Badseed's Bottomline #363:

X Does Not Mark The Spot

By Badseed

Hey yo!  Saw Destination X this week.  Highly disappointed.  I mean, I bought the PPV for the Ultimate X match and it just sort of ended and it actually made Samoa Joe look weak.  He should have surprised us all by showing he could climb that ropes and hang in that type of environment.  Instead, he ended up looking like a fat f**k, falling down and then just falling apart.  Yes, he had an eyesight situation, but AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels are seasoned professionals.  They could have worked around that until he came back.  I kind of feel like I deserved my money back.  That was the match I paid for.  Now, on to other thoughts. 

Shannon Moore made a smart decision.  He signed with the WWE and got some money.  At this point, it was obvious TNA wasnít really going to use him.  They messed up his push right from the beginning and Moore did more (haha) with his gimmick in TNA than he ever did in the WWE Vince McMahon noticed this and I expect to see him get a little push on Smackdown.  I would like to see him align with Matt Hardy and Gregory Helms to form a new clique in the WWE.  That would be pretty cool.  Throw MNM into the mix and you have a really awesome team. 

What was the second free match again?  You forgot?  Exactly my point. 

Wow.  That was an innovative match between Alex Shelly and Jay Lethal.  Loved it.  Think the world of these two.  Some of their moves sort of exposed the business a little, but this was a fun match and it made sense to give Shelly the win.  I think heís the next big X-Division star.  Jay Lethal will move up in the ranks, too.  Fans love him.  TNA knows this. 

Team Canada vs. The Naturals was a fun tag-team match.  I think Eric Young is the best.  His mannerisms and actions throughout the show are absolutely hilarious.  I hope they continue to evolve him as a character.  Heís grown the most in TNA.  The Team Canada gimmick as a whole has gotten a little stale.  The formula for each of their matches, and now each of AMWís matches, has gotten the same.  I think they should start a rift in the group.  Eric Young needs to turn face.  Let him go out on his own.  Become little Stinger or something.  LOL.  That would be funny.  It would be different.  It would be a change. 

Oh no!!! Bullet Bob Armstrong is coming at me.  Iím scared.  Heís winding up.  By the time I am done with this column, his fist may actually reach me.  Come on!!!  Stop with the nonsense.  They should have used Ron Killings better in this feud and kept Armstrong out of it.  They screwed up LAX with the worst mix possible.  The James Gang is nothing like the New Age Outlaws.  They lost so much of their fire.  They need a feud with a real team to get it back.  Itís time they helped Team 3D win the titles, feud with AMW and then challenge Team 3D for the belts.  The James Gang cannot be wasting their time in a feud with a loser actually named Machete.  Oh no!!!  The fist is now cocked fully back. Iím scared. 

The International Four-Way Match was the highlight of the show.  I paid $30 for this match.  This was the saving grace of the PPV.  I loved this match.  Puma is awesome.  Petey Williams was just sort of there in this match, but Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin really deserve even more time in TNA.  I would love to see Dutt win the X Division title one day and then have Sabin turn heel for a feud over the belt.  These two guys get stiff with one another.  They work well together and against each other.  Fans would explode for a one-on-one encounter between the two.  Bring back Austin Aries and Roderick Strong and the X Division is solid for some time to come. 

I was thinking that a Mexican wrestler was supposed to be featured in this match and they went with Team India instead and I started to wonder, could the World X Cup be in jeopardy when Work Visa issues get in the way?  I love the concept, but I get nervous when you start advertising wrestlers that donít end up showing up.  If anything, use Puma again.  Heís better than any of the Japanese wrestlers they have used on the PPV in the past.  Much better. 

Oh, did you know that Lance Hoyt finally won a match that was in the main PPV.  I forgot, which is why I am just mentioning it here.  Itís sad that the match kind of sucked, because of the whole focus they took off of it with the Sting nonsense.  If Matt Bentley really wanted to be a maverick, he should have attacked Tracey for costing him the match.  She should go with someone else and he should do his HBK-clone thing on his own. 

The 8-Man Brawl was fun.  A lot of stuff was going on in this match.  One thing I did note was that while Ron Killings was the guy pinned, he showed just why he deserves to be given the ball.  He runs with it.  The fans love him.  Whatís up?!  Jeff Jarrett needed this win for his team after losing the belt.  As he heads into a feud with Sting, he needs a little momentum.  Abyss needed a victory in a high profile match if he is going to be taken seriously fighting for the world title.  With the way AMW has been looking, they sort of needed one too.  Team 3D gets by on their name and work ethic.  Rhino is a friggin beast.  Ron Killings is just starting to get back up there; give him time.  Oh yea, I loved the handcuff spot and even liked how they still managed to find a way to interfere and affect the outcome of the match, even though it looked like their plan went awry.  Anyways, this was really a throw-away match to mix some feuds and give them continued life for now.  I canít wait to see where these eight men go next month. 

Christian vs. Monty Brown was a lot better than their first match.  I enjoyed it.  This saved the show for me. You canít be upset when the main event is well booked.  Poor Monty Brown always gets the short-end of the stick, be he always has a presence and always puts together a great match.  When he wins the title, it has to be as a face.  It will mean a lot more then. 

The conclusion was not booked well.  Sting coming back was cool, but Christian gets beat up and it made total sense for Rhino to try to make the save, but where was Team 3D and Ron Killings?  Why donít they think about these things? I mean, Team Canada, AMW, Jarrett, Brown and Abyss are still overpowering, so they could still get the upper hand until Sting comes down.  Scott Steinerís return was pretty cool.  I get nervous. I donít want this to become WCW, but he does have recognition and he was starting to get interesting again when he was injured in the WWE.  He is better as a heel and when TNA lets you do your thing, Scott Steiner is the one who will benefit.  I wouldnít mind seeing Goldberg and even The Ultimate Warrior (with a leash and a limited run), but thatís all.  No Lex Luger.  No DDP.  No Kevin Nash.  No Scott Hall

Now, one problem.  Too many heels and not enough faces.  TNA needs to bring back Jeff Hardy and Raven to even the odds a bit.  Even turn Monty Brown face.  He should feud with Scott Steiner, because Steiner is technically going to leapfrog him.  What are your thoughts?  What does TNA have to do next? 

Oh, and AJ Styles; wash your hands when you use the bathroom.  You werenít by the urinal.  You were in the crapper.  I know you need every advantage out there, but illÖdisgusting. 

Until next time, keep the peaceÖouchÖBob, will you stop that. 

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