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By Badseed

    Hey yo!  TNA rules.  I just need to say that.  You need to go to right after you read this column and just catch up with everything there is to catch up to about the greatest promotion created since ECW.  And be sure to check out their Global Impact program this Wednesday. 

I saw the PPV on Sunday and was blown away.  Here are some quick observations. 

I am so excited about the World X Cup.  All the match ups, innovative ways to stay together…the tension between Alex Shelley and his team…I think this is going to totally steal the X-Division spotlight for a month while Samoa Joe plays with the big boys. 

Alex Shelley is a star on the rise.  The smartest thing they ever did was bring his back.  I hated his previous gimmick.  The one he has now…I like to look at him as the anti-AJ Styles.  He’s awesome.  TNA X-Division champion…soon. 

Low Ki is back.  Nice!  Smartest move ever.  This guy has the makings of being the next big TNA superstar.  For now, my dream match is to see AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels team up to take on Low Ki and Elix Skipper (a reformed XXX).  Drop the Diamonds in the Rough.  This match has money all over it. 

After that, have Low Ki beat Samoa Joe.  With his gimmick, he’s the only one who could convincingly do it.  Then I want to see Low Ki and Christopher Daniels tear it up for a bit before moving Shelley, Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal back into the mix. 

Wow!  That LAX vs. James Gang feud was just so uneventful.  Talk about poor planning.  The buildup was awesome.  The follow up was a disaster.  I hope they can give us one good match.  LAX has looked like jobber central and at least with Homicide, we know things should be different. 

Is it me or does Chris Sabin never have to hold the X Division title again, because he just seems like a champion in every match he fights in these days.  They have built Sabin up so much without the title…I think he’s in better standing now than when he was champ.  You can insert him into a title match anytime.  He has that much credibility. 

Samoa Joe can work with the big guys, but that’s not really a plus; sorry to say.  He worked a much safer match.  Yes, I know Sabu was injured, but this match was lacking. 

Raven…whoa!!!  What happened?!

Team 3D vs. Team Canada was uneventful.  Time for a change.  Team 3D vs. The James Gang; now, that sounds like a plan.  This could help both teams greatly.  They have gotten stale despite still being entertaining, if you get my meaning. 

Christian did it.  He cemented his place in my book as a worthy champion.  He and Abyss did a phenomenal job in that match.  It was just a really, really solid battle.  I’m looking forward to their next encounter.  Great job keeping this battle going.  This feud was make-or-beak for Christian’s title reign.  I can’t wait to see it continue: with the Sting vs. Jarrett feud continuing, we could see Christian with the belt for some time. 

The main event was sick.  Everyone shined in this battle.  AJ Styles – sick move on top of the cage was the third coolest top of the cage stunt since Mick Foley’s wild falls.  He is totally a psycho.  I never thought he would pull it off.  They included Ultimate X, tables, cage and ladders in just one segment of the match.  Wow. 

Talk about the WWE holding wrestlers back.  Did you see Christian’s frog splash from the top of the cage?  Did you see Scott Steiner, slow as he still is, perform much more than he ever did for the WWE.  It was a good five minutes before he resorted to the punches. 

Even Sting had a spring in his step.  He was certainly calling it in at the end of WCW.  He certainly appears to be excited about wrestling again. 

Did you see some of the sick bumps in that match?  Wow.  TNA certainly was smart to mix old and new in this match.  Everyone walked away happy. 

Lockdown is a great idea.  It is usually held during Wrestlemania’s month when wrestling fans’ pockets are tapped out.  TNA has to do something to get them back and if the cage attracts just 10 more fans, then it is making them more money and it is a wise decision.  I can’t wait until next month. 

ECW is back!  I hope these rumors are true.  I just don’t want to be disappointed.  I like the idea of mixing old talent with OVW developmental talent.  It freshens up the product, but who goes to ECW

I would like Lance Storm to come back along with Justin Credible, Tajiri, Tony Mamaluke, Da Baldies, Steve Corino, Sabu, Sandman, New Jack, Axl, Balls Mahoney, Amish Roadkill, Danny Doring, Francine and Bill Alphonso.  But who from the main WWE rosters goes, too.  You can’t lose Benoit.  Do you move the Mexicools?  Not sure.  Do you move FBI?  Most definitely.  What about Simon Dean?  Please; he has to go.  Al Snow?  Yes.  Kid Kash?  Hmmmm…not sure.  What about Joey Styles and Tazz Styles, definitely.  Not sure about Tazz.  What do you think?

What about RVD?  I think so.  In fact, I think you have RVD win the WWE world title and create ECW in that way.  Don’t throw out the belt, but do something to evoke memories of old.  Maybe he just takes the title with him….renames it and starts ECW that way.  Then Raw holds a tournament for the belt.  How about that? 

There are so many possibilities and what a way to counter TNA with match quality.  Suddenly, wrestling becomes really, really interesting.  I’m excited again. 

That’s all for this week.  Until next time, keep it hardcore.  See you on Myspace (  Peace. 

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