Badseed's Bottomline #389:

Current Events and Predictions

By Badseed

Hey yo!  So, I strayed away from reviewing the wrestling scene for a few weeks, but now, Iím back with some thoughts and predictions. 

I donít care what you think; The Cryme Tyme skits are hilarious.  This is the first time the WWE has been totally on point with their skits.  I know, it has racist overtones, but we really have to stop being so sensitive about this nonsense all the time.  I have written countless articles on racism and how much I despise racist people, but there is a point where you just have to learn to laugh.  The WWE is putting these guys over big time and they are going to get the fans behind them.  These are all good things. 

The fact of the matter is, as a white Italian, I also find critics of The Sopranos to be shortsighted and just too wound up.  I am half Jewish and I laugh at cheap Jew jokes.  There is a difference between being funny and being outright hateful.  People need to learn the difference. 

And they are better than the Highlanders, who do not deserve a title reign.  They remind me of the Bushwhackers, but the fact of the matter is, Luke and Butch deserved a title reign more than the Highlanders, simply because they worked hard, were a good team before the WWE took their bite away and had toiled in the WWE for some time before even getting a shot at the belts.  They never won them and I am simply against any idea to put the belts around the team now.  You need to develop teams and then give them title runs; not just hand them the belts right from jump. 

Speaking of developing teams, why not just bring back La Resistance.  The WWE is so quick to break teams up, but neither Dupree nor Sylvan is going anywhere, nor will they ever, as singles.  Dupree looks like he is an underwear model in the ring and looks as bland as Jeff Hardyís paint drying joke.  Sylvan just canít get the right gimmick.  Together, they worked very well and more importantly, had good tag-team matches.  They never have to win the belts again, but rather than have Kendrick and London feud with the top heel team right away, there have to be other teams that can help build credible champions and credible challengers. 

And whatís sad is the fact that ECW actually has the best tag-team division without a tag-team title.  You have Heymanís security force, which is the Basham Brothers; Sandman and Dreamer; Knox and Test; RVD and Sabu; the non-televised Team Elite and The FBI.  Damn.  Thatís impressive.  Now create some titles and at the same time create some opportunities for the ECW stars. 

ECW has been hot as of late.  They have focus now, despite the last show not being nearly as good as it has been in previous weeks, but they do have a superstar in CM Punk.  This is a guy that could rival any star on any brand and it wonít be long before Vince McMahon pulls him from ECW, but while he is in ECW, I hope Heyman uses him effectively, and no longer in bits with Kelly Kelly that sort of take away from his straight edge, wrestling focused gimmick.  It already sucks that heís a face.  He could have been effective as a heel in a ready-made feud with RVD, but I can see why heís a face, being that heís a reason to watch ECW every week; more so than watching Booker T guest next week.  Who thought of that guest spot? 

ECW is preparing us for a Survivor Seriesí Extreme Rules Elimination Match.  RVD, Sabu, Dreamer and Sandman vs. Big Show, Matt Striker, Hardcore Holly and Test.  That would be hot.  Add Punk and Knox into the mix and you have the ultimate Survivor Series style match. 

I donít blame Justin Credible for being disgruntled enough not to show up for shows.  Sometimes a paycheck is not enough.  He deserves some respect.  You canít bring Credible back and take away his Singapore cane or his significant ECW history.  This is a former world champion.  You wouldnít be able to tell when watching his matches or listening to the announcers. 

Love the vampire chick.  So hot!  Damn!  Bite me!!

Damn, did ECW make a new man out of both Sabu and Big Show?

Ron Killings should not be part of Too Cool.  He should be coming to the WWE, if they sign him, to team with Cryme Tyme and take out John Cena in the most obvious feud ever. 

I hope Cena goes back to Smackdown.  Just bringing him back would change Smackdown for the better, although I still believe Jericho is exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Shelton Benjamin has been MIA.  Could he be Smackdown bound, too?  One could only hope. 

I am enjoying Jeff Hardyís return.  Itís like he never left. 

Iím a little behind in my TNA.  I have it on my DVR, but have been too busy to really get into the show these days.  Thursdays are a hard day, especially with the weekend coming up, but I did catch the Rhino vs. Christian program and the Christian vs. Ron Killings match.  Great booking.  The LAX vs. Daniels and Styles storyline is also hot.  Who would have thought LAX would make it this far?  What happened to the James Gang?  When will Team 3D come back.  There are so many stories involving the tag-teams; it actually makes you laugh at the WWE a little.  TNA knows tag-teams.  They do them well and their tag-team matches are as much a reason to watch TNA as the X Division is. 

The WWE has a decent PPV lineup prepared.  Here are my predictions.  Orton will beat Carlito, despite Carlito being the future main face on Raw behind HHH and HBK

The Highlanders will win the belts.  Spirit Squad will break up and two of the cheerleaders will go on to become top stars on Smackdown

Jeff Hardy will get cheated out of the IC title somehow, but it will be a great match.  If Mercury comes back, I would love them to reform MNM somehow and have it lead to an MNM vs. Hardy Boys battle at Wrestlemania

Trish vs. Lita could be a show stealer.  I think Trish should win the title.  They should shake hands and the belt should be put up in a tournament on all three brands.  Some of the females on Smackdown can wrestle and you have Jazz and Trinity on ECW.  This could develop some new female stars. 

Umaga will beat Kane.  Canít stop that push. 

Edge will beat John Cena.  It makes more sense to keep the belt off John Cena right now and have him start fresh and build toward a feud with Batista for Wrestlemania.  It would also boost some ratings before Smackdown moves to the CW network.  

DX will beat The McMahons and Big Show.  I donít know how.  Maybe X-Pac will return.  Maybe the NWO will return (why did HHH Hulk up the way he did.  Are these little jabs at Hogan leading to something like the DX chops meant something at Wrestlemania?  Hogan leads NWO and HHH leads DX.)  It would be great to see Kevin Nash and Scott Hall come down and take out the Big Show, leading DX to get the victory and have the entire Clique hug in the cage, only to have Nash and Hall turn on DX, leading to a Survivor Series battle where the McMahons need the DX to maintain control of their company. 

And there you have it.  Next week I will present a look at Trish Stratus.  Until then, keep it real.  Peace. 


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