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By Badseed

Hey yo!  So, while watching wrestling these days, a ton of thoughts enter my mind and I feel like I should just let them all out. 

Alex Shelley, if marketed right, could be the future of this wrestling industry.  I think he has all the tools to succeed.  He is a real student of the game.  The man literally knows 1,000 moves and his gimmick; complete with the use of the video cam makes it very realistic to see him have a counter move for every wrestlerís hold.  He knows how to talk and he has a great look.  I really think he could hang with any cruiserweight, X Division wrestler or heavyweight in this business.  Sometimes, I wonder who is really in charge; Kevin Nash or Alex Shelley.  Not that easy to figure out.  If TNA wants to continue to be a force in this industry, Alex Shelley is actually one guy they need to hold on to. Keep him away from the WWE

What would happen if Monty Brown went to the WWE?  He seems perfectly suited for sports entertainment.  Monty Brown is the type of wrestler you turn into a superstar.  His limited, yet somewhat, at times, impressive wrestling ability, is the kind of ability utilized by main event stars in the WWE.  Remember how The Rock suddenly forgot all of his wrestling ability once he entered the world title scene.  Monty Brown is a WWE wrestler in TNA.  I have a feeling he is not planning on signing his contract, especially with TNA misusing him as of late.  I would love to hear Monty Brown tear into the wrestlers of the WWE and make Smackdown his own personal Serengeti

Why am I so looking forward to this Brother Runt vs. Abyss match?  For some reason, I think it is going to surprise so many people and really put Runt on the map. 

Donít Fire Eric!!!

Thatís a lot of elaborate subterfuge going on just to have Christian turn on Sting.

 And Hulk Hogan's injury seems suspect to me.  I mean, this guy has a bad history of claiming injury when he wants to get out of a particular deal.  Look at what he did in TNA.  So, now, the WWE builds up an angle for Randy Orton that they are actually using to help sell this PPV and Hogan is going to make McMahon wait to find out if he can wrestle.

My gut feeling is that Hogan wanted a Wrestlemania payoff and not a Summerslam payoff.  I mean, if you are really old and banged up and can't wrestle very often, I would think you would rather be featured at Wrestlemania and not at Summerslam, as he was last year.  He probably saw his PPV bonus and didn't like it one bit.  So, he goes to work for Summerslam, gets a paycheck and then is injured.  Technically, it is a great idea, because now you build the match up until Wrestlemania with Randy Orton calling out Hogan each week and making him out to be a chicken for "faking an injury."  Each week or scattered around until Wrestlemania, you can have a legend from the Hogan era come out and challenge Orton and by Wrestlemania, you have a match people are clamoring for.  With so much buildup, there will actually be an extra special feel about the match.

Of course, that doesn't help Summerslam.  We have some great matches for the PPV already, but Randy Orton has to wrestle.  Oooooh...they should so bring in Roddy Piper for a one-shot.  It would even be great to find Randy Savage and have him wrestle one match.  If the WWE could turn a negative into a positive, this would be the great time to find a way.

Why did I enjoy Raw this week?  I don't understand, but there was something about John Cena's promo, his battle with Viscera and the Edge and Lita vs. Trish and Carlito match that really made the show exciting to watch.  Even the Umaga vs. HHH match was pretty cool to watch and I like how Vince McMahon used the pedigree on HHH, because I don't remember McMahon using a finisher since back in the Austin-era.  I could be wrong.  I am really liking Carlito as a face.  I think he could be the next breakthrough star.  Too bad his angle with Trish will be short lived, but maybe the Internet rumors are false.  How many times was Chris Benoit ready to leave the WWE?  How often was Chris Jericho going to TNA?  Not everything you read on the Internet is true.

I really like the Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio feud.  It's weird, but Rey Mysterio sort of did milk the Guerrero name (from an angle standpoint) on his way to winning the world title and I don't think I saw Mysterio ever tell Chavo Guerrero to stay in the back and not help him.  It's interesting, but maybe they should make Mysterio the heel in all this.  Actually, it would be a total shock and could be more fun than turning Chavo Guerrero, which everyone expects.

