Badseed's Bottomline #373:

Some Predictions

By Badseed

Hey yo!!  Itís that time of the year again.  Itís time for me to rattle off some predictions.  Agree, disagree; let me know what you think. 

DX will reunite!!!  You heard it here first.  No, seriously.  The group will reform, but donít expect the zany antics like last time.  They will have their funny moments, but I expect a more intense DX with a focus on revenge.  This isnít going to be your daddyís DX

ECW on Sci-Fi Network will be a bigger success than anyone thought.  With fans flocking to see Battlestar Galactica, Stargate and Stargate: Atlantis along with a number of horrible, but entertaining Sci-Fi Originals, ECW is actually that perfect guilty pleasure compliment that will attract former fans and new fans alike. 

Johnny Nitro will show up on Raw where he will have to form some sort of team to succeed.  How you could suspend someone for being distant at the job is beyond me.  All that matters is that you get your job done.  When I am distant, I get more work done.  As long as he performs, I see nothing wrong with Nitro or Melina.  Look for Melina to bolster the burgeoning womenís division. 

As for Joey Mercury, I see him joining a stable with Matt Hardy, Shannon Moore, Gregory Helms and the returning Jeff Hardy.  Can you say OMEGA

ECW will cause Foley to feel the bug again.  Do not expect to see Foley wrestle too sporadically.  I can almost see him at every ECW PPV in some sort of a match.  He actually makes the perfect foil for ECW.  Who would have thought?  But then again, I heard he has been that ultimate ECW heel before, so smart move by the WWE to rehash a storyline not too many people have seen and add a twist to it. 

Charlie Haas will be forgotten about and put into some sort of team with Rob Conway

The launch of ECW and the subsequent loss of wrestlers will cause another draft in the WWE.  The only thing is, I canít tell how they would divide the roster up and keep it fair.  I hear JBL is on his way to Raw some day, but who would go to SmackdownChris Masters Masters vs. BatistaMasters vs. LashleyMatt StrikerMatt Striker vs. Ken Kennedy or teaming with Ken Kennedy?  Itís going to happen.  It has been such a huge success in the past; I canít see them not doing it again.  Maybe on a smaller scale. 

Low Ki will be the one who beats Samoa Joe for the X Division title. 

The James Gang will take the tag-team titles from Americaís Most WantedTeam 3D will win the belts in their battle and Americaís Most Wanted will then demand a title shot to keep that feud fresh. 

Monty Brown and Scott Steiner will face off by the end of the year.  Forget Steiner vs. Samoa Joe; this is one battle with the mics I canít wait to see. 

The ECW vs. WWE feud will rival the feud of USA vs. Canada.  For fans to actually boo RVD against John Cena after he used the briefcase is amazing.  They were cheering RVD five seconds earlier.  Everyone loves to boo John Cena.  Either this is a testament to John Cena's hard work and ability to win fans back to his side or we have a real ECW vs. WWE feud brewing amongst the fans.  It was a great idea to start the feud on the west coast.  Yes, ECW got pops in Las Vegas, but itís not like the east coast where everyone loves ECW.  On the west coast, fans will cheer for the WWE first.  And east coast fans who are frothing at the mouth to get to see ECW again will be that much more pumped when ECW comes back east during this feud.  John Cena's cheers wonít last. 

Someone will split up the Spirit Squad and allow some of the wrestlers to actually showcase their abilities; maybe with a lot of them going to Smackdown

Booker T will translate his King of the Ring win into a world title showdown with Batista.  Thatís an interesting feud.  Better jump on it quick. 

Chavo Guerrero will eventually turn on Mysterio whenever he loses the belt, setting up a vicious feud where Guerrero puts Mysterio out of action for several months with a knee injury. 

Matt Hardy will finally get out of whatever doghouse he is in and actually fight for a title again. 

Somehow and someway, with ECW's return and the sudden resurgence of wrestling on television, someone will have the foresight to bring back a show like GLOW.  I miss WOW.  Is there anyone out there who also misses those days? 

I said it last week and I will say it again.  Alex Shelley will give Kevin Nash all the pointers to beat the X Division wrestlers from the tapes he has made, but in reality, he will be watching tapes he is making of Kevin Nash and be the X Division wrestler who bests the Kevin Nash and get the push he so rightfully deserves.  Like I said before, Shelley is the anti-Styles and wherever Styles goes, Shelley should follow. 

The WWE will realize the experiment that is Lashley is a failure and send him back for some promo training.  Itís like watching a five year old with muscles talk tough. 

The talk of Mark Henry winning the world title will stop and stop now...PLEASE!!!

Batistaís wife will read wrestling columns and wonder what a relationship with Melina means. 

Armando Alejandro Estrada will become the greatest manager in the history of this business.  Fans just love saying his name.  HAHA. 

Badseedís Bottomline will hit #400 and take over the world. 

Oh wait, I already rule the world.  I guess I should just quit while I am ahead.  Thatís all for this weekís edition of Badseedís Bottomline.  Until next time, Iím dreaming of a nightmare.  Peace.

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