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Badseed's Bottomline #390:

Goodbye Trish

By Badseed

Hey yo!  So, there are like only 10 more editions until I turn the big 4-0-0.  It is amazing how time flies.  Man I can’t wait for 500.  I am really excited, but for this edition, I am a little bit sad; one of the greatest women’s wrestlers to ever step foot in a WWE ring has retired.  This edition belongs solely to Trish

We had Fabulous Moolah who dominated wrestling because not many other women wrestlers could cut it and Moolah was as tough as they came. 

Wendi Richter changed the face of women’s wrestling, bringing it into a new era where Rock-N-Wrestling was hot and sex appeal mattered.  Richter was an amazing talent, but her ego left to her downfall and she never realized her true potential in the WWE

We had Candi Devine, Magnificent Mimi and Misty Blue Simms.  Remember Rockin’ Robin?  Horrible. 

Sherri Martel was a pretty face who could talk on the mic and could wrestle, but there was also this scariness about her that continued to manifest itself and while she always managed to find her way around the main event picture, she never received the same fan fare women after her did. 

Madusa was a great women’s wrestler who followed in the same footsteps as Martel, but she lacked any real charisma to have any real fan support.  A name change in the WWE to Alundra Blayze didn’t help her either. 

Sunny, Sable…hell, even Lita were supposed to lead the women into a male dominated world and while each cracked the door open, Lita more so then everyone else, Trish tore it down. Surpassing Jackie, Ivory and the DX Tori, Trish surprised everyone on her way to the top of the mountain. 

Trish came in with a debut on Sunday Night Heat, just at the time when the MTV program didn’t mean a thing.  She scouted two wrestlers on the brink of extinction; Test and Albert, eventually resulting in the team T-N-A.  She would also manage Val Venis during this time. 

The group feuded with the Dudley Boys, which really just resulted in a number of moments where Trish crawled around on a table, enticing Bubba and serving as a sexy distraction before getting put through a table at a time when the Dudley Boys were on a string of attacking women in this manner.  Trish had guts to take the bump, but taking a bump and wrestling are two different things. 

A feud with the Hardy Boys resulted in a battle between Trish and Lita.  The Trish and Lita actually was a main event on Raw at times.  Trish held her own in the ring, but it was Lita who did all the truly hard work to make the match work.  The same happened when Lita battled Stephanie McMahon for the title.  The WWE could do no wrong, but the true star was Lita at the time. 

Trish vs. Lita led to the infamous training session between Trish and HHH that soon resulted in Trish seducing Vince McMahon, resulting in a battle between Trish and Stephanie where Trish received the ultimate humiliation.  Trish was forced to bark like a dog to win Vince over, but at Wrestlemania, just as WWE was about to debut its WCW brand they purchased, Trish turned on Vince and aided Linda McMahon and Shane McMahonTrish became a face, but more importantly, she crossed the boss in a high profile match and that meant she was going to be a star. 

But during the WWE vs. Alliance wars, Trish aligned with Lita and suddenly you saw Trish showing some major signs of improvement.  At Survivor Series, as the war was coming to an end, Trish shocked everyone and won the Women’s World Title decisively and with a cool springboard bulldog to boot. 

The amazing thing about it was that she was a fighting champion.  She battled Jackie, who was really stiff with her in the ring.  Trish took it like a true champion.  You could tell a success story was brewing in that ring.

Wars with Jazz were brutal in the sense that they looked like real wars.  Both women put their all into the feud and their rivals put some men’s matches to shame. 

Trish vs. Victoria was just hardcore.  These two battled with weapons and what was billed as the first women’s hardcore match (the first was really Ivory vs. Tori at a Summerslam many years back).  Trish continued to prove that she deserved to be in the ring.  She went from eye candy to ring veteran in so little time and her best feud was actually with Victoria, who went from being Godfather’s Ho to a ring veteran herself.  Both bared the scars to prove it. 

Trish showed versatility in excellent matches with Molly Holly and just dominated the division until there was really no division left to dominate.  Trish went back to being a heel.  She had a tremendous storyline with Chris Jericho with a romantic involvement between the two that seemed so real, it almost made you wonder.  But she turned on Jericho and went back to a slut-like character who liked it rough from Christian

Trish became such an arrogant heel…even more so than before and continued to beat every woman in her path, only losing to Lita in another classic battle I believe Trish dominated.  The roles were reversed.  Trish became the better wrestler, with a greater move set and a better sense of the ring.  Both stole the show on Raw as the main event once more. 

Trish won the title back only to become injured and once more come back as a face defending Ashley against Torrie, Candice and Victoria.  This led to the arrival of Mickie James and a great couple of matches between the two that demonstrated how real women’s wrestling can be just as cool to watch as the men. 

James won the title, lost it to Lita, who adopted Trish’s former slut role. Lita than lost it back to Trish in an emotional farewell match.  Trish left the WWE on top as she deserved to be.  It was sad to see Chris Jericho go.  It was a shock to see Kurt Angle go, but there was something about seeing Trish go that really struck a nerve.  The wrestling fan saw her grow in the ring.  She was just a Diva, but she became a wrestler and she left a champion. 

Watching her bring women’s wrestling back to the forefront was a pleasure.  Truly, Trish is the greatest women’s wrestler in the WWE.  I hope to see her return one day, but if not, I thank her for the memories. 

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