Badseed's Bottomline #379:

ECW Is Ruined

By Badseed

Hey yo!  I did not enjoy wrestling this week at all.  ECW has all but been ruined and there are a number of people to blame here; not just RVD

RVD is a moron.  He worked so hard for two things in his wrestling career; the ECW World Title and the WWE World Title.  He got them both on the same night and then squandered them away for a night of partying. 

Listen, I smoked weed as a kid.  I did.  I loved it.  Once a week, we’d all get together and smoke weed in the park and that was the end of it.  We didn’t do anything to draw attention to ourselves.  We just did our thing and enjoyed ourselves.  I have great memories from those days.  I don’t think I did anything wrong. 

I’m of a personal belief that marijuana should be legalized.  While I don’t touch the stuff anymore, but if someone offered me a puff, I might take it over a drink, because I think alcohol is worse.  I have gotten so sick from being drunk off alcohol and felt even better with weed.  Read the inside of the Cypress Hills CD with the song Insane in the Brain on it.  You’ll learn a lot. 

That said, I try to stay away from the stuff because it is illegal.  The law has made it that way.  So, if you are going to violate the law, do it in the privacy of your own home.  The fact that RVD and Sabu needed to puff, puff, pass in a car while heading to work, means they are addicted and should look for help.  If you can’t wait to do it, you need to start questioning your health.  So, RVD deserves to be punished for what he did…in a normal world. 

But this is the WWE.  And all the drug policy talk in the world is not going to explain the bodies some of the wrestlers have in the company.  They are not natural and with the lack of time to work out, can only be obtained through unnatural ways, hence a certain chant by fans at Tuesday’s ECW show.  I wonder if Vince McMahon and his “anti-drug” stance would be quick to accept independent testing from the government.  I mean, his workers are drug-free or else, right?  Bullshit.  Just like the don’t ask, don’t tell…I firmly believe the policy in the WWE is don’t get caught…simply put. 

At the same time, the WWE promotes RVD's lifestyle through sly commentary and other references…it is the same company that had Road Dogg make drug references…the same company that allowed Godfather make drug references and the same company where X-Pac said “Your ass is grass and I am going to smoke it.”

The WWE doesn’t know RVD smokes weed?  Bullshit.  They’ve condoned it.  So, therefore, they shouldn’t be all that upset when the inevitable happens.  Plus, all parties are innocent until proven guilty and for that reason alone, RVD’s suspension should not have occurred at this time, but rather, when he proven guilty. 

And it is also messed up that Sabu won his match at Tuesday’s card and got a promotional video pushing his career while RVD lost his titles back-to-back.  Just doesn’t seem right…and to the Big Show nonetheless.  I mean, Edge made some sense, but Big Show…he isn’t really even ECW and now he is the first guy to win the WCW, WWE and ECW World Titles.  If any non-ECW wrestler in ECW deserved that honor, it is Kurt Angle

And if you are going to give the Big Show the title, don’t use the same storyline you did for Big Show when he battled Brock Lesnar for the title.  All they added was Paul Heyman false counting the pinfall based on the end of One Night Stand.  Other than that, Paul Heyman turned on RVD the same exact way he did to Brock Lesnar.  A company that prides itself on no repeats should not repeat storylines so blatantly either. 

So, now we have a seemingly invincible ECW champion.  How do you beat him without killing his credibility?  Can Tommy Dreamer continue his feud?  Could Sandman cane the shit out of him?  Will Sabu repeat his battle royal victory over the Big Show?  Or will it only be Kurt Angle or Test who will have a shot?  Right now, I just am too upset to think of the possibilities.  ECW is dead to me.  But it can be resuscitated. 

Stop the squash matches!!!

Bring back the intense, quick paced promos from back in the day…the kind shot in Paul Heyman’s mother’s basement.  They took a minute and they told the stories right there.

Stop pushing the same wrestlers each week. 

Bring in other titles. 

Stop calling certain matches extreme rules matches.  This is ECW.  All matches should be extreme. 

Since you suspended RVD, you might as well build up to a great classic match between RVD and CM Punk.  It would make total sense considering Punk’s straight edge personality.  That would be the first real feud and storyline for ECW and it would fit ECW’s style perfectly. 

And please, just please let Sandman have his music.  Stop being scared that Sandman will be more over than anyone else.  If he is, he will sell more merchandise and make the WWE more money.  Isn’t that a good thing?  Isn’t it?  If not, HHH is the same as Hulk Hogan…scared of losing his spot. 

And that’s that.  I got nothing more to say.  Until next time, hope for the best…hope is all we got. 

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