Badseed's Bottomline #381:

Wrestling Letdown

By Badseed

Hey yo!  So, we had that awesome week where everyday there was wrestling and then we were letdown by some crappy wrestling at best.  Let me explain:

First, Saturday Nightís Main Event was not all it was cracked up to be itself.  The best part of the show was Hulk Hogan getting attacked by Randy Orton.  It was just a cool looking scene and you knew it was coming, but it still had that feel that it came out of nowhere and thatís whatís cool.  But everything else was whack. 

Mark Henry injured himself and I still wonder how.  I mean, was it from the running splash?  I didnít see anything amazing that led to the injury.  Did Kevin Nash somehow channel himself into Mark Henryís massive frame?  Sure felt like it.  Donít trip. 

The women were not even hot riding a bull. 

Did I see two squash matches?  DX destroyed the Spirit SquadSabu destroyed Steven Richards.  Did I just watch an old episode of Wrestling Challenge Saturday Nightís Main Event it about PPV quality matches.  This was a letdown and totally unacceptable. 

How did Khali destroy the Undertaker just a few months ago?  I mean, it took two giants to destroy him this time and he actually had the upper hand for a little while.  You cannot build up a match between Undertaker and Khali by making Khali look weak and in need of The Big Showís help.  That was poor booking. 

How do you end the show with a DQ finish?  This was ridiculous.  I came to watch a PPV-caliber show on free television and I got a Raw-style finish that seemed like it was selling a PPV rematch.  It was just utterly disappointing. 

Over on TNA, I didnít love the PPV.  It was fun to a degree, but I did not like the card and couldnít get into the show as I did in the past.  That said, I am loving some of the plans for the future.  I mean, this may be giving some spoilers away, but Rhino vs. Monty Brown vs. Samoa Joe is just sick.  Itís definitely the way to top Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner

I also canít wait for a Christian heel turn.  It has been hinted at for some time and that is exciting.  Christian is better as a heel.  Doing his promos as a face, itís as if he has to hold himself back.  Now, he can let loose.  Thatís if he actually turns in the future, but I think that is a given. 

I canít wait to see what they do with Jerry Lynn after Victory Road.  He is one of my favorite most unused wrestlers and someone that ECW is definitely missing right now. 

To end my TNA talk, I must say that despite him denying it, TNA is one Chris Jericho away from going over the top.  Heís a big piece of their puzzle, but the fact that he is writing his book pre-WWE suggests that he will be back with the WWE and tell his story there.  Itís almost obvious where his loyalty lies. 

And back to the WWE.  Is it me or are they really just running stale lately.  I am not into anything other than the Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair feud and thatís only because both of them are probably writing their own material.  Creative sucks. 

Everything that DX does these days seems forced.  It just doesnít seem natural.  And I think HHH made fun of Miz for stuttering his lines and then did the same.  Karmaís a bitch ainít it?  I love DX as a team, but it just doesnít feel natural.

I do not like the Highlanders and it bothers me that they will win the belts, as will the Pitbulls on Smackdown.  Hey Creative, feuds over the tag-team title does not have to result in a title change.  And there could be more than just a few tag-teams around.  Itís ok.  Donít stress.  You guys can do it.  I mean, they could have had the Pitbulls vs. The Mexicools vs. MNM vs. London and Kendrick, but they blew it.  Thatís all I have to say on that. 

Rey Mysterio is the worst WWE champion ever and not because he deserves to be.  The WWE buried him.  I actually hope Booker T wins. 

On ECW, I saw a great WWE match between Undertaker and Big Show.  Yes, it was a WWE match and they had the nerve to end ECW with a tease for the Undertaker vs. Khali feud at the Great American Bash.  Just a joke.  But I will say that I am happy for the Big Show.  He has benefited the most from the return of ECW

When do we start seeing some tag-team matches and maybe a tag-team title?

Whereís Francine

Can you stop running the same Balls Mahoney promo?

I canít wait to see CM Punk debut. 

I found a sign that ECW will be ok once it goes out on its own.  Yes, once the WWE lets it stand on its own feet, I see Tommy Dreamer breaking out as a major cult hero within the company.  His defense of ECW and his words with Heyman were exciting to watch.  When Test attacked him, I saw shades of the old Tommy Dreamer and the old ECW.  I canít wait to see where they go with this.  Are they really burying him or are they building up Dreamer for something great.  I hope for the latter. 

And thatís it.  All I can have is hope for the future.  What does the future hold for wrestling?  Even that girl from ECW canít tell you.  But keep on watching.  Iím sure the best is yet to come and I will be there to document it all.  Thatís what I do.  Iím the Badseed.  This is the bottomline.  Peace.      

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