Badseed's Bottomline #366:

Wrestlemania Thoughts

By Badseed

Hey yo!  So Wrestlemania has ended and I was right to be skeptical of this card.  It did not look good on paper and it was not really a good show at all.  Let me rephrase that…it was not a good Wrestlemania, because if this was Backlash or Armageddon, this PPV would have been great.  I paid $50 for this.  I feel really cheated.  Let’s get into the show…

Big Show and Kane vs. Carlito and Chris Masters:  This match was decent, but it was actually not as good as their first encounter on a free Raw program.  That was the match that made me excited for this encounter.  And while it was a solid match, as an opening battle, it did little to get me interested in the rest of the program.  It was just there. 

Aftermath:  And then Raw ruins the whole tag-team title reign.  I felt that Masters and Carlito should win the title and then turn on one another when they lose the belts.  Why?  Well, I felt there were no credible teams left that could defeat Kane and Big Show.  But I was wrong.  See, The Spirit Squad, the same team that got laid out by HBK the night before; yes, one guy beat up five, were able to beat up two very huge wrestlers and win the titles.  Yes, I dig the top rope move, but they have nothing else to bring to the table.  They are a joke of a team.  Even the Mean Street Posse deserved the belts more than these guys.  Having the Spirit Squad win the belts totally devalued Big Show and Kane’s entire reign and made the belts look like a bigger joke than they were before Kane and Big Show took them. 

On the flip side, I did enjoy Masters and Carlito splitting up even though I thought it happened too quick.  Now that it did, I am actually looking forward to a match between the two.  Who do I think should be a face in this feud?  I think Chris Masters.  He would have to change his gimmick a little to be less of a egotistical bastard, but I think Carlito just makes for a better heel right now.  He is scheming and he is the one who attacked Masters from behind.  As a face, Masters could work the Masterlock on heels and he could beat everyone with it and then come up against a guy who breaks his Masterlock and you know the drama that goes with that is much more intense for a face than it is a heel.  So, this is interesting.  We will see where it goes. 

Money in the Bank Match:  This was an awesome match.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Shelton Benjamin was friggin awesome.  Matt Hardy did a good job.  RVD is just kick ass in every match he is in.  Ric Flair sold the injury well.  Fit Finley did his thing.  Lashley looked ridiculous in this match.  He got beat by two old men and three smaller guys.  He should have wrecked havoc on everyone and taken advantage of the beatings everyone else was dishing out on each other.  He actually ended up looking weak in this battle.  Of course, Shelton Benjamin stole the show in this one with that diving board-like jump off the ladder on to the outside.  And then when he jumped from the ropes perfectly onto the ladder to stop RVD from taking the briefcase.  My one bad thought about this match was that it was too quick.  I felt they could have done so much more here.  But I was happy RVD won and quick shot himself into the main event picture. 

AftermathRVD will battle someone at the next ECW PPV and I would hope that the WWE would actually give him the belt for a quick run, because it would only make sense to end the ECW PPV on a happy note for the fans. 

Ric Flair is stuck in a feud with the guy formerly known as Jamal.  I think this character so smacks of the old days of wrestling.  It could work, but I would have liked the gimmick better if Rosie did it, too and they were a tag-team.  Still, love this manager.  Doesn’t he remind you of a Spanish Ric Flair.  The way he cut the promo…he had Ric Flair tendencies. 

Shelton seems to have stalled at this point, but he is in a lot better a position than he was a few months back when it appeared he did something really wrong to lose his spot the way he did. 

Matt Hardy will get dropped again…this time into a tag-team with Shannon Moore.  I really think he is capable of something more and I would really like him to lead a stable of heels like Moore, MNM and Gregory Helms

Finley and Lashley will continue to move up slowly.  Both are worth investing more time in.  I just wish Lashley learned how to cut a promo better.  It’s like watching a little baby talk with muscles.  Finley’s gimmick is so much better here than in WCW

JBL vs. Chris Benoit:  This match was decent, but it was ruined with the cheating and it ended much too fast, too.  These are the types of matches that should go on longer.  Benoit could go.  Let him.  And I just wish they would let a secondary title on Smackdown stay on a wrestler for a little while longer.  The IC title has more credibility than the U.S. title even though they have done more with the U.S. title in terms of feuds.  It passes around like a hot potato and when Orlando Jordan has held it longer than Benoit or Booker T, there is just something wrong.  Benoit should have held on to this title and they should have actually started a program where they build up Benoit as U.S. Champion and have him start going after the world title leading to a title vs. title match.  How hot would Angle vs. Benoit or Mysterio vs. Benoit title vs. title be for the main event of Wrestlemania next year.  This I command.  This feud will continue, because when you are cheated, you need your revenge.  So, expect this battle to continue for a bit longer. 

