Badseed's Bottomline #357:

Random Wrestling Observations

By Badseed

Hey yo!  So, I was looking forward all week to the Royal Rumble and then it came and went and I was left with a little disappointment.  The Royal Rumble, itself, was great, but the PPV as a whole really sucked.  There is a lot I need to get off my chest.  Here goes:


The cruiserweight invitational was really fun to watch.  I know Kid Kash is injured, so I knew the title was going to change and it made perfect sense for Gregory Helms to win the title so he could make his move to Smackdown.  This was a smart move and an exciting match.  It was nice to see the cruiserweights get some time and just now, I saw Nunzio challenge Helms to a title match next week.  Whoa!!!  This could be a start.  Gregory Helms can work the mic, as can Nunzio, Kid Kash and Jamie Knoble; the four of them alone can finally bring some respectability back to the title.  I am very excited about what could come. 


I enjoy the womenís title feud.  It is taking longer for Trish to come to her senses, but they are doing that to set up their big match for Wrestlemania and I can handle that if they are going to give the women a high profile match at the big show.  I also like how well Ashley has improved.  And seeing Trish in a refís uniform is always hot.  So, while the match was just ok, I was still in a good mood. 


Then they gave us JBL vs. Boogeyman.  To be honest, I really liked the worm bath that JBL got last week, but to make JBL look like a complete loser is just plain stupid.  I know the WWE wants to push Boogeyman and I think that it is a good idea.  Heís different.  He is fresh.  He is over-the-top.  I like watching his antics, but JBL is a great wrestler.  He has given so much to the company and I think he was a good champion.  To watch him go down like this to make someone who will never win the world title move up another notch, is deplorable.  It makes more sense for him to give the rub to Lashley, but now that he lost to Boogeyman in the fashion he did, Lashley no longer looks like he is going to get a push; JBL just looks like he is going to get buried. 


Then they give us the Royal Rumble match.  The name of the PPV is the Royal Rumble.  That match should main event.  I think it was stupid to put this match right in the middle.  But I loved the match.  It was great to see Rey Mysterio and HHH go at it in the beginning, but I hated that they just eliminated wrestlers like Kane, Big Show, Ric Flair and Lashley like they had no business in the match.  Ric Flair deserved better treatment than that. 


I liked the way HBK lost the match and I canít wait to see Vince McMahon vs. HBK at Wrestlemania, but wouldnít it be great if they changed it up to cover up the fact that Vince McMahon probably canít move in the ring as well as he has in the past.  They mentioned his name and just for nostalgia sake, I would love to see HBK and Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon.  That would actually be an awesome match.  Too bad HBK and Bret Hart could never bury the hatchet.  Cause, then Bret Hart could be the special guest referee. 


I loved how Carlito double crossed Chris Masters again.  That was great.  I thought it was hilarious.  But I actually like them as a tag-team and I really liked the tag-team title match they had the next night vs. Kane and The Big Show.  I want to see this feud continue.  I know RVD and Carlito have to have their match together, but I would rather see RVD vs. Shelton Benjamin at Wrestlemania and Big Show and Kane vs. Carlito and Masters for the tag-team titles in Chicago


Wow, it was great to see Eugene.  The fans liked his Hulk Hogan bit, but the WWE is missing the boat when they donít just turn him heel.  The WWE is dropping the ball by not having Eugene come out in a suit and tie and blast the fans for believing his hoax.  He would have instant heat and then he can actually wrestle without all the comedy that dilutes his matches.  Nick Dinsmore, who we know as Eugene, can wrestle like Benoit and it would be nice to see it happen. 


Wow, it was great to see Tatanka return.  He still has a little weight to lose, but he did an awesome job in getting in shape for the big match.  But what did he do in the ring.  I think all he did was throw chops.  Can he even wrestle anymore?  If so, I would like to see him get the chance to show us more on Smackdown.  I think he fits on Smackdown more than Raw.  And Smackdown could use the extra wrestlers.  Tatanka could develop a fan following.  Did you see the pop he got and the tomahawk chop chants the fans were sending his way?  Use that to your advantage. 


Wow, it was great to see Goldust again.  I loved what he did the next night with Shelton Benjaminís mother.  It made me laugh.  Typical Goldust.  In fact, I think the more time he stays away, the better he is when he comes back, because he has new wrestlers to work with, but in the Royal Rumble match, did you see him take a kick and then throw himself over the top ropes.  That was so bad and the fans let him know just how bad it was. 


