Badseed's Bottomline #370:

Quick Hits From The Dome

By Badseed

    Hey yo!  I am a busy bastard, but in an effort to keep the weekly column going, here are some quick notes for the week.  When something big happens, you can expect bigger columns. 

    Joey Styles shoots on the WWE and I loved it.  I felt that Styles was a little stiff in his acting throughout the show.  He wasn't as animated as in ECW and scarily, he almost sounded like he was going to cry about Jerry Lawler shoving him.  But still, the things he said were so dead on.  He hit the nail on the head about what is so wrong in the WWE and maintained the Renegade image of ECW.  The only problem is that you may want to disrespect the fans that love the WWE, but at the same time, you do want a successful product so be careful about pissing off fans.  This isn't another Bret Hart; Canada vs. The U.S. situation where fans love Hart or pay to see him get his ass kicked. As a separate band, you want as many fans as possible enjoying. 

    My next problem.  ECW is going to be taping before Smackdown, meaning you are putting ECW matches in huge arena settings that go against what ECW is all about.  Also, fans pop for ECW-style matches and will Vince McMahon mind ECW matches overshadowing Smackdown.  Also, ECW was to be presented in a certain style.  Hire another production team just for ECW and allow them to do what they did best.  ECW on TNN was never as good as the grimy version.  That's what ECW was all about.  That's the way it should be presented. 

    Is it me or is Goldust totally out of shape?  I mean, I know Dusty Rhodes works for the WWE, but McMahon can still make his son workout a little.  Goldust is a great character, but not with flab.  I do like Eugene, Snitsky and Goldust as a freaks team, though. 

    Carlito is great as a face when he still acts like a heel.  Don't make him become too chummy with RVD, the man he most recently feuded with at the start of the year. 

    Looking forward to a PPV match between Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, but where does Haas go from there? 

    DX is reforming.  I am so excited.  I love the slight references and I love the uncertainty of whether the group will be a heel or face, considering HHH and his tweener status, along with his hatred for John Cena.  We all know they will be a face team, but still, they are presenting it in the right way.  I just can't wait to see DX vs. The McMahons.  HBK's retribution. 

    Is it me or is Cena not as hated as he used to be?  I think the hating has died a little. 

    Is Kane a face or heel?  I'm confused.  May 19?

    Poor Conway

    Matt Striker would be better as a manager/partner to Chris Masters

    Alejandro Estrada is friggin awesome.  I still think his mannerisms and facial expressions match some of Ric Flair's at times.  That's a compliment.  I see big things from him in the future. 

    So much for Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit in the finals of the King of the Ring Tournament.  Looks like Lashley will win it all.  I just wish the dude had a personality to go with his physique and power. 

    Tatanka's getting a push?  Vignettes?  What's going on?  I'm interested. 

    What are they doing with Road Warrior Animal?  He's never going to win a solo title.  Why does he even bother?  Either join another team or hang them up for good. 

    I would love to see Mick Foley as a regular in the ECW promotion.  The WWE doesn't need him.  ECW needs that major star to get them going.  Looking forward to Foley's big match with Edge this Monday.  Check it out. much I can say, but I will hold it off for another day.  Rick Steiner, Buff Bagwell, Lex Luger get paid, but there really has to be a better way.  Match quality is what gets me to stay, superstars with egos just get in the way, but this is a story for a different day, so until next week, Badseed will be on his way...Peace. 

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