Badseed's Bottomline #391:

TNA Moves Forward

By Badseed

Hey yo!  So, I have been enjoying the rebirth of ECW and the rebirth of DX so much over the past few months that TNA has sort of fell on the backburner. 

I know, it is messed up; TNA is the only real wrestling promotion out there these days and the company deserves better than to be ignored.  Well, TNA has made sure that being ignored is impossible.  They have made some major moves to be taken seriously.  Oh, the WWE just handed it all to them on a silver platter. 

The company just made a major announcement with the news that Kurt Angle has signed a contract to wrestle for TNA.  A lot could be said about this.  Angle has some psychological issues that have been screwing with his mind as of late; refusing to rest his injuries and deal with his personal life, all resulting in his release from WWE.  Some could say that TNA is enabling him to destroy himself.  I believe different. 

Rather than enter MMA where he could end up crippling himself, wrestling provides somewhat of a more controlled atmosphere. 

Angle can now dictate how his matches play out in the first few months just to avoid injuries while he rests up other nagging ailments.  In fact, he is not even scheduled to wrestle at the next PPV and will take the role as an enforcer in the Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett match.  Letís just hope they donít pull a WCW and screw up Angleís entrance like they did with Bret Hart many years ago. 

That said, once Angle does wrestle, he wonít be taking part in too many dates.  With tapings just occurring twice a month, Angle may only work three times a month at most.  Thatís a schedule much more conducive to Angleís needs.  The lack of a WWE schedule also allows Angle to be at home more and could allow him to get his marriage back on track, making for a happier Angle, a better rested one and a much more exciting Angle to watch when he does compete once more. 

This is a big win for Angle and a huge win for TNA Angle can wrestle anyone and the idea of Angle vs. Sting is a dream, much like that of Angle vs. Flair Angle vs. Christian is already a proven commodity.  Angle vs. Jarrett could be interesting, because outside of wrestling ability, they both have similar attitudes that come out in their characters.  Angle vs. Rhino is much more exciting to watch in TNA than it was in the WWE and they actually had a couple of great battles in that company.  Angle vs. AJ Styles or Christopher Daniels is better than Angle vs. Mysterio and we all know how friggin sweet their rivalry was.  Finally, who isnít frothing at the mouth to see Angle vs. Samoa Joe?  Wow.  TNA is so hot right now. 

Now, in addition to Angle, TNA has announced a new primetime slot with a two-hour premiere and the possibility of future two-hour specials.  If all goes well, we could see a two-hour program created that will allow TNA to possibly focus on more wrestlersÖeven create a secondary title outside of the X Division that will allow other wrestlers to be pushed and seasoned for the world title.  Speaking of the X Division, the program could focus more there and hope they get rid of the Jackass gimmick that is making it a joke as of late.  Of course, the tag-team division will also flourish even more than it has in recent weeks. 

Signing Vince Russo is a great idea, too.  When put slightly on a leash, Russo shines.  He has so many ideas; the ones the company likes will probably be more interesting than the ones Russo had in WCW.  I mean SEX was actually an interesting angle and one that led to the creation of XXXÖone of the greatest teams in TNA history.  Russo is born again, too, so I donít expect too much smut.  I think the time away will have also done him well.  I expect him to have some interesting and refreshing ideas at the beginning.  He doesnít have to be there forever. 

It just appears that TNA has so much going for it.  If they can continue to push Samoa Joe, continue to focus on other wrestlerís strengths, sign those who will see Angleís acquisition as a sign of change, make sure they donít do what seems obvious and stay away from the WWE-style product, TNA could just bite a little into the WWEís hold over the wrestling industry.  They are already well on their way. 

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