RVD returned.  That was awesome.  Man, did I miss him.  And wasnít it great to hear Joey Styles call his match the next night.  I wish he had a better opponent than Snitsky.  You ever think that the WWE just doesnít want him to succeed.  I mean, think about it.  There could be an argument that the WWE was rewarding RVD for his ECW shoot comments by putting him on the big show with HHH, but they could have rewarded him by making him a top dog on Smackdown with high profile matches against Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, Booker T and Kurt Angle.  Instead, they put him on a brand where he would play second fiddle to HHH, John Cena and HBK.  The fans need to continue cheering his name.  Do not let the WWE bury him. 


I loved the conclusion of the Royal Rumble.  It was great to see Randy Orton and HHH team up for a bit.  I love those little nods to the past.  But it was even better when Rey Mysterio eliminated HHH.  Wow.  I didnít expect HHH to give him a rub like that.  Then Orton was eliminated and that totally stunned me.  What a nice touch to have Rey Mysterio get the rub like that.  Now, I know fans hate the use of Eddie Guerreroís name to get heat and I feel uncomfortable when I hear it, but in a weird way, it kind of allows Eddie to be a part of storylines and I sort of like that.  I miss him.  Now, as far as Rey Mysterio is concerned, I know what is going to happen.  Unfortunately, he is going to lose his main event slot to Randy Orton at No Way Out, but it will be because of Booker T and the favor he owes Orton.  It will lead to Booker T vs. Rey Mysterio for the U.S. title and Mysterio will finally win a belt.  I personally like the fresh match up of Orton vs. Angle anyways.  So bring that on. 


The John Cena vs. Edge feud match was ruined for me the moment they had him make that grand entrance.  You donít pay all that money to give Cena an entrance like that and have him lose.  Plus, if HHH won the belt, would he still walk around with Cenaís bling belt?  Nope.  So, the end was really given away to us before the match even took place, but still, it was an entertaining battle and it was nice to see the fans behind Cena.  This match should have been last if they were going to end it with a world title match. 


There is no way Mark Henry vs. Angle should have headlined the show.  This match was weak.  Henry could not carry this match.  He sucks.  All the heat he accumulated taking out Batista was taken away in this match.  Sure, Angle cheated, but the match was too short and Henryís offense was weak.  I couldnít believe they ended it with this match.  I understood why afterwards when the Undertaker came out and blew up the ring.  I loved Tazzís reaction, because it felt so real and I canít wait to see this battle.  This is actually the most exciting title match Smackdown has had in some time.  Isnít it amazing how Brock Lesnarís departure from Smackdown is still being felt to this day?  Anyways, Undertaker vs. Angle is going to be a fantastic match and I canít wait to see Orton vs. Angle next.  Please do not give us Undertaker vs. Mark Henry at Wrestlemania Undertaker deserves a bigger threat to his reign than this.  I really think Edge vs. Undertaker is the way to go, but they say Edge vs. Mick Foley is going to happen and I kind of like that match, too.  Should be interesting; whatever they decide. 


I want to see Benoit vs. Ken Kennedy


Hey; this year in the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania, they should have three wrestlers from Raw and three wrestlers from Smackdown.  Who would you put in that battle? 


I wish they would be a little more serious with the juniors division.  Some of these wrestlers can really go in that ring.  There is room for comedy matches in any division, but they should also give us technical classics, brawls, bloodbaths.  Midgets have a right to go at it like everyone else. 


Over to TNA; do you really believe that fans wanted to see Team 3D fight against Team Canada, rather than to fight for the world title?  The fact that Team 3D wasnít sure what they wanted sort of throws that speech they made a few weeks ago out the window.   


Sting signed a year deal and he retired already.  Wow; thatís interesting.  Oh wait, no itís not; in fact that was really stupid. 


Poor Cassidy Reilly.  He always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to wrestling companions.  First, Dustin Rhodes leaves and now Raven.  He just canít catch a break. 


Get it, got it, good.  Thatís WHACK!!!!


Whereís Sabu?


Rhino vs. Abyss is probably one of the coolest big man matches I have ever seen.  I canít wait to see more.  These guys actually tore the set apart.  Imagine when they get the chance to tear the roof down. 


We get Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett as a main event match.  Both these guys were in the WWE back in the Attitude era and neither ever got a main event shot.  Now, they are the main event for TNA.  I canít wait until these guys show the WWE what they missed out on. 

    MTV is getting into wrestling.  This could be great news for wrestling fans.  Three federations always make things more interesting.  We could use a little more interesting around here. 

    And thatís all for today.  Until next week, thatís the Bottomline cause Badseed said so.  Peace

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