Badseed's Bottomline #386:

Back With a Vengeance

By Badseed

Hey yo!  I am back from vacation and I am caught up with my wrestling.  I have some quick shots for you all. 

ECW is back!!! YES!!!  I am so happy.  I have not been upset with any episode for the last five weeks.  I canít believe I am saying this, but ECW is the best of the three brands right now. 

CM Punk is the future of wrestling.  I feel bad for Justin Credible, but CM Punk was phenomenal in those matches.  I really enjoyed his match with CW Anderson.  I believe that this match could save Andersonís career in ECW, as I hear he is on the bubble.  Anderson can make any wrestler look good.  He is an awesome wrestler and I think he has a place in ECW.  He made CM Punk look like a million bucks in that ring.  Punk is going places and outside of the ring he has the promo ability that makes me believe that he writes his own promos.  I feel what he is saying.  I feel like I go into his mind when he talks, not someone in Creative.  And I canít wait to see RVD vs. CM Punk.  Thatís the feud for Wrestlemania.  I just hope the WWE realizes this. 

I like Thorne.  I think his gimmick is awesome.  I believe he has good sense in the ring and performs his gimmick well.  Plus, I love his sidekick.  She is friggin hot and I have always been into vampires.  Oh, to be immortal.  And I love the entrance music.  It would look better with a circle of flame and a goblet filled with blood, but still, the music is really cool and fits the character well.  I feel bad for Balls Mahoney though.  I mean, they gave him vignettes.  He should be winning matches. 

Justin Credible is not a jobber, by the way.  He beat Sabu and Balls Mahoney by DQ before.  I think he has more wins than Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer and Sandman should not have won the latest battle with Knox and Test.  It just doesnít fit Dreamerís character, but on the other hand, Dreamer is the most likable character in ECW.  I have never been happier for a wrestler than I am for Dreamer.  He is reliving his dream.  He probably never thought he would get the chance to shine again.  Thatís why ECW, despite any critical comments, is so needed.  It gives wrestlers like Sandman, Dreamer, Sabu and Balls Mahoney a chance to be stars once more. 

Unfortunately, they want to get rid of some wrestlers.  I can see why they want to get rid of Francine.  She just isnít ECW material anymore.  Danny Doring just doesnít fit the company anymore.  But CW Anderson wrestles very well.  He deserves to be there.  Tony Mamaluke is needed, because Little Guido is better with a partner and when Trinity comes back, it will be a nice stable; The FBIJazz just doesnít belong without a real womenís division.  I see her release.  Al Snow is not as popular anymore, but he can make stars, so I say that they can give him an office job, but they should also have him wrestle from time to time just to give new stars the rub.  Steven Richards, on the other hand, can speak so well, they are missing the boat with him.  Maybe he can team with Matt Striker as an anti-hardcore team.  I think they would fit well together. 

Kurt AngleÖI dropped my pen; can you pick it up.  Whoa!!  Donít hurt yourself. 

Hardcore Holly in ECW?  Wow!  That actually makes sense. 

Test has proven himself and so has Big Show.  Great moves. 

Doesnít Torrie Wilson look so busted and old?  Damn.  That girl starves herself.  She doesnít look healthy at all. 

Not for nothing, but the WWE Diva Search did produce several likable characters I would like to see more of.  And, not for nothing, but the winner will bring some ethnic diversity to the mix.  It is so needed. 

Wow.  John Cena blew me away.  His attack on Edge deserved the cheers they encouraged.  I thought it worked well with his character and made Cena look less like the cartoon character he has become and more like someone from the streets; the kind of guy he should be portraying.  I also liked the scene with the water, because, although it has been done before, it has been awhile and it was something new for the moment.  Oh, and I kind of, sort of, liked Edgeís new belt.  Donít hate me.  It looked cool. 

Why do I like Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Eugene as a team?  Whatís wrong with me?

Loved the Mick Foley swerve.  I love when things happen out of nowhere.  I mean, I never expected to find Foley involved with Vince McMahon at this stage of the game.  You know?  I mean, I thought he would continue his feud with Flair somehow, because Flair played a dirty game using Melina to make Foley quit.  I figured Foley would call Flair a coward, but instead, he turned face and flipped on McMahon, defended Melinaís honor and then was stabbed in the back by the godmother of his child.  Itís an awesome idea.  Melina has come a long way.  I canít wait to see where this goes.  Will Foley end up in ECW or will he get his revenge.  HBK, HHH, and Foley together?  Will Flair show up in this somehow and as what; a friend or enemy?  This is an intriguing storyline. 

Someone calm HBK down.  He was ridiculous the other night. 

Jeff Hardy vs. Edge for one night is great, but on Raw, Jeff Hardy doesnít belong.  Thatís a mistake. 

I hate Smackdown.  I think the title match at Summerslam was a sham.  I think they wasted Matt Hardy there.  I think they wasted the cruiserweights.  I think they are destroying Smackdown and they donít even realize it.  I mean, Lashley keeps losing to Finley.  I like Finley, but if you are pushing Lashley, you arenít doing a good job of it.  I love the tag-team division.  I think Kendrick and London vs. The Pitbulls vs. Idol and James is a great feud.  I love the women of Smackdown.  They canít wrestle well, but they are awesome to look at.  I canít wait to see MVP in the ring, too.  I look forward to the Mizís first match.  But again, Smackdown is just tired.  Chavo vs. Rey Mysterio.  Did you not see Vicki Guerrero turning a mile away and they did it the same way they do every heel turn.  OooohÖwho will she hit with a chair?  I wonder.  Come on.  Fans deserve better than this crap. 

Saw Hard Justice TNA is back!!  Loved it.  I loved every match on this card.  I think even the Christian turn was well done, because it seemed like he didnít want to help Jarrett or Steiner at all.  It was a turn that was purely based on his own jealousy and greed and it was made apparent that he would attack Jarrett if given another chance.  He was not on Jarrettís side. 

I thought the Rhino vs. Monty Brown vs. Samoa Joe match was just awesome.  I could watch them wrestle all the time against each other.  DamnÖSamoa Joe can hang with just about anyone. 

Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles vs. LAX was great.  Now we get to see how good LAX is.  Finally.  I mean, they looked horrible against the James Gang.  This is the Homicide I wanted to see.  Excellent match.  Excellent feud.

Brother Runt vs. Abyss was a show stealer.  It was much better than I even expected and I canít wait to see Ravenís involvement in this feud and what it will mean when Team 3D comes back. 

Sabin vs. Alex Shelley was another classic. 

And Impact has also been great.  They are setting up for some great feuds over the next couple of months.  And I read the spoilers.  We are talking PPV caliber matches coming up.  I canít wait for No Surrender

WWE Classics has been a great show.  I grew up on the Killer Bees vs. Hart Foundation.  I canít believe I got to see a six-man tag-team match like Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat and JYD vs. Randy Savage, Harley Race and Adrian Adonis.  I thought it was awesome seeing Hulk Hogan vs. Ted Dibiase long before their big feud later on when the roles were reversed.  I wonder if either thought they would be feuding on such a grand scale so many years later.  Couldnít you tell Vince McMahon had his misgivings about Dusty Rhodes

Anyways, could you tellÖmy vacation was needed?  I am excited about wrestling again.  Wow.  Old or new, wrestling is just something I cannot get enough of.  I want two hours of ECW.  I want two hours of TNA.  Whereís my Wrestling Society X?  I want more classics.  Can someone get me some ROH and OVW and DSW DVDs?  YEA!!!  Now I am going to go watch Ultimate Fighter.  I am so kicking someoneís ass.  Whoohoo!!  Peace. 

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