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Random Thoughts (ECW, TNA, Vince, God, Orton)

By Badseed

    Hey yo!  So, it is unfortunate, but the lackluster PPV that was Wrestlemania sot me a pretty penny this month and I am forced to save my cash and not purchase the TNA PPV this weekend, which is probably the better of the two shows.  So, if anyone is taping the show and wouldn’t mind sending me a copy, drop me an email. 

    The PPV this weekend looks really good.  With the exception of the played out Team 3D vs. Team Canada cage match (didn’t we see that already on Impact?), I am looking forward to seeing many of the matches on the card. 

    Team USA vs. Team Japan has a chance of stealing the show with the talent there.  Still not sure who Christopher Daniels will be fighting, but he’s always got a classic to give us so there are no worries there. 

    I am really looking forward to Samoa Joe vs. Sabu.  I want to see how Joe fares against someone of a higher echelon in professional wrestling.  Sabu is a hardcore legend, so this match could be one to catapult Samoa Joe into main event contention.  With the X Division title on the line, I think Samoa Joe continues to win in one-on-one matches, because Sabu winning the X Division title is like throwing the IC title on HHH at this point.  I remember Sabu used to have something against losing, but he helped make Abyss in their feud last year.  I expect him to do the same for Samoa Joe.  2007 is the year Joe really makes a splash in TNA

    I am excited about the elevation of AJ Styles and Ron Killings.  Both were champions and both get pushed in different division, which I think actually makes things refreshing from time to time, but this match puts them into mainstream attention, because it involve Sting, Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett and a War Games style battle.  This match could make or break a lot of careers.  Does Steiner still have it?  How long can Jarrett remain close to the top?  Will the fans continue to buy into Sting’s dominance?  There are a lot of questions that need to be answered, but one thing is for certain; this match is going to be far better than last year’s battle with Jarrett’s team vs. DDP’s team.  That was an atrocity. 

    Christian vs. Abyss should be awesome.  Christian really hasn’t shined like he should in TNA.  He’s had some really good matches with Jarrett and Monty Brown, but they have been the usual WWE brawling battles.  This battle with Abyss allows room for something different.  Abyss is a violent bastard who can brawl with the best of them, but he has had some classic technical matches with AJ Styles and he can do things no other big man can do, which means Christian has a lot more options than just punch, kick, punch…clothesline.  Show us what you got Christian.  What was the WWE holding back?  This is your chance to show us. 

    On to the WWE.  Vince McMahon stole my idea.  Read my Minners Commentary Corner from years ago when I created Jonism and one of my commandments was thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife unless she’s really, really hot.  I had some other cool things about stealing and the Intenet, but go read it for yourself.  Does Vince McMahon get a bi-weekly dose of Minnerisms?  If so, you’d think he’d be more entertaining. 

    Now, on to Randy Orton.  I am all for a suspension.  That’s good.  Let him learn a lesson, but don’t suspend him indefinitely.  After 60 days, let him back to work.  Why fire him?  For what?  Bad treatment of women?  Yes, it’s wrong, but Vince McMahon and the writers are horrible examples to be following.  According to storylines and real life incidents, Vince McMahon made Trish Stratus bark like a dog, he drugged his wife and cheated in front of her, used his position of power to lure women, an accusation was made that he sexually harassed someone, has women compete in lingerie matches, fires pregnant women, makes them feel like they have to get breast augmentation, has Lita and Edge remain an onscreen couple complete with “Live Sex” and encourages the fans to call Lita a ho and slut.  Excuse me; suspend Orton for what, again? 

    Now, on to ECW.  Here is my lineup for the show.  RVD vs. John Cena for the world title.  You’d have to have RVD win the belt.  ECW needs to win in the end.  This is their PPV.  What a great idea.  Truly heel out Cena and have him totally blast ECW and its fans in raps and so on.  This is a great chance to push RVD to the moon and push Cena in a different direction; a bigger heel than he has ever been. 

    Tommy Dreamer and Sandman vs. The Impact Players:  Classic feuds are what the fans want to see and this is the perfect semi-main event for the guys who helped put ECW on the map. 

    Chris Benoit vs. Dean Malenko:  A perfect tribute for Eddie Guerrero

    Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk:  This is almost a no-brainer.  The quintessential ECW battle. 

    Super Crazy and Psychosis vs. Mikey Whipwreck and Tajiri vs. FBI: ECW International Showcase.  They always have one. 

    Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney vs. Masato Tanaka and Mike Awesome:  Wow.  What a bloody match that would be.  Violent, too.  A show stealer.  I got two words for ya; dueling chairs. 

    Chris Chetti or Blue Meanie and Nova vs. Danny Doring and Amish Roadkill: This would have to open the show.  It’s a classic opening feud.  We’ve seen it so many times and it makes sense to do it again.  And, it would allow Nova a chance to show the WWE what they have been missing. 

    Finally, ECW made stars and prided itself on losing talent and just finding new talent to replace them.  Well, ECW lost many possibilities for this PPV when TNA signed them up, but they can create the stars of tomorrow, still.  Kid Kash needs an opponent.  Not signed for one match, he takes matters into his own hands and looks for a WWE star that has an ECW appetite.  He decides that he and Paul London could steal the show with an ECW spotfest match.  Please Don’t Die London would have fit so perfectly in ECW and now it can.  Make the match. 

    Well, that’s all for this week.  Thanks for linking with me on Myspace.  Keep checking the page at and make friend requests, drop me an email and more.  Until next time, keep it hardcore. 

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