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Badseed's Bottomline #392:

What's Up?!

By Badseed

Hey yo!  What a whirlwind of news in the wrestling world these days.  I just canít keep up.  But I am going to try. 

Damn, Hardcore Holly is the friggin man.  After his performance on ECW a couple Tuesdays ago, Hardcore Holly cemented his status as a true Hardcore Icon.  I couldnít believe the match went on as long as it did with the gash in his back.  I nearly threw up twice looking at it, but that was because I let my imagination get to me.  The gash itself was not as disgusting as the thought of what could happen if he was cut open further.  That injury could actually be a positive for him, because if the WWE is smart, they will play it up when he gets back and the fans will get behind his character.  He truly belongs in ECW

CM Punk vs. Mike Knox intrigues me.  I canít wait to see them tangle in the ring. 

RVD vs. Test Ė Are you friggin kidding me?  Test also proved he belonged in ECW with that match.  I canít believe the shows we have been getting as of late.  ECW is truly becoming one of the most entertaining brands on television today.  TNA and ECW are the two brands I look forward to each week. 

Thatís not to say that Raw and Smackdown do not have their merits.  There are some things I am sort of excited about.  The first big thing is the return of Eric Bischoff.  I know it seems like a one-shot deal, but if you were going to get someone to lead the New World Order against DX who would you get?  Eric Bischoff would make perfect sense.  And with the McMahons out, they donít need to factor in the story.  It seems like they were hinting at this feud on Raw this week.  Itís quite possible the poster was real or based on a real idea.  HmmmÖwouldnít it be great if the fake poster of the NWO logo with the DX spray painted on it was actually the catalyst for the WWE brain trust to try and book that feud.  Awesome.  The fans do have a say and the Internet is a great tool.  Take that suckas!! 

Speaking of Bischoff, I am really looking forward to reading his book.  It could be the best book the WWE has released since the Foley book.  Even The Hardy Boys and Lita books were good in terms of some criticism they had toward the WWE.  I like when a book feels real.

I donít like how the Highlanders are being used as a heel team of sorts at this moment.  I know they needed someone else to fight DX, but it makes no sense from the way they have been booked in recent weeks.  A possible feud with Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch could be entertaining.  Itís amazing how that team resurfaced and became a prominent part of the show. 

The tag-team scene is a little better on Raw these days, but nowhere as good as it has been on SmackdownCryme Tyme could change all that.  I am glad they are going to be a face team.  This way, it makes their vignettes a tongue-in-cheek joke that no one can take seriously.  Later, when they get stale, the WWE can turn them into a ruthless tag-team.  Right now, I know the fans will cheer them, so jut go with the face route.  I do hope that they donít win the titles right away.  I was happy that the Highlanders didnít win the belt, so donít screw up and give it to the next new team.  Build Cryme Tyme up.  Let them beat teams like The Highlanders, Cade and Murdoch and Viscera and Haas before going for the gold. 

Spirit Squad has held the belts too log, though.  What sucks about the Spirit Squad is that the group is five men strong and we do not really know anything about them.  There have been shining moments, but they donít have individual identities and there is no team with an identity either to put any value on the titles.  I mean, they may win matches to hold on to the gold, but those wins mean nothing when there is no set team and there is no purpose behind them.  When the Spirit Squad splits, I say they create two tag-teams out of themÖmove one to Smackdown with a different gimmick and keep one on Raw with a different look.  Take one star and make him a singles wrestler anywhere.  Tag-teams are still needed, so two teams with their own distinct identity will help four men grow into individual stars somewhere down the line. 

On Smackdown, the tag-team scene was hot until they fired Kid Kash.  I was really liking the three-way feud that was going on and then they got rid of Kash.  It was because of his attitude and I know that can be a problem, but they should have let it slide for now.  His matches were entertaining to say the least and I think they should have held off on the firing until they got all they could out of him.  Now Knoble is left without a partner.  The Pit Bulls were a phenomenal pairing.  Itís a shame.  Kendrick and London are still awesome. 

I canít wait until Kane loses to Umaga and then ends up on Smackdown.  There are so many new possibilities there.  As a face, I could so see a reuniting of his team with the UndertakerThe Brothers of Destruction would be a change of pace.  Kane could be reborn on Smackdown.  He has been on Raw for too long.  A new brand could create a resurgence in his career; one I very much look forward to seeing. 

Chris Masters should be repackaged.  His gimmick is whack now that he lost all that muscle.  In fact, he looks like a better built Charlie Haas.  Put them together as a team. 

Orton vs. Carlito has been very entertaining.  Their feud and the feud between John Cena and Edge have been the two most entertaining aspects, from a match standpoint, on Raw.  I could watch all four men battle every week.  Itís like watching Rock, Austin, Foley, Undertaker and HHH from back in the day.  These are your four stars to carry Raw into the future.  HHH and HBK further compliment the scene if they go back to singles action.  Orton vs. Carlito on a grander scale, battling for the world title is a feud I believe we will see soon enough. 

Shelton Benjaminís racist angle is ok if he learns to speak up.  His mic skills suck and I think this is their way of getting him to talk more openly.  His mentioning of the Truth makes me believe Ron ďThe TruthĒ Killings could be on the verge of coming to the WWE if his contract with TNA does expire.  I wonder if TNA trademarked The Truth.  I would rather see Killings in the WWE then with Monty Brown and Elix Skipper as part of a faction called BET, which is more racist an idea than actually claiming racism on a broadcast. 

I am looking forward to seeing MVP wrestle.  He better be good. 

Mr. Kennedy is a U.S. Champion, but to be honest, he won his belt in a three-way match and he has really not looked like a worthy champion as of late.  He is a great wrestler and deserves the gold, but what I am saying is that the way the WWE has booked him makes him look like less of a champion than he really is. 

I cannot wait to see Batista turn on Lashley.  I am frothing at the mouth at the idea.  The two behemoths would make for an excellent big-man match.  Itís just a shame that Batista seems to have taken a back seat to the rookie.  He doesnít seem to have the drive anymore.  I read about it, but watching that six-man match, you can certainly see it.  He should stop being a baby and just work hard to make Smackdown a better show.  He may want to be on Raw, but back in the day, Brock Lesnar was on Smackdown and so was Kurt Angle and they made the most of it.  They made Smackdown the better brand.  Batista has an opportunity to lead by example.  I donít see him doing that.  John Cena looked genuinely happy to be back on Smackdown.  I applaud him and his promo. 

Isnít Christian such a better heel? 

Isnít it just uncanny how TNA can make anyone a star for the moment, drop them down the roster and make them a star again whenever they feel like it?  They do it all the time.  To Monty Brown, Ron Killings, Raven, Rhino and just so many others.  Thatís not a bad thing.  What TNA does is so much better than the WWE.  They never allow a wrestler to get stale and when a wrestler can see that and look past their ego, they will realize that they have better legs in TNA than in the WWE where John Cena was hot for a year and then hated the next.  Ron Killings was hot in the first year and earlier this year, he was just as hot, and even two years ago, he climbed the mountain once more.  TNA never steers anyone wrong.  Like in the film, Paid in Full, everyone gets to eat.  You just have to wait your turn. 

Well, my turn is done.  I got other stories to write and lots of work to do.  I will talk to you all next week.  Keep the countdown to 400 alive.  Peace

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