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By Badseed

Hey yo!  Wrestling, wrestling, wrestling.  Everywhere I look, thereís wrestling on my television screen.  Iím like a little kid in a candy store.  Needless to say, I got a lot to say, so letís just get into it.   

ECW.  I know.  It seems to be all I ever discuss, so I will start with it right away and then move on.  I liked the second show more than the first.  I like how they are getting the WWE fans behind Sandman by having him cane the living hell out of annoying wrestlers no one could possibly like, although Macho Libre was hilariousÖhilarious.  Say things twiceÖsay things twice.  Tony Devito let himself go a little bit, but I always liked the Baldies and it would be really cool if he could get back into shape and come back.  I thought Sabu vs. Tony Mamaluke was too quick.  I also thought Tommy Dreamerís squash at the hands of The Big Show sucked, but how they ended it; with Tommy Dreamer smiling, did make things better, because it made him look more hardcore than anyone Big Show has ever faced.  The eye candy has a storyline and a new wrestler will debut with ECW, so even though I know nothing about him, I am excited to see where they go with him.  I think that Test fits into ECW, because of his stiff style of wrestling.  I also loved the main event, despite the fact that it was more a WWE style match with ECW elements.  It was still a very well-paced and well-booked battle that could have gone either way, making it an exciting watch.  So, there is still a lot for ECW to do to be successful, but with Vengeance possibly ending the WWE-ECW war, ECW can soon just be ECW.  Weíll see. 

Last ECW comment.  Is it me, or does John Cena actually fit into the ECW atmosphere?  Take away his rap gimmick and the stupid WWE-style superstar signature moves and you have someone who is raw, rough, full of aggression, good on the mic, has great work ethic and shows a lot of respect for his opponents when cutting a promo with the likes of HHH or ECW.  And when he was a heel, he had an awesome vicious streak that would just fit right in with what ECW was all about.  Use that chain!!

Love the DX Reunion HHH is so strange when he is goofing off and not being serious.  I mean, he went from The Game and the King of Kings and the Cerebral Assassin to being a goofball and you know what; it was hilarious.  I loved every minute of it.  HBK was funny, too, but his immaturity seems forced.  He just oversold the whole thing and looked like a kid on Ritalin.  Still, I thought it was great; just to hear the DX promo again.  How I missed that. 

Do you think if I joined Raw, I could get an Intercontinental title shot right away?  Just asking. 

Who are the Raw tag-team champions?  I forget.  Oh, yesÖThe Spirit Squad.  So, if DX beats them, are they champions and if two men can beat five men; two of them are holders of the titles, what does that say for the tag-team division?  Do the bookers think about this at all?  Does Vince McMahon

Does Undertaker know about Kaneís evil twin?  Did he grow up with him, too?  If so, donít you think he would want to help his brother out?  And do you think Evil Kane is the guy who really killed the parents? 

Lashley is Ahmed Johnson without the emotional difficulties. 

Rey Mysterio is the worst WWE World Heavyweight Champion ever.  He loses to everyone important and yet, he has yet to lose the title.  Huh?  Mysterio is a prime example of how not to push you world champion. 

Finley and Regal make a cool team. They should add Burchill to the mix and create a stable around King Booker.  I guess they already did.  You get my point.  Anyways, Matt Hardy deserves better than Gunner as his tag-team partner.  The four wrestlers had a great battle last week, but Matt Hardy must be so upset over signing that contract.  He could have been in TNA and enjoyed a real push.  He probably would have been world champion.  He screwed up royally. 

Goldberg criticized the WWE again.  When Goldberg criticizes the WWE, how can anyone take him seriously?  I mean, he is obviously a disgruntled former worker.  It is really sad to see how the mighty have fallen.  I hope he wasnít serious about dissing Samoa Joe.  I have a feeling Samoa Joe is not just a gimmick.  I seriously hope this is part of an angle.  But if Goldberg goes to TNA, do you think he will leave the company and then start bad-mouthing them, too.  I mean, seriously, Goldberg was not really that good.  He just was in the right place at the right time.  Brock Lesnar was the real deal.  Goldberg was a one-hit wonder. 

Saw Slammiversary.  I loved it.  I thought the Team 3D vs. James Gang match was great and it really felt like an old ECW battle, plus with the ECW revival and the DX Reunion, this match was rather intriguing.  That is what hardcore really is about.  Take notes Vince.  But there were some shots that were so choreographed and so shoddy that it did take away from what was a really fun way to start the show.  Oh and someone remind BG James not to give Konnan a pound when KONNAN BEAT UP YOUR FATHER!!!  Someone allow me to book these damn shows. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the Rhino handicap match and the Kevin Nash vs. Chris Sabin battle.  Both were pretty good.  They didnít steal the show, but they were much better than anyone anticipated.  However, looking at the tapings for the next couple weeks, I didnít see any signs of Kevin Nash.  He better give back to the X Division, although I did say he wouldnít. 

I loved the X Division battle.  That was an awesome match.  Senshi is sick.  Sonjay Dutt is amazing.  The two deserve a big match with Samoa Joe, but I believe it deserved much more of a buildup then what it got.  Samoa Joe vs. Senshi is a marquee matchup.  You donít just throw them together without actually making a feud out of it and you donít pull the title off Joe on an Impact show just to continue a feud with Scott Steiner.  The X Division has more meaning than that.  I felt like Joeís reign was not as important now that he moved into the main event scene.  Thatís disheartening.  Kevin Nash is already doing enough to destroy the X Division

But I did love the Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner battle.  They really went at it and I think the more they fight, the better their matches will be.  They never battled before and this was pretty good.  So, in time, I expect a monster battle of classic proportions.  I just hope Steiner is not the guy who ends Joeís streak, because I would indeed like to see Joe vs. Goldberg and the streak would have more meaning then. 

The tag-team title match stole the show.  I thought we didnít need to see that Amazon woman in the match.  They could have thought of something better, but with all the false finishes and craziness in the match, I was just into it from start to finish.  I also love how Styles and Daniels dress alike and really look like a team.  Take note WWE.  Please.  It was also cool to finally see AMW lose the titles and make things fresh again.  AMW has been there for some time and it is great to see that they have longevity after all these years, so keep the titles off them and give it a rest so we donít get sick of them.  Strangely, I bet everyone thought Team 3D was going to take those titles.  Go figure. 

Finally, the main event was pretty good, but it was not that great.  I really thought the concept of the King of the Mountain match was really cool, but when Jarrett didnít even have to go to the penalty box, and could grab the title; it made no sense.  Yes, I know he cheated, but it appears Jarrett will be able to keep the belt after all and only if he defends it against the winner of a fatal-four-way at the next PPV, which still gives him the advantage.  This is stupid.  I mean, they make it look like Jim Cornette is restoring order, be ends up looking like an idiot.  We will have to see where it goes.  Still, overall, I thought it was another complete PPV offering that was far better than the last WWE offering and the ECW PPV. 

Well, that is all for this week.  I think I got my points across.  Hey, should out to Italian King who sent me an email.  I am glad I brought back memories of ECW past for you.  Too bad it doesnít seem like there will be any new ones.  Keep the faith.  Until next time, this has been the Bottomline cause Badseed said so.  Hoorah!!!

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