Edge vs. Mick Foley:  Yes!!!  This match, up to this point, stole the show.  There was nothing wrong with this match at all, except for the obvious.  What’s that?  Well, we watch regular matches where someone swings a chair at someone, knocks them out completely, and that’s it, but then we get matches like this where far worse is done, and the wrestlers keep going, so the consistency of certain attacks are gone.  Now, whenever a wrestler is hit in the head with a chair; well, that person better get right back up.  But anyways, this match was just so good.  Mick Foley got his big Wrestlemania match.  He lost, but it doesn’t matter.  He performed and for a guy who doesn’t really wrestle often, he really proved that he still has it.  Edge got more from this match than any world title victory.  He hung with Mick Foley and remained undefeated.  He put himself right into the title picture and I would love for RVD to take the belt at ECW PPV and then have RVD, Edge, John Cena and HHH fight at Summerslam.  That would be cool.  I loved this match.  I love that they used a flaming table.  I loved the dive through the ropes from Edge.  A match like this could go so wrong.  The WWE put this match together perfectly and Foley and Edge should be commended.  I can’t wait to see Foley return.  Who will he give the rub to next?  Please let it be a Smackdown star.  They could use the help. 

Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus:  This was by far the best match on the show.  I’m being really serious.  There was no need for a ladder.  There was no need for flaming tables.  It was not just punches and kicks with a pre-requisite ref bump and costumes.  This was a straightforward battle that actually had the fans on their feet.  Both women were popular enough to get the first split vote in a woman’s match that I can remember.  Both wrestlers were burning on all cylinders.  They told a story in the ring.  They stayed true to the storyline, especially with that somewhat unique move by Mickie James.  And yes, they botched the end, but actually, it worked better that way.  Trish’s knee was messed up in the match and if you think about it, with Mickie James’ weight pushed on you as you go for a springboard bulldog, I could see Trish’s knee buckling.  In fact, as announcers, they should have picked up on that to save the botched move for the even more millions of fans watching at home.  I was very happy with the end.  James needed to go over.  They should definitely continue this feud, because it works, but now, I want Lita to get back into women’s wrestling.  Mickie James vs. LitaLita vs. Trish vs. Mickie JamesMickie James vs. Lita vs. Trish vs. Victoria.  Wow, with only four really good women in the division, the WWE could still do so much to bolster the credibility of that belt.  Very cool.  This match was just awesome. 

Undertaker vs. Mark Henry:  This match was whack!!!  It was obvious Mark Henry was going to lose and they didn’t even make it appear like he had a shot.  In casket matches, they usually have more spots where the face is in peril and about to have a casket door closed on him, only to come back.  This match almost seemed like a match thrown together to give Undertaker something to do so that he could continue his streak.  It sucked.  It was a waste of time and Mark Henry had no business being placed in such a high profile feud.  I like where they are going with the Undertaker now.  This new guy that debuted on Smackdown looks to be an imposing threat for the Undertaker and I hope to see a much better feud come out of this.  As for Mark Henry, have him continue a feud with Batista when he returns, allow him to put over Chris Benoit and then go far, far away.  Actually, Mark Henry would be more suited for a tag-team.  Undertaker, he needs to win one more title, but then finally lose his streak to Edge at the next Wrestlemania.  Do the right thing. 