This new tag-team with Michelle McCool is pretty cool (haha.  Thatís like a pun and shit).  I liked their finisher, but I don't like their look.  They did not look like a team at all.  KC James actually reminds me of a better-built Bobby Eaton, by the way. I think that if they fix them up a bit from an image standpoint, they will make a great team that can win the titles right away and then split up as soon as they lose them.  Where are Murdoch and Cade these days anyways?

King Booker is so about to retire.  They gave him his world title and it is in the role as a transitional champion.  That is actually quite sad.  But I am happy for him.  He had a great year.  U.S. title, King of the Ring and World Champion.  And while I said it was sad, I actually have to go on record and say he deserved this long before this year started.

William Regal and Fit Finley are two of my favorite things about Smackdown.  I really like them.  I think they bring something different to the table and I think they should be re-paired as a team. They actually work very well together.  Their wrestling is unique and their banter is actually quite entertaining.  Who would have thought Finley would find new life on Smackdown?

Glad to see Lashley back.  Now, if only they can turn him heel and get him a manager.  Whatever happened to the art of using managers.  I miss them so much.  They made a lot of boring wrestlers with great in-ring abilities much more exciting to watch.

Was Ken Kennedy's short program with Batista beneficial for his career?  I don't think so.  Not one bit.

This MVP guy better perform well in the ring.  He seems cool.  I like his talk.  I want to see more.

Why do Elijah Burke and Sylvester Turkay not look good together?  I don't like the pairing, but maybe I will get used to it.  I hated Alex Shelley when he first came to TNA.  It's just that they seem to have different looks.  Burke seems to fit today's generation of wrestlers while Turkay so seems like a throwback wrestler to the days of ugly.  It's weird.  Together, they both appear to be bland.  

Do you think Creative watches WWE Classics and says to themselves, "Wow, tag-team wrestling can be entertaining and it doesn't have to be for the belts."  I forgot how great the British Bulldogs and The Hart Foundation were in the ring together and two weeks ago, I saw just how good their matches were before either wore gold.  Funny thing is, even the Rockers vs. Nasty Boys match was good.

That said, just bringing back Jeff Hardy doesn't mean the tag-team division will get hot again.  I mean, how long before Jeff Hardy goes back to his old ways.  Hell, something is going wrong with Matt Hardy right now.  Now, if they come together again, what does that mean.  We still have a lack of a good tag-team division.  The Pitbulls are awesome when they are not suspended.  Kendrick and London are great, but they are set to lose the belts to McCool's team.  MNM is gone.  Mexicools are gone.  It doesn't mean much if the Hardy Boys come in and win the titles.  They still need quality opponents and the Higlanders are not one of them.  Still, it will be interesting when it happens.

Damn, Michelle McCool is extra hot.  Ashley is nice.  Jillian Hall should stop shaking her boobs around; she really isn't all that, but the best Diva in my book is Kristal.  That girl is smokin' hot.  The WWE better work with her more.  They need to push new Divas to the top of the mountain.

I like three girls in the Diva search.  They are all in the finals.  I just forget all their names.  That's why the competition just sucks.  But if it brings in ratings, who can argue.  I just hope my favorites get a job.

Who the hell wants Bobby Roode.  And why is Mr. Home Shopping Club included in the vignettes with all the managers.  Don West doesn't belong.  Please don't let him become a manager.  Anyways, they make it look like Roode is the next coming of Randy Savage or Bam Bam Bigelow or even Andre the Giant, because they are using the same angle used on all three of those wrestlers.  Save it for a better star.  Austin Starr.  You want your next Randy Savage.  You don't have to look any further.

And that's all this week.  I got nothing more to say.  Bring me some water and some cheesy snacks.  Viva La Raza.  Peace

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