kane and The Undertaker will go at it again, if the Undertaker somehow shows up as a mystery entrant.  What the hell happened to him?  How will they treat Matt Hardy in this match?  Will Booker T and Randy Orton continue their strange alliance that is destined to lead to a feud?  Will Orlando Jordan get some revenge on Booker T?  What former friend will eliminate Shelton Benjamin leading to his mother getting the two involved in a match the next night?  Who will last the longest?  How will Benoit do?  Who will be the powerhouse that eliminates everyone?  After last yearís weird, yet sort of interesting, ending, how will this yearís PPV climax?  There is so much to look forward to.  I canít wait. 

My pick for winner: well, if the Undertaker was involved, I would see him winning to set up a match between himself and Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania, but I hear that they will do battle in February, so my real bet is HHH.  I see him winning and setting up for a battle with Edge at Wrestlemania.  I think their confrontation will have more drama involved than HHH vs. John Cena.  I think they should not rush into the battle and use a Royal Rumble win as a means to ignite it.  To me, HHH vs. John Cena is the same type of feud as Cena vs. Angle.  I want a break from that type of feud.  I would like it more if the WWE served us and had John Cena play the role of heel against HHH at Summerslam.  How is it when HHH is alone and Cenaís Chain Gang of Three Minute Warning and Shelton Benjamin (please, get rid of his mother) destroys him.  That would be much better and I think they hinted at a battle between HHH and Edge when HHH made his comments toward the champion.  I would love to hear Edgeís rebuttal once he realizes HHH is his opponent. 

Well, those are my Royal Rumble predictions.  I look forward to your thoughts.  Thank you all for continuing to stick with me.  I hope you continue to enjoy the ride.  Peace. 

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