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By Badseed


Hey yo!  Is it just me or is wrestling just confusing these days.  The only storyline I am completely into is HHH, HBK and John Cena.  The confusing angle is all that makes sense in the WWE.  I love how HHH came out and it looked like he was going to save HBK, but hit John Cena with the pedigree instead, since John Cena had already cleared house.  The DX chop was such a blast from the past.  Now, he is rewarded with a title shot, but I get where this is going.  HHH defied Vince again, so next week, Vince screws HHH by helping John Cena win.  John Cena tears apart the fans for turning on him and when HBK tries to talk some sense into him, John Cena attacks him, too, leading to a DX reunion against John Cena and his Spirit Squad John Cena is going to need more back than that, but canít you see John Cena vs. RVD at ECW One Night Stand with the Spirit Squad attacking and all the ECW wrestlers destroying them?  That would be awesome. 

What confuses me is the Edge vs. Mick Foley angle.  It just seemed so convoluted to bring out Tommy Dreamer just to attack him.  Where the hell did that come from?  It just came out of left field.  It could be in response to Stylesí shoot.  Maybe Mick Foley took exception to some comments he made and decided to declare war on ECW.  Maybe he felt his hardcore match with Edge was better than anything ECW could offer and in a war with ECW, he decided to start, he does so by attacking its heart.  Mick Foley would be the perfect heel for the ECW start.  But like I said, it is totally confusing.  I need to hear his reasoning.  I mean, ďOh, Iím mad at you Edge, but letís bring out a guy with nothing to do with this feud and I can attack him and me and Edge can be friends.Ē  Huh? 

How do they allow the Great Khali to wrestle when he sucks in the ring?  Heís impressive to look at, but heís got no skills.  What were they thinking? 

How do you have Khali destroy Rey Mysterio and maintain the credibility of the WWE World Title?  That makes no sense.  They made Mysterioís reign look like crap.  Khali is better than the world champion, but the champion still has the title despite losing in what amounts to nothing more than a squash match.  Mysterio was Barry Horowitz.  Stupid move. 

How does Kurt Angle come back and not be allowed to compete in the tournament?  Shouldnít they have waited until after the tournament before he came back?  I mean, the semi-finals did not have to be over since there is still some weeks before the finals are contested.  They should have just had Kurt Angle vs. Booker T.  Let Henry cost Kurt Angle the match, but at least the tournament would hold a little more significance with Kurt Angle involved in the semi-finals.  The WWE is so retarded. 

How did Mark Henry get a contract extension? 

Is Kane a heel? 

How do they think Kevin Nash will survive a feud with the X Division when he canít survive with slower competition?  Does TNA really think he will help build up the division by losing to an X Division star?  Hereís what will really happen.  Nash will destroy several X Division stars and then go into harder matches aimed at giving the division credibility.  He will win those matches, but get injured before he is supposed to give back resulting in the X Division actually looking weaker.  Great ideaÖnot!!!

Am I supposed to believe that AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe are all faces now?  Samoa Joe and Sting vs. Jarrett and Steiner.  Thatís a bad idea.  It came out of left field.  Donít push Joe too fast.  Still, I would love to see Steiner punked out by Joe.  How great would that be? 

Was it me or did TNA totally screw up the World X Cup this year?  It seems so short.  I remember something much longer.  I wonder what happened.  They should have spanned it over two months; not one and definitely not one match a week. 

Smackdownís tag-team title feud seems so underrated.  This is a feud fans should get into.  This is a feud that could save the tag-team scene, as they do their best to once again destroy the cruiserweight division. 

Hey, I got a great idea.  Letís give our toughest wrestler a leprechaun sidekick.  Genius.  Who is the 10-year-old who came up with that idea?  They better make him a bad ass midget. 

Well, on that note, I am going to cut this short.  Haha.  Until next time, keep it in the ring.  Peace. 

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