Badseed's Bottomline #372:

Quick List of Observations

By Badseed

Hey yo!  Saw Sacrifice last weekend.  Awesome.  So much to say. 

TNA knows tag-team wrestling.  You could have three tag-team matches in the WWE and they are all the same.  In TNA, every tag-team match is different.  We had the high intensity of AMW vs. Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles; the traditional tag-team match with The James Gang vs. Team 3D complete with funny spots, signs of respect and a great sense of the past storyline between the two teams; and the straight up brawling match that sets up for future storylines for all the mongrel team members.  Every match was booked differently.  All the matches were exciting and they make TNA; its tag-team belts and its division the place to be.  All tag-teams take notice. 

James Mitchell is the modern age Paul Ellering

Samoa Joe is the modern day Tazz…squared. 

How excited were you to see Samoa Joe square off with Scott Steiner and give as good as he got?  He’s a legit bad ass.  I guarantee Steiner and Jarrett made sure Samoa Joe never hit a move on them like the one where he wipes his boot on his opponents’ face.  Guarantee. 

Wasn’t it awesome that Samoa Joe didn’t really become a face and just wants to hurt everyone? 

Did you laugh like I did when the announcer said, “Joe’s gonna kill you?”  And how awesome is it that TNA listens to its fans? 

X Division is no limits?  Does this mean Kevin Nash can say he competed as an X-Division wrestler

Does Kevin Nash remind you of Ben Affleck in his bad movies; past his prime and not as good as people think? 

My bet to defend the X Division against Kevin Nash is Alex Shelley.  Just watch.  He won’t be Nash’s lackey for long. 

Stop cheering for Jushin Liger.  He’s just not that good anymore.  Age is catching up to him. 

Puma did not look like Puma to me.  I don’t know, but I just had this feeling Puma didn’t show and TNA just picked some dude out of the audience and said; “here, put on this mask and just go crazy.”

For his next trick…Brother Ray will do a dropsault. 

Is TNA at a point where they actually have created more stars than they can handle? 

How does Ron Killings go from being in the main event last month to not even being in this month’s pay per view

When did RVD start taking steroids, become Canadian and start calling himself A-1

What about Raven?  Forget that!  What the hell happened to Raven?  Thyroid problems do not cause you to color your hair like that.  What were you thinking?  You kind of look like Larry Zbyszko?  “Raven…I am your father.”

That referee…he’s a riot. 

Christian and Abyss in Full Metal Mayhem…you mean, you don’t need three or four tag-teams to make a TLC match work?  Only in TNA.

Over to the WWE.  Ummm…they haven’t announced an ECW invasion in storylines in storylines yet, Mr. Foley, so what was your promo all about anyways?  And, didn’t Foley announce for ECW last year?  Still, it was cool to see Foley and Funk go at it, but can Funk still move in the ring?  I don’t know.  It looks like age really is catching up to him. 

ECW on Sci-Fi?  Hmmm…it doesn’t fit, but technically neither do reality shows.  Real does not equal fiction.  Therefore reality does not equal science fiction.  Don’t argue with me on this.  You’ll lose.  So, if Saved By The Bell can be seen on the Cartoon Network, then ECW on Sci-Fi makes me a very happy person. 

And that’s all this week.  I grow weary as I slowly reach column #400.  But I envision an exciting few weeks ahead.  Between ECW and TNA, how can you lose?  Until next time, this is the Badseed and that’s the Bottomline.  Peace


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