Badseed's Bottomline #358:

Bored of the Same Old Thing

By Badseed

Jay Lethal

Hey ĎYAWN!!!í Yo!!!  Man, was it me or was wrestling just there this week.  I wasnít excited by it, nor was I hopeful for anything exciting to come.  There were some interesting news of note, but damn, in a time when Wrestlemania is fast approaching, I would expect so much more from the product.  Even TNA should be taking some advantage of the hype that surrounds wrestling at this time. 

I donít like watching Impact when they put squash matches out there.  Your only outlet on national television is a one hour program.  Donít show me Abyss vs. Jay Lethal or Samoa Joe vs. Kenny King.  Yes, I know both guys have signed a contract and anywhere else, they would be winning matches, but come on now, they havenít won one match in TNA and I am supposed to expect to see them beat two guys getting huge pushes in the company.  I donít want the outcomes to be obvious.  Give me Kenny King vs. Jay Lethal instead.  At least, then I will not figure out who the winner is before they even step into the ring.  Or have Jay Lethal go on a winning streak before he fights Samoa Joe.  Then, it could make you wonder if they are going to start pushing a Jay Lethal vs. Samoa Joe feud off a fluke Jay Lethal win.  Suspend my disbelief for a second.  Please!!!

I remember back in the day when the WWE had Wrestling Spotlight and they would show a match from an arena show and we would see Leapiní Lanny Poffo vs. Adrian Adonis.  Back then, I could figure out who would win matches, too, but every once in while, they would make you wonder.  Poffo was doing some crazy moves in that match and for a second, I wondered if it was possible that he would win.  Siva Afi took on Bret Hart and Afi was undefeated at the time and Hart was just a tag-team wrestler, so for a second, I couldnít figure out the outcome.  All I saw was a good match.  On TNA, where everything is rushed, they have no time to make a squash match look competitive, so why even bother. 

But the WWE is just as guilty.  I could have told you who would win each of the tournament matches and I can still tell you that HHH will beat RVD in the finals.  I remember the days of surprises.  I remember not knowing who would win a match.  I remember not believing Steve Austin would beat The Undertaker for the World Title on Raw and when he did, I popped big time.  Now, itís the main event and John Cena is going to battle Edge and there is no way Edge will win the World title now, because Cena vs. HHH is the definite even though it is probably the worst decision on the part of the WWE.  Letís just do everything that is obvious.  Give the fans something they didnít expect.  They will be surprised and excited.  HHH vs. Edge is a better Wrestlemania match.  I am telling you that it would most definitely work.  Cena vs. HHH is not as good.  The fans will turn on Cena when he battles HHH, because he is a big name.  Cena is only getting cheered now because they hate Edge more.  Watch.  HHH canít do anything more dastardly than he has done to get the fans behind Cena in this battle.  It is a dumb decision and one that they will regret. 

Sivi AfiThis Wrestlemania is so not going to be as good as those in the past.  Letís look at the possible lineup that we could have.  Cena vs. HHH would be good with a greater buildup.  Angle vs. Orton is a good match, but it lacks something.  I actually think Angle vs. Mysterio would have more of a story and more emotion behind it.  Trish vs. Mickie James will be decent.  Edge vs. Mick Foley will be hot if they go hardcore.  HBK vs. Vince McMahon could go either way.  What else do they have?  Maybe The Undertaker will get a good match, but probably not.  It doesnít look like any old time stars are on their way back for some extra star power.  No, this PPV is sort of looking rather weak at the moment.  Very weak. 

And competition will spice things up.  TNA knows this.  They are competing like dogs to unseat the WWE and are giving fans great PPV matches, as if every month is their Wrestlemania.  And now, they will be going to primetime and hopefully, in that slot, they wonít screw up and continue to give us squash matches.  Leave that for TNA XPlosion.  But TNA going to Thursday nights is not going to help the WWE give us anything exciting.  The WWE was better when they were forced to give us interesting matches and step away from Undertaker vs. Damian Demento.  They arenít forced to do anything anymore, but give us decent ratings that get advertisers and even that donít light a fire under their ass.  I just hope the combination of TNA and MTVís new pilot does something that will force the hand of the WWE.  Anything.  Something.  Just make it happen. 

Now, I have a little beef with TNA.  I donít want to see Christian fight for the title just yet.  I wanted them to drag it out.  I know, TNA is probably going to drag out Jarrett vs. Sting and give Sting the title down the line, but that is a mistake, unless they turn Christian heel and have him take the belt from Sting, giving him the ultimate rub.  But, I would have rather seen Monty Brown sign that contract and get his title match.  Then I would have liked to have seen the whole Raven situation get handled and Raven get his rematch.  Then I would have liked to have seen Sting get his title match, followed by Christian.  Thatís four to six months depending on how long you drag out some feuds and throw in some tag-team matches.  At the same time, Christian could be fighting Abyss.  He could end up against Rhino somewhere in the mix.  And then, in what I think is just a no-brainer of a feud, a jealous Jeff Hardy could return and attack Christian, leading to a match between the two that could end up including a ladder match with the #1 contender slot on the line.  That would be awesome.  TNA shouldnít just hot shot things.  And for some reason, Christian vs. Jeff Jarrett now seems like a hot shot after Sting pinned Jarrett last month.  But weíll see.  TNA always seems to know how to make things work with the exception of how they have treated Ravenís title chase at times.  But weíll see.  At least they have a better track record than the WWE

Obviously, I have not much to discuss this week.  I am just not enthralled by what I am seeing and I have a lot of work on my plate, but I will close out by telling you that I am excited about Saturday Nightís Main Event returning in a month.  I think this is great and while the matches will probably be just as predictable, it still brings back so many memories of when I was a child.  I just canít wait to see the show.  I hope they go with the old opening and logo.  In the next couple of weeks, in one of my columns, I plan on discussing Saturday Nightís Main Event and sharing some memories I had of the matches and moments that made the show so exciting to watch.  Share some with me.  Let me know what you think. 

Well, that is all for now.  Until next time, remember, Killers Move in Silence and Iím Standing Right Behind You!!!!!  LOL.  Peace

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