Badseed's Bottomline #378:

The Rock Wins World Title

By Badseed

Hey yo!  So, remember when The Rock won his first world title back at Survivor Series against Mankind?  What memories. 

Oh, you thought by the title of my column that I meant something newsworthy like say, The Rock surprising everyone at a house show and beating Rey Mysterio or RVD for the world title.  No silly.  Thatís just absurd.  Why would the title of a new item actually reflect the column or its actual writing? 

Yes, thatís the main topic of my column today.  As an avid web searcher, I look everywhere for intriguing news items, including those about wrestling.  My main place is and there is a reason why Wrestleview has to be the one of the most reputable wrestling sites out there on the web.  No pop-ups, no bullshit.  That should be their tag line.  Iím half expecting Paul Nemer to email me and chastise me for teasing fans with my column title despite the point I am trying to make. 

I just hate reading certain sites that will create a TNA site or an ECW site and on their main site put up a cool headline like: WCW-ECW Invasion prompting viewers to click the link and then be thoroughly disappointed when they are taken to what amounts to be some advertisement for their ECW site.  Click there and you see no mention of the news item; not even something clever like I did.  It is just an out and out lie deigned to get hits for their site and sister sites leading to money from ads on their pop-up pages. 

Or how about this weird tie-in they have with the New Jack DVD.  How much of a percentage do they get for its sales with the headline designed to look like a news item, but is actually an ad.  I work in newspapers and you are supposed to let people know it is an advertorial.  This is actually one reason why some sort of regulation should be in place on Internet sites. 

And Iím tired of going to one site and seeing a news item and then go to another and see the same item by a different writer without a story credit.  Itís called plagiarism.  Get a dictionary.  Look it up. 

And finally, I hate wrestling sitesÖall wrestling sites with pop-up windows.  New info: I got a pop-up blocker bitches.  Take your ads and stuff them. 

So, the moral of this story is, if the news item appears to be too good to believer; donít click it.  If you want real rumors and news items without the nonsense and without anyone impeding your ability to read it, just go to and of course  They are the only sites with the fans in mind. 

Quick Hits: 

Kurt Angle vs. RVD: Five-star match. 

Isnít every ECW episode a repeat?  Sabu wins battle royal, Sabu beats Tony Mamaluke, Sabu beats Amish RoadkillBig Show throws Tommy Dreamer through a table in a battle royal, Big Show beats up Dreamer and Big Show beats up Dreamer again.  Girl dances.  Girl dances again.  Girl dances once more.  Sandman beats up The Zombie, Sandman beats up Macho Libre, Sandman beats up Chip-N-Dale DancerVampire.  Vampire. Vampire.  The only thing really new each week is the main event.  Freshen things up. 

The Sandman bit has been funny, though and had me in stitches.  And it has been working.  Fans knew to chant for Sandman when the annoying guy came up.  Thatís cool.  Hereís hoping his first feud is with this Mike Knox guy for stopping the chick from getting nude.  Thatís a good feud.  When do the feuds start?  After Saturday Nightís Main Event?  I hope so. 

HHH as Vince McMahon was good, but HBK as Shane McMahon was absolutely hilarious.  Thatís the DX of old.  Thatís the DX I love.  I loved the manure stunt.  You have to applaud Vince.  He doesnít mind making a fool of himself to get over a storyline.  Basically, he doesnít really ask his wrestlers to do anything he wouldnít do.  Hey Mikey Batts, would you like to be Harry Potter or would you like shit poured all over you?  Idiot. 

I hate how Samoa Joe lost the X Division title. 

I hate this big girl with AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.  She just doesnít fit in. 

I love the angle that is playing out with Shane Douglas and The Naturals

I love the Monty Brown winning streak angle and I canít believe they are going to give us Samoa Joe vs. Monty Brown.  Finally a feud built up between two wrestlers that TNA made famous.  My apologies to Ring of Honor, but Samoa Joe is getting more play in TNA

Finally, I love the fact that MSG will be airing old WWE matches.  That gives me an extra day of wrestling to enjoy.  So happy.  Now, if they could only get WWE 24/7 in the Bronx.  That would truly make my day.  Deal with Cablevision guys!!!

Anyways, that is all for today.  Until next time, kept it real.  Peace

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