Vince McMahon vs. HBK:  Pay attention.  Don’t be tricked by the high spots; the cool ladders, the blood…this match actually sucked ass.  And the whole handcuffing thing is an AMW trait.  Stop copying from TNA.  If you are the #1 company, be a trendsetter, not a follower.  Anyways, I thought the spot with the ladder was cool, but that’s really it.  I think Hogan vs. McMahon was better and I thought Austin vs. McMahon was better; HHH vs. McMahon was a hell of a lot better.  This match was not that good.  There was just way too much stalling.  HBK deserved better than this.  I mean, McMahon can’t even walk to a ring without tearing his quads; there is no way he could wrestle a complete match anymore.  Now, he is going to fight in a tag-team match with his son vs. HBK and God?!!  I mean, God?!  How could he even think this stuff up and why do I have this horrible feeling that someone is going to come dressed up to look like Jesus Christ?  Please!!!  Don’t do it!!!  Let this feud just end in a handicapped match.  And one more thing, why did HBK go with the crotch chop and then use the Suck It phrase the next night?  And then why did HHH pull a similar stunt with the crotch chop?  Was that done for a reason?  Are we headed down a new road with DX?  Where is this all going?  What do you all think? 

Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton: This had the makings of the best match on the show, but maybe, just maybe, HHH wanted not to be overshadowed, because this battle was weak, not because the wrestlers did a bad job…not at all; but because the match was just so fast, it was ridiculous.  Three men in the ring…it should be easier to break up a pin.  These types of matches should be longer.  This battle should have, at least, been as long as HHH vs. John Cena.  I mean, you have to be kidding me.  Raw is not the flagship show?  Well, when the World Heavyweight Title was on Raw, it was the best title, but now it gets no play, while the WWE title is suddenly the number one priority.  It gets costumes.  It gets a circus-like atmosphere.  But the Smackdown title gets mere minutes. 

Aftermath:  I just don’t know how long Rey Mysterio will keep the title.  I thought Randy Orton would win the belt, but I hear he has been suspended for 60 days, so where does that leave Mysterio?  Who will he fight?  When it is all said and done, I bet Randy Orton does walk away with the belt, setting up a battle between he and Batista somewhere down the road.  As for Kurt Angle, I think they are setting up another King of the Ring tournament and just like Bret Hart in the past, I think Kurt Angle wins the tournament to keep his name on top and I bet you that he fights Chris Benoit in the finals.  That would be awesome. 

Candice Michelle vs. Torrie Wilson was just stupid.  This has gotten old, but the funny thing was, no pillows were harmed in this fight.  It was a pillow fight and no pillows were used.  Where was the logic?  There was none.  Exactly my point. 

HHH vs. John Cena was a good match.  I enjoyed it, but the Conan thing was only cool with the thrown and large sledgehammer.  Everything else was a joke.  Also, the mobster thing was so stupid.  But the match was fun.  John Cena won and it was a total shock.  That ended Wrestlemania in the right way, as far as I am concerned.  It sucked that the fans continue to rag on Cena, but fans are stupid.  They get jealous over someone’s success.  I hear they booed Rey Mysterio the other night, too.  People are just lame. 

Aftermath:  Here’s the deal.  HHH is doing a lot to make himself look better than everyone else.  John Cena is the Dr. of Thug-A-Nomics, which means he is supposed to know the rules of the streets and you never fall for the handshake routine.  That was weak and it made Cena look like a fool.  Then HHH went off on Edge and had the best lines of the night, which as we know are scripted these days, so it was planned that way.  They were funny, though.  Another stupid thing, John Cena made a cool comment about He-Man and Skeletor and then Edge made that funny comment about She-Ra, but then repeated himself and was just ignored by Cena, making Edge look like that little child who thought he was on to something so he repeated himself only to not be worth anyone’s time.  I liked the confrontation between Edge and HHH and then I liked that bit of a face turn by HHH when he attacked Edge with Cena, only to turn on him and get the pin.  What was cool about that was that it set up a possible tweener role for HHH.  I think they may end up going that way.  I think it would be nice for a change to switch up the roles of who is bad and who is good since the fans are going to make up their minds anyway. 

Now, in closing, I have to say, Wrestlemania is the place to end feuds.  This show did not accomplish this.  It seems like almost every feud will continue on past Wrestlemania and nothing new will occur at all.  That ruins the purpose of everything leading to the biggest event of the year.  It no longer feels that way and that makes Wrestlemania 22 a bust in terms of what it was supposed to be.  What were your thoughts?  I don’t mind being wrong.  Tell me what you think.  Email me or go to and leave me a comment there.  Take care all.  Until next time, I am the river from which all others flow and when I am gone, none shall take my place. 

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